His Little Fortune Chapter 826

Chapter 826: Chapter 830 love you but don't surrender: He's a teacher, he's here to visit

Feng Xi's beautiful eyes turned craftily and she said, "that's right, I can make you breakfast tomorrow morning. Here, I'LL MAKE BREAKFAST! "

Akira Mato's thin lips held a smile as he looked at her indifferently.

Feng Xi was taken aback.

"I... I'm not wrong either. "

She organized her words and defended herself "This is my home. Although it looks a little shabby, it's indeed similar to a boarding house. Moreover, I won't charge you much. It's good that you have a place to stay when you're traveling. No matter how you think about it, it's much more cost-effective than a hotel outside. "I'm thinking of saving money for you. "

Akira Mato looked at her and smiled. "What else? "

"nothing else... ah. "

Feng Xi's aura weakened. She mumbled, "what else? "

"It doesn't matter if I earn this money. "

In the end, it was all to earn money.

Akira Mato glanced at the shabby building and said, "let's go. "

"Eh! You're willing to stay here. " Feng Xi was surprised.

She thought that he would turn around and leave.

Akira Mato curled his lips and said wickedly, "it's not to experience life. It's okay to live in this shabby place once in a while. "

Feng Xi:"..."

Shabby Place!

So disdainful?

She looked at the small building. It was indeed shabby!

As expected, she hated rich people the most, especially the nouveau riche.


But who cares, as long as there's money and income.

Feng Xi first took the mineral water bottles she picked up along the way to the basement grocery room of this building. There was already a lot of recyclable garbage in there.

After a while, she would be able to sell them all. The money wasn't much, but she could still sell them for one or two hundred yuan.

No matter how small a mosquito was, it was still meat!

She put away the mineral water bottles she picked up along the way.

Feng Xi took Akira Mato upstairs.

This residential building that looked old and rundown in Akira Mato was seven stories high. Feng Xi's place was on the seventh floor, which was the highest.

The stairs were especially narrow in the dim corridor.

The lights in the stairwell flickered, as if they would be completely extinguished in the next second.

Feng Xi led Akira Mato in front, turning back to remind him from time to time, "Akira Mato, be careful. There are some sundries on the stairs... Yes, yes, this is the place. "

Akira Mato:"..."

As the young master of the Akira family, he had almost never set foot in such a place. It could be considered a kind of life experience.

After climbing to the fourth floor, a door suddenly opened and an old granny in her sixties walked out.

Feng Xi greeted the old granny as soon as she saw her. "Good evening, Grandma Xu. "

"Good evening, Akira Mato. "

The Old Lady said lovingly. She saw Akira Mato following behind her and asked lovingly, "Akira Mato, you brought a boy back today. Are you seeing someone? "

Seeing someone?

That was not true.

Feng Xi quickly waved her little white hand. "No, no, this is not my boyfriend. This is... "

Her big black eyes turned craftily. Feng Xi said, "This is a teacher from my school. She's visiting today. "

As she spoke, she glanced at Akira Mato, wanting him to cooperate.

After all, she was a young girl. She couldn't just bring a man home.

Akira Mato raised his eyebrows and glanced at her with a faint smile.

He spoke in a gentle and gentlemanly manner, "hello, grandma. I'm Feng... Xi's teacher. I'm here for a home visit. "

"A home visit! " Akira Mato looked at Akira Mato and praised, "all the teachers in the school are so handsome nowadays! Teacher, Xi Nan Nan is a good girl. I live alone and my legs are weak. She often comes to take care of me. "

"Grandma Xu... " Feng Xi blushed slightly from the praise.

Grandma Xu smiled and said, "Xi Nan Nan is shy. "

"Grandma, " Feng Xi called out coquettishly.

Feng Xi chatted with grandma Xu for a while and then told grandma Xu that she was going up.

Grandma Xu said, "teacher is here. Let's do a home visit first. "

They climbed up to the fourth floor and finally reached the seventh floor.

Feng Xi took out the key. Just as she inserted the key into the Keyhole, she heard the man behind her ask with a smile, "teacher, are you okay? "

"teacher? "

Feng Xi:"..."

"Hostel? "

Feng Xi:"..."

She swallowed her saliva and turned around. "Let's not say that you're my teacher. It's inappropriate for a girl to bring a man home. "

Akira Mato crossed his arms and looked at her. "You know it's inappropriate. How dare you bring a man home? "

"That's different. " Feng Xi pouted. "I can tell that you're a good person. "

"I'm a good person? "

Akira Mato actually laughed when he heard this comment. His smile was very short and full of sarcasm.

He didn't know if he was mocking Feng Xi or himself

"You're the first person to say that I'm a good person. "

"really? " Feng Xi looked up and down at Akira Mato.

She probably judged people based on their appearance. "You're so good looking, how can you be a bad person? Those who think you're bad are blind! "

Akira Mato smiled lazily and the corners of his lips curled up in surprise. "judging a person by their appearance is the worst. "

"How can that be? "

Feng Xi said confidently, "haven't you heard of it from your heart? I think you're a good person. "

After a pause, she clenched her hands into fists and waved them in the air. "It doesn't matter if you're a bad person. I've trained before... "

In young master Zhen's eyes, her training was childish and laughable.

If she really met a man who had ulterior motives towards her, he would just be a Newbie who would be defeated in a few moves.

As they spoke, Feng Xi opened the door. She took the lead to enter the small room and said, "it's open. Come in. The room is a little small. Sit anywhere you like. Make yourself at home. "

Akira Mato glanced at the room. The young master's expression was complicated.

Feng Xi said it was a small room, but it was really a small room.

It was a bachelor apartment. The kitchen, living room, and bed were all together.

There was only one bathroom with a separate cubicle.

It was so small, and any bathroom in the Akira family was bigger than this.

Akira Mato frowned. "How do you plan to sleep at night in such a small place? "

"It's simple. You sleep on the bed, and I'll sleep on the floor. I won't charge you much for one night. Two hundred a night is enough, right? " Feng Xi quoted.

Akira Mato glanced at Feng Xi out of the corner of his eye and smiled. "A man and a woman sharing a room together. Did you make money like this before? "

Feng Xi met Akira Mato's gaze and seemed to understand the deeper meaning behind his words.

She pursed her lips and said, "No, you're the first person I brought back. Whether it's a man or a woman, I think you're a good person. Besides, I really know martial arts. With your small body, you can't do anything to me. "

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