His Little Fortune Chapter 827

Chapter 827: Chapter 831 love you but don't surrender: She can't take her eyes off him

Akira Mato couldn't help but laugh.

This little girl who didn't know the immensity of Heaven and earth didn't seem to know the dangers of the human world.

"You can put your things anywhere you want. Sit Down First. You want to take a shower, right? I'll turn on the water heater... "

Feng Xi said to Akira Mato, "it'll take about 30 minutes. "

In order to save electricity, Feng Xi's water heater was turned off during the day and only turned on when she wanted to take a shower.

Akira Mato put his backpack on the SOFA and nodded. "Sure. "

Feng Xi looked at the bag and remembered that Akira Mato had said that there was something similar to a bomb in the bag.

Curious, she asked, "Hey, what's in that bag of yours? "

"Didn't you say bomb? ''

Feng Xi was speechless."... I was just saying, how could it really be a bomb?"

Akira Mato smiled. "maybe it's the latest weapon. "

Feng Xi curled her lips in disdain. "The more you say it, the more ridiculous it gets. "

That was why the nouveau riche liked to show off.

If she had to say it, she should say something more reasonable.


It would be a lie if she believed it!


On the other side.

The Feng family.

"I'm so angry, I'm so angry, I'm so angry. Feng Xi, that little bastard, I'm so angry! "

Feng Qi finished her dinner with her female companions and returned home. She went into the living room and threw her bag on the floor. She was burning with anger.

Feng Zhengcheng and his mother, Jiang Yurou, just happened to come down from upstairs.

Jiang Yurou saw her daughter venting her anger and asked, "Qi Qi, what's wrong? Why are you so angry? "

"Daddy, MOMMY! "

Feng Qi saw them and immediately called out aggrievedly. She walked over and complained aggrievedly, "it's all because of Feng Xi. "

Feng Zhengcheng frowned.

Jiang Yurou glanced at Feng Zhengcheng and asked with concern, "What's wrong with Feng Xi? "

"I went out with a few friends today and met her at a restaurant for dinner. She... she actually humiliated me in front of others. "

Feng Qi complained, "and she said that I'm not a thing. "

Jiang Yurou's expression immediately changed, and her voice turned cold. "Did she really say that? "

"Mommy, it's not like you don't know what Feng Xi is like. "

Feng Qi bit her lip and looked pitifully at Jiang Yurou. "Mommy, you have to make a decision for me. "

Jiang Yurou sneered when she heard that. She turned her head to look at Feng Zhengcheng and said, "Feng Zhengcheng, look, this is the bastard child that you gave birth to with that wild woman. Now you're so angry at our Qiqi. What do you think we should do? "

Feng Zhengcheng had been used by Jiang Yurou for the past two years because of his infidelity.

To Feng Zhengcheng, this kind of infidelity was just for fun. He didn't expect to have an illegitimate daughter.

He didn't care about Feng Xi. Otherwise, he wouldn't have left Feng Xi alone when she was young in the Feng family.

But now that Feng Xi was living outside, he didn't care whether she lived or died.

But now that Feng Qi came back to complain, it was a different story.

"Qi Qi, Feng Xi bullied you. What do you want to do? " Feng Zhengcheng asked. "Daddy will uphold justice for you. "

He didn't care about Feng Xi. In front of Feng Qi, he acted like a loving father.

Feng Qi pursed her lips. She thought for a moment and said, "Daddy, my birthday dinner is in a few days. I Want Feng Xi to come to my birthday dinner. "

"You want that little bastard to come to your birthday dinner? " Jiang Yurou said sharply, "Qi Qi, are you crazy? "

"Don't call her an old bastard. " Feng Zhengcheng had heard Jiang Yurou Call Feng Xi an old bastard, so he said, "if she is a little bastard, then I am an old bastard. "

This title made him uncomfortable.

"If you don't cheat, will there be that bastard? " Jiang Yurou replied coldly.

Feng Zhengcheng's face darkened and he didn't say anything.

Jiang Yurou didn't care about Feng Zhengcheng. She looked at Feng Qi and said, "Qi Qi, why would you want Feng Xi to come to your birthday party? How can that bastard have the right to come to your birthday party? "

"No, Mommy, I want Feng Xi to come to my birthday party. "

Feng Qi's eyes flashed with a hint of scheming and she told Jiang Yurou her thoughts "Isn't Feng Xi insulting me? I want her to come to the birthday party. Mommy, think about it. She's a little bastard. She has no money and no dress. When she comes to the party, she's the one who's embarrassed. She made me lose face. I want to make her lose face too. "

"But this... " Jiang Yurou frowned. "Qi Qi, this might ruin your party. "

"I don't care. " Feng Qi stomped her feet. "Mommy, I want to see Feng Xi make a fool of herself. Daddy... "

She turned to look at Feng Zhengcheng and said, "Call Feng Xi and ask her to come to my birthday party. Ask Her to come. "

Feng Qi's request was nothing more than a phone call to Feng Zhengcheng.

He said, "okay. "


Feng Xi's Shabby House.

"The water is almost done boiling. Do you want to take a shower now? "

Feng Xi looked at the thermometer in the bathroom and came out to ask Akira Mato.

Akira Mato Sat on the SOFA, his long legs crossed Lazily.

He looked at the phone screen, his slender fingers moving from time to time as he typed to communicate with someone.

When he heard Feng Xi call him, he looked up. "Ten more minutes. "

Feng Xi looked into Akira Mato's eyes and stuttered. "You, you, you... your eyes... "

Akira Mato raised an eyebrow. "What's wrong with my eyes? "

"Why are Your Eyes Blue? " Feng Xi finally spoke clearly. "Are you wearing contact lenses? "

"No. "

"No? " Feng Xi didn't believe him. "I saw that your eyes were still black. "

Akira Mato smiled. "So, the black ones are contact lenses. "

"really? " Feng Xi exclaimed. She walked up to Akira Mato and squatted down to look into his eyes.

The man's eyes were very beautiful. They were long and narrow, and the lines were very smooth.

The blue color was pure blue, like a pool of extremely clear water.

Feng Xi was a little stunned. She exclaimed, "Your Eyes are so beautiful! Hey, I thought you looked like a Caucasian today. You really are a Caucasian, aren't you? "

Akira Mato said, "sort of. "

Feng Xi asked, "what do you mean sort of? "

"My father is from H nation, and my mother is from s nation. " Akira Mato raised his eyebrows and explained.

"mixed race, no wonder you're so good-looking. " Feng Xi's beautiful eyes stared unblinkingly at Akira Mato's Blue Eyes. She couldn't bear to look away.

She felt that she would never get tired of looking at such good-looking eyes.

But it was obvious that she wouldn't be able to look at them forever.

Because very soon, the person she was looking at stretched out his long and slender hand and pressed it against her smooth and full forehead. His thin lips twitched as he asked wickedly, "Akira Mato, have you seen enough? "

"I know that my eyes are very beautiful. Have you seen enough? "

Feng Xi exclaimed and only then did she come back to her senses. Her face was a little red.

Damn it!

She was actually blushing when she looked at this man.

Akira Mato looked at her blushing face and said with a half-smile, "I understand why you brought me back. I'm worried about myself because you can't take your eyes off me. "

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