His Little Fortune Chapter 831

Chapter 831: Chapter 835 love you but don't surrender: then it should also be called young master

Only then did she remember that she had plucked up the courage to bring a man home yesterday.

And now, she had earned 4,940 yuan.


The man, who had been sleeping in the morning, had his eyes closed. He had a head of slightly curly black hair, and his knife-like facial features were even more handsome and three-dimensional than the others.

He had fallen asleep. He did not smile all the time like he did yesterday. His lips were very thin, and he pursed them out of habit. At that time, he was more naturally cold than when he was awake.

This made Feng Xi feel that this handsome nouveau riche might have been a very cold person to begin with.

This was his nature.

But, who cares.

It was already morning. It was time for her to start a new day of work.

Feng Xi, work hard and EARN MONEY!


Feng Xi started her day as a part-time Milkman.

This job was the longest she had ever worked part-time.

It was delivered from 5 to 6:30. It would not take up any other time.


In order to earn tuition, living expenses, and other expenses, she needed money.

An hour and twenty minutes later, after delivering the last bottle of milk, Feng Xi put the empty milk bottle back to her boss and went to buy breakfast.

She didn't forget that there was a "young master" at home

MEOW, meow!

On the way back after buying breakfast, a soft voice suddenly entered Feng Xi's ears.

She looked in the direction of the voice. It was a cardboard box with a kitten in it.

It really was a kitten. Perhaps it had just opened its eyes not long ago, but it was still too small, and its meow was weak. It was an orange cat.

Feng Xi glanced at it and wanted to leave.

She was sorry. Although the kitten was very pitiful, Feng Xi felt that it was difficult for her to support herself now. It was too difficult to take care of a kitten.


She had only taken two steps when the kitten's meow came from behind her.

Feng Xi stopped in her tracks. It was as if her acupuncture points had been pressed, and she could not move.



"Forget it, I'll lose to you. " Feng Xi gritted her teeth. She finally surrendered, turned around, and picked up the cardboard box. "who asked you to be unwanted? From now on, you can hang out with me. "

The cardboard box was picked up and shook. The little orange cat seemed to feel that someone wanted it, so it meowed again


Feng Xi brought breakfast and carried the little orange cat home.

When she reached the door, she took out the key to open the door. When she looked down, she saw a paper bag.

What was it?

She was confused. She squatted down slightly and saw that there was actually a set of clothes in the paper bag.

There was also a note on it: "For young master. ".

It was a very nice-looking word, so nice that it almost looked like it was printed by a printer.

Young Master? ? ? ?

Who was the young master.

Feng Xi thought about it and vaguely remembered that when she had called Akira Mato Master yesterday, he seemed to have said that everyone who knew him called him young master.

No Way.

He was really so silly!

Also, he had delivered clothes so early in the morning, and he had said that he wouldn't wear clothes a second time, but he had actually meant it.

Feng Xi opened the door, picked up the paper bag, and entered the room.

She entered the room.

She looked at Akira Mato, who was still sleeping on the bed.

It seemed that the sound of the door opening had disturbed him, so Akira Mato got up from the bed.

As he got up, the blanket slid down. He was not wearing a shirt, revealing a large, hard, white chest.

"Ah! "

Feng Xi screamed, "you, you, you, why aren't you wearing clothes to sleep? "

Akira Mato had just woken up. He was a little angry when he woke up in the morning.

Feng Xi's scream made him frown.

He whispered, "woman, shut up. "

"Oh. " Feng Xi obediently shut up.

Akira Mato lifted the blanket. Feng Xi looked at his actions and was so scared that she raised the box containing the orange cat. "Hooligan, why did you suddenly lift the blanket! "

"What are you thinking about? " Akira Mato raised his head and rubbed his temples.


Feng Xi moved the box down. She would never admit that she wanted to see a handsome man.

The box covered half of her face and Feng Xi looked over.

She did not see what she expected.

Although Akira Mato was not wearing a shirt, the black underpants were still on him.

Feng Xi sighed.

She had not finished sighing.

A man's half-smile sounded in her ear. "disappointed. "

"A little, " Feng Xi mumbled.

She felt that something was wrong with this answer.

She raised her head and bumped into Akira Mato's blue eyes.

He crossed his arms and looked down at her, a faint smile on his lips.

Realizing that she had said the wrong thing, Feng Xi quickly shook her head and denied, "No, no, I'm not disappointed. What's there to be disappointed about? "

"really? "

"Yes, yes, yes, " he denied three times.

Akira Mato's thin lips moved. He was about to say something when a meow-meow-meow sound rang out... ...

He frowned. "What's that sound? "

Feng Xi pushed the cardboard box in front of Akira Mato. "Orange Cat, I found it downstairs this morning. "

Akira Mato didn't have any special interest in this small animal. He asked, "you want to raise it? "

"I don't want to raise it. "

Feng Xi pursed her pink lips and said, "It's already difficult for me to feed myself, but it's abandoned. If I don't raise it, it... it might die. "

She didn't want to see such a small life disappear just like that.

Moreover, perhaps it was because she was also abandoned, she didn't want the little orange cat to be abandoned too.

Akira Mato looked at Feng Xi indifferently.

After a long while, he smiled and said, "it's just a cat. If you want to raise it, raise it. "

"Okay. I've decided. I'll raise it. "

It was just a little cat, yet she said it so boldly.

Akira Mato couldn't help but laugh.

Feng Xi looked at the little orange cat, raised her face, and asked Akira Mato for his opinion. "Give it a name. What do you think it should be called? "

Akira Mato said, "your own cat. Give it a name. "

"Eh... "

Feng Xi pouted. "Give it a name. "

She had no idea how to give it a name.

Feng Xi lowered her head and thought for a moment. She happened to see the paper bag containing the clothes and saw the note inside.

Her eyes lit up. "got it. I've decided what to give it. Let's call it young master. "

Akira Mato:"... what?"

He suspected that he had heard it wrong.

"Call it young master. Didn't they say that master cat is the master? It's good to call it young master. "

The more Feng Xi said, the more she felt that this was a good name. She looked at the Orange Cat in the cardboard box and said with a smile, "can I call you young master, Young Master? "

The little orange cat cooperated and meowed twice.

Feng Xi said happily, "look, young master also likes this name. "

Akira Mato:"... as you wish."

He did not mention this name to Feng Xi.

He had only come to river city for a short period of time.

He would leave when the time was up.

What a cat was called did not have much to do with him.

Even so, Akira Mato still glanced at the little orange cat named young master.

The little orange cat seemed to have sensed something. It meowed weakly and curled up into a ball.

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