His Little Fortune Chapter 833

Chapter 833: Chapter 837 love you but don't surrender: Feng Xi looked longingly at Akira Mato

She really wanted to be friends with this tycoon!

She would sell those clothes.

Feng Xi was sure that she would definitely become a little rich lady.

She then secretly glanced at Akira Mato.

If he only wore clothes for a day and didn't wear them, then the clothes he was wearing now didn't look cheap either... ...

Feng Xi was already starting to drool.

Akira Mato coincidentally met Feng Xi's gaze."..."


To bring the young master to the pet hospital, he naturally couldn't be in the old city.

The basic public facilities here in the Old City couldn't keep up, and even if he had a pet, it would be free-range.

If the pet was sick, he could survive it, but if he couldn't survive it, it would only be a small animal's death. He could just throw it away.

Therefore, he had to give the young master a physical check-up and go to the city.

Today, because of Akira Mato, the local tycoon, Feng Qiongxi decisively chose to fight again.

And she didn't feel guilty at all.

Anyway, this local tycoon friend threw away his expensive clothes every time he wore them. Fighting was nothing.

Feng Xi looked at the map on her phone and asked the taxi driver to drive to the nearest pet hospital.

In the car, she asked Akira Mato curiously, "Akira Mato, you know so much about raising cats. Have you raised one before? "

"Yes, " Akira Mato answered concisely.

Feng Xi nodded and said, "how is your cat now? Is it pretty? It's a male and female cat. You can still be friends with the young master in the future... "

Before she could finish, Akira Mato interrupted her

"It's dead. "

"Ah? " Feng Xi was stunned.

"My cat is dead. "

Akira Mato turned his head and looked at Feng Xi with his Blue Eyes. He spoke slowly

"Four of them were cut off by one of my brothers. He skinned them and killed them. "

"Ah! " Feng Xi looked disgusted. She said, "why is your brother so perverted? Don't you have a good relationship with him? "

"Yes, we don't have a good relationship. It's very bad. "

At that time, all the brothers and sisters in the Akira family wanted to kill each other.

Akira Mato, an illegitimate son, was the only one they looked down on. They felt that he was not competitive in the competition for the head of the Akira family.

That was why no one would be wary of him. Everyone could bully him.

Akira Mato actually couldn't remember the cat that he had raised.

That was a long, long time ago.

At that time, he was only a four or five-year-old child in the Akira family.

He didn't need to think about the dark life he had led in the Akira family.

That cat was probably a wild cat. He didn't know how it ended up in the back garden of Akira family's mansion.

Akira Mato had just been bullied and was sitting alone in the back garden. The cat had come up to him and was very close to him. It even rubbed against him.

How much resistance could a child who lacked love have against a cat.

Akira Mato would occasionally feed it with some food.

Later on, one of Akira Mato's sons found out that Akira Mato had a cat. He grabbed the cat and killed it in front of Akira Mato.

"Little Bastard, are you worthy of learning how to keep pets? " Akira Mato asked

The boy who should have been his brother killed the cat in front of Akira Mato.

Akira Mato chopped off the cat's limbs, skinned it, and threw it into the artificial lake in the back garden.

Akira Mato did not cry or react.

His blue eyes were wide open, and he saw everything his brother had done seriously.

Even if Akira Mato had reacted, what could he have done?

He couldn't do anything.

However, he still remembered that it was a cat with black and white fur.

He called it a cow.

Feng Xi's expression changed from disgust to heartache. She said, "it's okay. Although you don't have a cat now, young master will give you a cat to play with in the future. Don't be sad. "

Akira Mato:"..."

He smiled and said, "I'm not sad. "

Feng Xi pouted and said, "how can I not be sad? It's my own cat. It must be sad to be treated so cruelly. "

Akira Mato still smiled and said gently, "I'm not sad. I've already avenged it. There's no need to be sad. "

Feng Xi stared at Akira Mato's smiling handsome face.

She opened her mouth and wanted to ask how Akira Mato had avenged her, but the words turned into, "is... is that so? "

She didn't know why.

She had a feeling that it was better not to ask how Akira Mato had avenged her.

In fact, Akira Mato's older brother had been in charge of the Akira family after Akira Mato had taken over.

He had been brought to the same place and watched himself being treated the same way.

He cried bitterly and begged Akira Mato let him go.

Akira Mato's thin lips carried a gentle smile, but his blue eyes were cold and indifferent.

The young master of the Akira family, who had just taken over, only smiled and said,

"brother, you're so old now, and you still asked me to let you go. But I was so young and so scared, who would let me go? "

This was the last sentence that the older brother heard.


Soon, they arrived at the nearest city pet hospital.

Surprisingly, Feng Xi took the initiative to pay the taxi fare.

Facing Akira Mato's surprised gaze, Feng Xi said embarrassedly, "I earned your tip yesterday. I can still pay for the taxi fare. "

"really? " Akira Mato raised his eyebrows.

"Yes, yes. "

Feng Xi would never say that she was so attentive because of the clothes on his body.


Feng Xi carried the young master into the pet hospital, and Akira Mato followed behind her.

It took almost three hours to check the young master's body, vaccinate him, and buy the cat food recommended by the hospital.

During this time, everyone who saw Akira Mato, male or female, would take a few more glances at him.

Especially the women. They treated them like their own mothers... ... No, it wasn't accurate to say that they were their own mothers. When those women saw Akira Mato, every one of them was a lady. Their voices were instantly filled with sweetness ...

Feng Xi thought to herself, "so what if I'm good-looking? ".

Sigh, the psychology of a lemon spirit.

She had to admit that being good-looking was indeed amazing.

If she had come by herself, Feng Xi bet that she definitely wouldn't have received such treatment.

After a series of examinations, fortunately, there was nothing wrong with the young master. He was in good health.

Feng Xi asked Akira Mato what he was going to do next.

"The young master is fine now. Let's send him home later. ''

Feng Xi asked, "do you have any attractions or places you want to go in the afternoon? "

She hadn't forgotten that she was a tour guide.

In order to make money, she wanted to be a qualified tour guide.

Akira Mato came to Jiang City to discuss business, but he just wanted to stay here for a few days to relax. He had no plans at all.

He said, "let's go to your pedestrian mall. "

"shopping... "

Feng Xi was quite surprised by this answer.

Normally, men didn't like shopping... ...

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