His Little Fortune Chapter 834

Chapter 834: Chapter 838 love you but don't surrender: Akira Mato, you've brought my luck with you

Normally, men didn't like to go shopping. Most of them would even wail and howl if they went shopping with their girlfriends.

But since Akira Mato was a big shot, he could only go shopping if he wanted to.

She said, "then let's go shopping. "

"Okay. "


It was definitely not convenient to bring the young master shopping.

Feng Xi and Akira Mato first went back to the shabby room and settled the young master before they went out.

Before leaving, Feng Xi squatted down in front of the young master and tapped her head with her little finger. "Young Master, be good at home. I'll be back to accompany you tonight. "

The young master didn't know if he understood, but he meowed twice.


Feng Xi and Akira Mato went out.

Half an hour later, the two of them arrived at River city's largest pedestrian street.

After alighting from the taxi, Feng Xi asked Akira Mato, "is there anything you want to buy here? "

"No. "

"then why don't we just walk around? "

"Yeah, " Akira Mato replied casually.

Feng Xi:"..."

Alright then.

If he didn't want to buy anything, there was no point in shopping.

"then do you want to eat first? "

After breakfast, he had been busy with young master's matters. Before he knew it, it was lunchtime.

Akira Mato glanced at his phone and nodded. "That's fine too. "

Feng Xi brought Akira Mato to a small shop at the corner of the pedestrian street for lunch. According to her, even though the shop was dilapidated, they were eating authentic Jiangcheng cuisine.

It was unlike the shops in the mall and some star-rated hotels where the dishes were already streamlined.

She was a little proud of herself. "I've done all kinds of part-time jobs. I know a lot about Jiangcheng. I know about the delicious and fun things that others don't know about. "

It was a sad life, but in her eyes, it was quite interesting.

Akira Mato's black eyes looked deeply at her smiling pretty face. He smiled and replied, "yes. "

"So you can hire me, the Jiangcheng Bai Xiaotong tour guide. You've earned it. "

This little girl had already started to flatter him.

Akira Mato smiled and didn't refute. "Okay. "

After lunch, Feng Xi brought Akira Mato the pedestrian street.

Jiang city's pedestrian street wasn't just for shopping.

The buildings on both sides of the Pedestrian Street were also very unique. It had a European style, so apart from being a shopping paradise for tourists, it was also a scenic spot.

Since Akira Mato didn't have anything to buy, the two of them walked around casually.

During this time, Akira Mato looked at his phone a few times and sent out a few messages.

Akira Mato was a handsome man with deep facial features. He was tall and slender, and he walked unhurriedly on the road. Along the way, many girls and even older aunties took out their phones to secretly take photos.

Akira Mato didn't seem to know anything. He was very used to being watched.

Feng Xi saw another girl secretly taking photos.

She pursed her lips and said in a low voice, "it's just a good-looking nouveau riche... "

Sigh, she really wanted to take out her phone to take a few pictures and buy some photos.

"sorry, can you move aside? It's blocking the photo. "

At this moment, the girl Feng Xi was looking at suddenly said to Feng Xi.

"Ah, I'm sorry... "

Feng Xi quickly moved aside and let Akira Mato's girl take a good photo.

She only felt that something was wrong after she moved aside.


She was shopping with Akira Mato, why did she have to move aside! !

There was a shopping mall in front. Feng Xi had originally wanted to take Akira Mato forward.

If she didn't buy anything, there was no need to shop in the mall.

The man behind her suddenly stopped her. "Xi. "

Feng Xi stopped and turned around. "Yes, what's wrong? "

Akira Mato looked at the entrance of the mall with his deep black eyes. He lifted his beautiful Chin slightly. "Let's go in and take a look. "

"Let's go in... " Feng Xi glanced at the mall and nodded. "Oh, okay. "

The two of them entered the mall.

Feng Xi didn't think there was anything worth shopping in the mall.

She was a poor person who usually bought daily necessities in the supermarket.

In a place like a big mall, other than part-time jobs like handing out flyers and doing product promotions, she wouldn't come for a few hundred dollars a day.

Today, the first floor of the mall was quite lively.

There was a stage in the middle of the entrance hall. There were beautiful female hosts, and many people gathered around as if they were doing something.

Feng Xi looked over. "What's this for? "

Akira Mato smiled. "want to take a look? "

"That's fine too. " Feng Xi didn't care.

Feng Xi walked over to take a look.

It was very common. It turned out that some company was doing promotional activities in the mall.

There was also the lucky draw segment. She took a look and saw that the prizes were very generous.

Wow, it was a lucky draw!

Although Feng Xi didn't go to the mall, she was very interested in this kind of lucky draw.

If she won it, she would get it for nothing.

She didn't want it for nothing.

Although her luck had never been very good.

But Feng Xi always thought of what if?

What if she was extremely lucky this time!

And they came at just the right time. A staff member happened to be handing out raffle tickets.

The host was dressed in a beautiful gown, and her figure was graceful as she stood on the stage

"Each person will get a raffle ticket. Ask Our staff member to take it. The Grand Prize is our big gift bag! "

Big Gift Bag!

Feng Xi's eyes lit up, and she urged Akira Mato, "each person will get a raffle ticket. Akira Mato, go get one too. "

Akira Mato nodded. "Okay. "

There was already a long line of staff members waiting to receive the raffle tickets.

Feng Xi rushed to Akira Mato to get in line.

When the girl's soft, white hand touched his broad palm, he was slightly startled.

He was pulled forward and stood behind the long line.

Feng Xi let go of his hand.

Akira Mato looked down and looked at the place where Feng Xi had pulled his hand.

Feng Xi stood on her tiptoes and looked at the long line in front of her. She muttered, "I wonder how many lottery tickets the organizers have prepared. Will it be over when they send them to us? "

"It won't be, " Akira Mato said.

Feng Xi looked back at him. "Why not? You just know. My luck is very bad. This kind of thing really can happen. "

"If I say it won't happen, it won't. " Akira Mato smiled.

Feng Xi pouted. "You make it sound like you're the one who organized this lottery. "

Akira Mato's eyes were filled with a smile. "because my luck has always been good. "

At this moment, a woman in a professional black dress walked over and stopped in front of Feng Xi.

She looked like a staff member.

This person looked at Feng Xi and said coldly, "the line to receive the lottery ticket is too long. The people behind you will follow me to another team to receive it from you. "

After she finished speaking, she looked at Akira Mato. Akira Mato nodded before she walked forward.

"The other team. "

Feng Xi followed in surprise. As she walked, she turned to Akira Mato and said, "then we'll become number one. Your luck is really good. You've brought my bad luck with you. "

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