His Little Fortune Chapter 829

Chapter 829: Chapter 833 love you but don't surrender: Rich, LET'S BE FRIENDS!

"build your happiness on their pain? "

Feng Xi mumbled, "and then... never forgive them? "

Akira Mato laughed wickedly, but his blue eyes didn't smile at all. He said softly, "yes, never forgive them. What right do they have to be forgiven by you? "

Feng Xi bit her lips with her white teeth."... Even if you say that, they don't need my forgiveness. I can't step on them. I don't even have the right to refuse Feng Qi's birthday party."

"Is the bath water ready? " Akira Mato suddenly asked.

The topic changed so quickly that Feng Xi couldn't wrap her head around it. "Okay, okay. "

"Then I'll go take a shower first. "

"Oh. " She was still stunned.

Akira Mato walked towards the bathroom. When he reached the bathroom door, he turned around and smiled at Feng Xi

"You can't trample your father under your feet now. Who knows if it'll work? "

Feng Xi pouted. "How can I? Cinderella will attend the Prince's Party with Godmother's help. Will I have Santa Claus to help me? "

Akira Mato curled his thin lips. "maybe. "

"Come on. " Feng Xi waved her hands. "Santa Claus? That's even more tacky. I've long passed the age of believing in Santa Claus. "

How could there be Santa Claus.

Perhaps when she was very young, she would have fantasies. It might not be Santa Claus, as long as someone could change her situation.

But there was no Santa Claus. She waited and waited for a long time, but there was no Santa Claus.

The conclusion she came to was that she could only rely on herself!

Akira Mato smiled and did not continue Feng Xi's words. He went into the bathroom.

Soon, the sound of water splashing could be heard in the bathroom.

The bathroom door of this old house was also made of frosted glass.

Through the frosted glass, one could vaguely see a slender figure inside.

Thinking of the handsome Nouveau Riche's good looks, Feng Xi looked at the figure and imagined his naked body in her mind.

Such a good-looking face should also be good-looking!

F * Ck, Feng Xi, stay in your head!

Stop Thinking, stop thinking.

You lecherous woman!

What are you thinking?

Did you bring him back for his body?

No, you didn't. You brought him back for his money!

Money, understand?

In this world, the most adorable and reliable thing was money!

Money Money Money!



Not long after Akira Mato went into the bathroom.

Feng Xi's phone rang again. She thought it was Feng Zhengcheng, but when she saw the caller ID, it was Shen Meiru.

Shen Meiru was her aunt and also her foster mother.

Back then, Jiang Yurou and Feng Qi couldn't tolerate her, so she was thrown out of the Feng family and almost went to an orphanage. It was Shen Meiru who took her in.

Feng Xi knew very well why Shen Meiru was looking for her. It was because she was being chased by that group of people in the afternoon.

Shen Meiru was a gambling addict and owed a lot of money.

Now, she was calling probably to interrogate her and ask for money.

Feng Xi didn't pick up the phone. She looked at the phone with a cold and uncomfortable expression and let the phone ring.

Soon, the phone stopped and rang again.

After repeating this a few times, she finally stopped calling.

However, Shen Meiru didn't call. She would probably go to her work place to stop her.

Luckily, it was a holiday.

If it was the start of school, Shen Meiru would go to school to stop her.

After a few minutes, the sound of the water in the bathroom gradually faded.

Soon, the bathroom door opened.

Along with the sound of the door opening, there was a man's cold voice. "Do you have a change of clothes? "

"I don't have a change of clothes here... "

Feng Xi looked over. "I can... " go buy it for you.

When she looked at it, she almost coughed up a nosebleed.

Without a change of clothes, the man came out with a towel.

Shoulder width, narrow waist, a standard inverted triangle figure.

His ink-black hair was slightly curly, and the end of his hair was a little wet. The water on his body had not been wiped clean. It dripped down along the well-defined lines of his muscles, across his beautiful ABS and the Mermaid Line, and the water dripped into his narrow waist line.

It made people's imaginations run wild.

Feng Xi felt that she must have thought wrong just now.

What did she mean by it wasn't for this man's body! !

Just based on his looks and his body, he secretly took a few photos and developed them. If he sold them, it would definitely be money! Money!

She was about to lose control!

Feng Xi's beautiful eyes stared at Akira Mato without blinking.

"Have you seen enough? " Akira Mato's devilish voice sounded lazily.

It interrupted Feng Xi's appreciation.

Feng Xi's face instantly turned red and she immediately averted her gaze.

She said guiltily, "seen enough of what? I... I didn't see anything. "

Akira Mato curled his lips and didn't bother with her on this issue.

The man stretched out his long hand and rested it on the towel. "Why don't you take it off so you can see it clearly? "

"really? " Feng Xi's eyes lit up.

"FAKE! "

Akira Mato looked at Feng Xi's infatuated little face with his deep blue eyes and said, "what about my clothes? I won't wear the clothes I wore today. "

Won't wear them again?

Such a noble man?

Feng Xi got up from the SOFA and said, "there's a shop downstairs not far away. I'll buy you two tops. "

Akira Mato nodded in agreement. "Sure. "

Feng Xi reached out her hand.

Akira Mato frowned and looked at her

"What do you mean? ''

Feng Xi waved her hand. "The money for the clothes. "

Akira Mato:"... did you fall into the money?"

"There's nothing I can do. The clothes are for you to wear. I don't wrap clothes. "

Feng Xi didn't mind being told that she loved money. She shrugged. "Rich Guy, it's not easy for me to earn some money, so you'll have to pay for the clothes yourself. "

Akira Mato naturally didn't have any cash on him. He directly scanned the code and transferred the money to Feng Xi.

Ding Dong.


Feng Xi looked at the amount transferred and was stunned. "this... doesn't need so much money. "

This person transferred 5,000 yuan over.

"The rest of the tips. "

"A little... fee! "

She was so excited that she couldn't even speak properly. "tycoon, wait for me. I'll buy you clothes right away. "

She took back what she said in the afternoon.

Nouveau riche and the like were the cutest!

She loved Nouveau Riche who did not lack money.

Feng Xi went out to buy clothes for Akira Mato.

Akira Mato dialed a number after she left the house.

* Beep Beep Beep *

The call went through and Dai's cold and respectful voice came from the other end. "Young Master! "

Akira Mato said, "Dai, I won't be returning to the hotel for the next few days. The contract has been signed today. You can finish the rest of the work. "

The contract-abiding person strictly followed the orders of their master and would never ask why.

Dai said, "yes, young master. "

"Also, I'll be taking a little girl out the day after tomorrow. She needs an evening gown and a style for the party. Help me arrange it... "

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