His Little Fortune Chapter 832

Chapter 832: Chapter 836 love you but don't surrender: Young Master

Feng Xi didn't notice that the poor young master was being threatened.

Her main task now was to serve Akira Mato.

She placed the cardboard box by her feet and handed the breakfast she bought to Akira Mato. She shook it and said with a bit of attentiveness,

"Come, come, eat breakfast. This is the breakfast that was wrapped today. Eat it while it's hot. "

She bought soy milk, steamed buns, glutinous rice chicken, and roasted wheat for breakfast.

This was already very sumptuous for Feng Xi. After all, she had received a large tip yesterday, and today she had cheated him out of his food. This kind of unscrupulous behavior wasn't something that she, Feng Xi, could do.

Feng Xi placed the breakfast on the table and even inserted a straw for the soy milk

"Akira Mato, drink the soy milk! "

The man who was used to being served walked over and sat elegantly on the SOFA, drinking the soy milk.

He commented, "it's not bad. "

"right? " Feng Xi said happily, "the shop downstairs that sells breakfast has been around for more than ten years. It's an old brand, and their food is cheap and delicious. "

This excitement was as if her own food had been praised.

"right. " She pointed at another bag beside her feet. "there are clothes in this bag. There's a note that says it's for young master. It can't be for you. "

Akira Mato narrowed his eyes and said Lazily, "or is it for you? "

"there really are people who call you young master. " Feng Xi felt that the handsome man in front of her was hopeless. "If there really are people who call you young master, then the kitten will be called young master. When I call it, it will mix up. "

"You plan to change its name? "


The little orange cat started to meow.

Feng Xi glanced at the little orange cat, shook her little head, and said seriously, "if it doesn't change its name, I'll call it young master. HMM, add a little, make a distinction. "

Akira Mato:"..."

Akira Mato: "Up to you. "

"little young master, Little Young Master, " Feng Xi called out to the little orange cat.

Akira Mato listened, and for a moment, he had mixed feelings.

Feng Xi prepared breakfast for Akira Mato, ready to see the little young master.

She squatted down, and the little young master was in a cardboard box. There was nothing else. If Feng Xi hadn't picked up such a weak cat, it would have died very quickly.

"What should I give it to eat? "

Feng Xi frowned and said to herself, "give it some soy milk too. "

She got up and took a small bowl. She poured some of her soy milk into it and was ready to give it to the young master.

Akira Mato saw her put the bowl into the cardboard box and asked, "what are you doing? "

"FEEDING THE YOUNG MASTER! " Feng Xi had an unreadable expression on her face.

Akira Mato paused slightly and said, "don't you know that cats can't eat food eaten by humans? "

"Eh? " Feng Xi was surprised. "really? I don't know. Why can't you eat food eaten by humans? What will happen? "

Akira Mato:"... you raised it because you didn't want it to die. Now it looks like it'll die even faster in your hands."

Feng Xi was a little guilty. "No, it can't be that bad. "

Akira Mato raised his handsome eyebrows and smiled.

Feng Xi surrendered. "Alright, alright, then how do you want to raise it? "

Akira Mato's blue eyes landed on the orange cat. The little orange cat felt his gaze again and shivered.

"You picked this cat up... "

Akira Mato drank a mouthful of soy milk and said slowly, "you have to take it to the pet hospital for a check-up to confirm if it's sick. Even if it's not sick, you have to get vaccinated. To raise a cat, you have to buy a cat tree, cat litter, cat nest, and cat toys. It's not like you raised it this way. "

"So many things. " Feng Xi was stunned.

"This is a huge sum of money. "

Akira Mato's Deep Blue Eyes rested on Feng Xi. His lips curled into a smile. There seemed to be a hint of cruelty in that smile

"Aren't you very short of money? How about it? Do you want to throw it away and let it fend for itself, or do you want to spend such a huge sum of money on it? "

Akira Mato asked this question with malice.

He was more inclined towards the former.

What was the use of a girl who was short of money and loved money to spend a large sum of money to raise a kitten that someone had casually thrown away?

No matter how he looked at it, this deal wasn't worth it.

Just throw it away.

This was a choice that everyone would make anyway.

Human Nature was like this.

Ugly and selfish.

As he thought of this, Feng Xi's crisp voice rang out

"How can you throw away the young master? "

Akira Mato was slightly startled.

Feng Xi pursed her pink lips and her index finger gently stroked the young master's furry little head. "I've already brought the young master home and even named him. Naturally, I'll be responsible for him. I'll raise the young master. "

Akira Mato looked deeply at Feng Xi.

After a while, he smiled."... Then I'll take care of him."

"Of course I'll take care of him. "

Feng Xi urged Akira Mato. "hurry up and eat breakfast. I don't know how long it's been since the young master was thrown out. We need to take him to the pet hospital and buy something he can eat. "

Akira Mato:"... okay."

As a young master, he couldn't be compared to a cat young master.


After breakfast.

Akira Mato changed into the clothes that had appeared at the door early in the morning. He didn't need to wear the pink t and black shorts anymore.

He was wearing a light pink shirt with two buttons at the top. The sleeves of the shirt were rolled up two times, revealing his strong forearms.

He wore a casual and luxurious suit pants. He was tall and straight. There was a touch of innocence between his brows. He had a natural temperament, but he also looked like a rich young master.

He put on his black contact lenses again.

Feng Xi muttered, "He really doesn't look like a nouveau riche! "!

She remembered the clothes Akira Mato had changed into last night. She had helped wash them. They should be dry by now.

Feng Xi asked, "Hey, what about your clothes from yesterday? "

"I threw them away, " Akira Mato said casually.

"threw them away? " Feng Xi's beautiful eyes widened. "You're joking, right? Those clothes of yours are... so expensive. "

The man repeated, "I threw them away. "

"You're really going to throw them away. "

Akira Mato was indeed a nouveau riche. If he wasted money like this, there wouldn't be enough mines in the House for him to waste.

Feng Xi thought of something and swallowed. "since you don't want them, can you give them to me? "

"Give it to you? " Akira Mato glanced at Feng Xi from the corner of his eye. "What do you want to do? "

"Just... " Feng Xi was a little embarrassed to say it. She paused for a few seconds and said, "I'll sell it second-hand. I've only worn those brands once. If I sell it second-hand, I can sell it for a lot of money, okay? "

She then looked at Akira Mato expectantly.

The girl slightly raised her small head, revealing a fair and beautiful neck. Her big black eyes were sparkling as she stared at him.

Akira Mato looked away. He seemed to have thought of something and said, "up to you. "

"Wow, you're too kind. You're such a good person. " Feng Xi did not hesitate to give Akira Mato a good person card.

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