His Little Fortune Chapter 830

Chapter 830: Chapter 834 love you but don't surrender: others call me young master

Feng Xi took Akira Mato's money and happily went down to buy clothes for him.

The clothing store was not far from the small Shabby Building where Feng Xi lived. It was just two turns away.

This clothing store was in the Old City district. The store was small and shabby. The clothes inside were middle-aged t's and big underpants.

Feng Xi entered the store and looked at the clothes. She felt a little guilty when she wanted to choose.

Why did she look like a nouveau riche friend who wouldn't wear such clothes.

But at this time of night, she could just wear whatever she wanted.

At night, she would help him wash his clothes and let him wear his own clothes the next day.

After making up her mind, Feng Xi didn't feel so guilty anymore. She started to seriously pick out clothes.

However, no matter how much she picked out middle-aged and old-aged clothes, she couldn't find anything good to look at.

In the end, she picked out a simple pink t and a pair of pure black underpants.

She seriously suspected that Akira Mato wouldn't wear them if she brought them back.

When she paid the bill, one was 30 and two were 60.

This time, Feng Xi earned a total of 4,940 tips.


Feng Xi returned to the small apartment and handed Akira Mato the bag of clothes

"Here, the clothes I bought for you, that... the style isn't that fashionable. Just wear it first. I'll wash your clothes tonight. You can wear your own clothes tomorrow. "

Akira Mato took the bag and looked inside with his blue eyes. Without saying anything, he took it and went into the bathroom to change.

It only took him five to six minutes to go in and out.

Akira Mato came out again.

Feng Xi was stunned again.

Who could tell her.

It was a pink t and a pair of knee-length shorts. Why was this man dressed so well.

The handsome man had a smile on his lips. He had a tall and slender figure. The Pink didn't look feminine on him. Instead, there was a faint demonic charm.

Feng Xi finally understood.

If the clothes didn't look good, it wasn't the clothes that were wrong, it was the person who was wrong.

# On the importance of models #

This nouveau riche is definitely a man who can wear cheap goods with a high sense of security.

Akira Mato's gaze fell on Feng Xi.

The girl looked at him silly, a pair of beautiful big eyes staring at him, just as reluctant to look away.

This girl, in addition to money, is also a little lecherous woman?

His thin lips curled into a faint smile. Akira Mato Strode over to Feng Xi with his long legs. He stretched out his slender fingers and tapped her forehead. "Wake Up. "

From her forehead came the touch of a man's fingertips. Feng Xi came back to her senses. Her heart skipped a beat and she covered her head

"What are you doing? Don't poke my head. "

Actually, it didn't matter if she was poked on the forehead.

She was only doing this to cover up her panic.

Akira Mato looked down at her fair face and asked Lazily, "what are you doing? "

"It's time to sleep. Where do I sleep tonight? "

"Oh right, sleep. "

Feng Xi said, "you sleep on the bed and I'll sleep on the floor. I'll change a clean blanket for you. How about it? The service is good. "

Her tone was a little smug.

Akira Mato raised his hand and touched his chin. He smiled. "It's good. "

Feng Xi took out a new blanket from the bottom of the closet. She made the bed and changed the blanket and pillowcase.

After changing, she walked up to Akira Mato. She bent down and said mischievously, "master, please go to bed. "

"Master, please go to bed. "

"master? " Akira Mato smiled. "What does that mean? "

Feng Xi blinked. "I'll be your tour guide these few days. In order to give you a better travel experience, some presidential suites will have a butler. I can be a very good butler. "

Quickly praise her. Quickly praise her.

Although the accommodations were not very good.

But her service was first-class.

"It's pretty decent, " Akira Mato commented. "But the people I know don't call me master. They all call me young master. "


Young Master?


This nouveau riche knew how to play. How could he be so silly and call himself young master.

It sounded very shameful, okay?

Feng Xi cursed silently in her heart.

She smiled. "Then do you need me to call you young master too? "

"No need. "

Feng Xi:"... then you still call me master?"

"Up to you. " Akira Mato glanced at her lazily and said calmly, "you just need to stop laughing at me in your heart. "

Feng Xi:"..."

She was shocked. How did he know that she was mocking him.

Akira Mato continued, "what you're thinking is written all over your face. "

Feng Xi raised her hand and touched her face."... Is it that obvious?"

"I can see through it at a glance. " Akira Mato looked at her with a smile in his eyes. He said, "if you want to be strong, the first thing you have to learn is to hide yourself. Don't let others see through what you're thinking. "

Feng Xi asked without thinking, "just like how you've always been smiling? "

Akira Mato was stunned, then he smiled. "Yes. Don't let anyone see through your thoughts. "

Feng Xi mumbled, "how hard is that? and You keep smiling like you're wearing a mask. It's fake. "

Was it hard?


Akira Mato felt like he had been smiling like this for God knows how long.

He didn't want to talk about it anymore. He smiled. "It's late. Go to bed. "

He walked to the bed as he spoke.

Feng Xi looked at the time. It was around ten o'clock.

It wasn't very late.

Feng Xi said, "go to bed first. I'll help you wash your clothes. You can wear them tomorrow. I'll be quiet. I won't disturb you. "

Akira mato sat on the bed. It was a single bed. For a man like him, it was quite small.

"You don't have to wash them, " he said. "then you won't wear them again. "

"Eh! " He really wouldn't wear them again?

Feng Xi asked, "but what are you going to wear tomorrow? You can't really wear the clothes you're wearing now, right? "

Akira Mato only replied, "we'll talk about it tomorrow. "

Even though Akira Mato had said that he didn't need to wash the clothes, Feng Xi still went to help him wash them.

When she washed them, she even looked at the LOGO of the clothes.

She recognized this brand. It was a high-end brand. A T or a pair of pants could cost anywhere from a few thousand to a few tens of thousands.

This person wouldn't wear it after wearing it once?

It couldn't be a high-quality imitation, right.

It was very likely.

After all, he was a nouveau riche.

But even so, such a high-quality imitation was definitely not cheap.

This person was too wasteful!

As expected, she hated nouveau riche who didn't lack money.


Feng Xi Washed Akira Mato's clothes and hung them up to dry.

In order not to disturb Akira Mato and affect his sleep, she turned on the small light and hid to the side, making handicrafts. This handicraft could be taken home and made into pieces.

She only went to bed when it was twelve o'clock.

Meimei slept until five in the morning. Because of her biological clock, she woke up automatically.

She got up from the ground in a daze and stretched.

Feng Xi caught a glimpse of her bed from the corner of her eye. A sleeping beauty was sleeping on her bed.

Hey, hey, hey, Hey!

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