His Little Fortune Chapter 828

Chapter 828: Chapter 832 love you but don't surrender: trample them under your feet and don't forgive them

"Why are you worried about yourself? "

Akira Mato raised his eyebrows and smiled at her.

Feng Xi reacted and understood what he meant.

Her face turned even redder and she quickly defended herself. "You don't have to worry about yourself. I won't do anything to you. "

Akira Mato smiled. "that's hard to say. "

"I won't! " Feng Xi raised her voice to prove that she really wouldn't.

At this moment, Feng Xi's phone on the table started to ring.

She glanced at the phone number. The caller ID was a familiar number -- Feng Zhengcheng.

Her biological father.

A look of disgust flashed across Feng Xi's eyes. Akira Mato had seen this disgust.

Feng Xi didn't want to answer Feng Zhengcheng's call. After a while, her little white hand finally swiped the answer button and picked it up.

She said, "hello. "

Feng Zhengcheng's cold and hard voice came from the other end of the phone. There was no warmth from his father at all. He directly asked, "Feng Xi, Support Feng Qi and say that you had a conflict with her today? "

Feng Xi bit her pink lips and didn't say anything.

Feng Zhengcheng didn't need her to respond. He just needed to know that she was listening.

Feng Zhengcheng said, "Feng Xi, don't provoke Feng Qi. Straighten out your identity. "

Straighten out your identity!

Feng Xi closed her eyes and asked with a mocking tone, "what identity do I want to straighten out? Feng Zhengcheng, Feng Qi and I are both your daughters. She is your daughter, and so am I, my dear. Tell me, what identity do I want to straighten out? "

Feng Zhengcheng's expression was cold. "Feng Xi, it's not wrong that you're my daughter, but I'd rather you not be born. You're just an accident. Don't ever think of competing with Feng Qi. "

Feng Zhengcheng had to say that Feng Xi's appearance had indeed brought him a lot of trouble.

He was just playing with Feng Xi's birth mother, but he didn't expect to give birth to such a thing.

Even if the child was born, he couldn't put it back. Instead, his parents-in-law and brother-in-law of the Jiang family had used it against him.

Feng Xi didn't have any other feelings for Feng Zhengcheng other than disgust and trouble.

Feng Xi's little white hand was holding the phone tightly. Even her knuckles were white.

Akira Mato was Lazily sitting on the Sofa. He seemed to have heard the conversation between the father and daughter, but he didn't seem to have heard anything.

Feng Xi took a deep breath to calm herself down.

She already knew that her biological father didn't have any feelings for her. What else did she expect?

She asked, "then why did you call me? Just to tell me not to compete with Feng Qi? "

She did not believe that Feng Zhengcheng would call her just for such a boring warning.

Feng Zhengcheng then said, "Feng Qi's birthday is the day after tomorrow. She will hold a birthday banquet. "

"She will hold a birthday banquet and invite me? "

Feng Xi was a little surprised. "Feng Zhengcheng, did you get it wrong? Or did I hear it wrong? "

"You didn't hear it wrong. I asked you to attend. "

"attend a banquet? How can I attend? My evening gown has everything... " she stopped talking.

So that's how it was. It wasn't like she didn't have anything.

She suddenly laughed. "Feng Zhengcheng, this is why Feng Qi asked me to attend her birthday banquet. She wants her to step on my head and humiliate me? Good, very good! Actually, you have your father's love too. "

Feng Zhengcheng was angered by her extremely mocking and cold tone.

He didn't want to say anything more to Feng Xi He directly ordered, "Feng Xi, you have to come. Even if you don't come, you have to come. Don't forget you. The thing that your mother left for you before she died is still in my hands! If you don't come, I can't guarantee what will happen to that thing. "

That thing!

Mommy left it for her.

Feng Xi's heart trembled. She looked down at the floor and whispered, "don't worry, I'll be there to set off Feng Qi. "

After that, she hung up without hesitation.

Feng Zhengcheng didn't expect Feng Xi to hang up on him first.

However, Feng Xi wasn't a worry-free daughter.

Just now, when he called Feng Zhengcheng by his name and surname, he didn't show any respect to his elders.

This kind of daughter shouldn't have been born in the first place.

"Daddy, What Does Feng Xi say? " On one side, Feng Qi saw Feng Zhengcheng hang up the phone, hurriedly asked, "she will come to my birthday dinner. "

Feng Zhengcheng looked at Feng Qi, showing a loving smile: "Feng Xi will come. "

"very good. " Feng Qi smiled sweetly and sweetly.

This time, she wants to make Feng Xi look bad in front of everyone.

. . . . . . . . . .

In a shack.

Feng Xi hung up the phone.

The slender little figure stood still and did not move or speak.

Until a lazy, Lazy Voice said, "Hello. "

"Ah. " Feng Xi looked at the source of the voice.

Akira Mato Sat on the SOFA, his skinny back Lazily leaning against the SOFA, his long legs crossed.

It was a Shabby Sofa bought from a second-hand market, but he seemed to be sitting on the throne.

Feng Qi thought for a moment that this person wasn't a nouveau riche, but a rich young master.

Akira Mato squinted, his blue eyes seemed to be smiling. "You're not sad, are you? "

Feng Xi wiped the corners of her eyes and forced a smile

"I'm sad. What's there to be sad about? You're wrong. I'm not sad. "

"Hm? " Akira Mato grunted. "You're really not sad? "

"really... okay, a little! "

Feng Xi pursed her lips "I just think that he's my father by blood. Even if he hasn't cared for me since I was young, but... maybe, maybe, maybe he still loves me a little. But do you know what he said just now? "

"What did he say? ''AkiraaMatoo asked.

Feng Xi's pink lips curled into a wry smile. "He said that I was just a derivative of his accident. It doesn't mean anything to him. "

Akira Mato looked like he was about to cry.

Akira Mato nodded. "Your father definitely thinks that way. "

"Hey. " Feng Xi was displeased. "At least comfort me. How can you say it so directly? "

"WILL COMFORT HELP? " Akira Mato asked back.

Feng Xi was stunned. She thought about it, looked at Akira Mato, and said honestly, "it doesn't seem to help. "

"Then that's it. "

Akira Mato's thin lips curled into a faint smile "You hope that your father's love is the worst. What's the use of self-pity? What you need to do is to be stronger than everyone who wants to humiliate you. Then, step on them and watch them suffer. They will beg for mercy from you. Build your happiness on their pain and never forgive them. "

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