His Little Fortune Chapter 835

Chapter 835: Chapter 839 love you, but don't surrender: This prize is too big

Dai Li brought Feng Xi and Akira Mato to a new staff member who had just opened a lottery ticket. She took two lottery tickets and handed them to Feng Xi and Akira Mato. She said calmly, "these are your lottery tickets. "

"thank you. "

Feng Xi happily took the lottery tickets.

At the same time, she glanced at the staff member who had brought them here.

She felt that as a staff member, she did not have any smile on her face. Moreover, she had a cold, deep-rooted, and emotionless feeling.

It must be an illusion.

Feng Xi did not scratch the lottery ticket first.

With the lottery ticket in her hand, she urged Akira Mato first. "You're lucky. You scratch the lottery first. I'll scratch it after you're done. "

Akira Mato curled his lips. Without any objections, he took his lottery ticket and began to scratch.

When he was done, Feng Xi poked her little head over to look.

She pursed her lips and looked disappointed.

There was a "thank you" on it.

She said dejectedly, "I didn't win the lottery. "

"It's your turn to scratch, " Akira Mato said nonchalantly. "You scratch yours. "

"Oh. "

Feng Xi picked up her lottery ticket and began to shave.

She knew that her luck was terrible, so she didn't have any special expectations.

Just as she shaved, Feng Xi's beautiful eyes lit up.

Because she had scratched the first word, it was a prize... ...

A Lieutenant General?

She didn't know what prize it was, but the moment this word appeared, it was definitely a prize.

Without further ADO, Feng Xi quickly went to shave the rest.

After she was done, she let out an exclamation of surprise. There was no other sound. Her white hands trembled slightly from the excitement, but she didn't say anything else.

"What's wrong? What did you get? " Akira Mato asked with a smile as he looked at her frozen face.

"I, I... I... "

Feng Xi stuttered a few times and finally said, "I got the special prize. "

When she said this, everyone looked over with envy and jealousy.

"The special prize was stolen? "

"It was stolen. It was the woman next to me. "

"really? The special prize is so good. What luck? She's so enviable. "

"The grand prize is gone, and I didn't think I'd get the Grand Prize. It's not bad to get the first or second prize, right? "

The whispers of envy from the people around them entered Feng Xi's ears intermittently.

This seemed to be the most envious she had ever been in her life.

She was dizzy.

She had really won the prize!

What kind of prize was the Grand Prize? She remembered that the prize was very good!

Akira Mato looked at her giddy face and asked with a smile, "isn't winning the prize good? "

"That's great, winning the lottery is great! "

Feng Xi was excited and gave Akira Mato a big bear hug.

Akira Mato was caught off guard by Feng Xi's pounce and took a step back. He reacted and caught Feng Xi.

The young girl's body was very soft.

Mayuzumi, who was not far away, made her move when Feng Xi pounced on Akira Mato.

She had to get rid of any actions that would be detrimental to the young master.

Just as Mayuzumi's hand was about to touch Feng Xi's delicate neck, Akira Mato raised his large hand and motioned for Mayuzumi to stop.

Mayuzumi's expression didn't change. She stopped her hand in time and retreated.

This 0.000 second scene happened with her back facing Feng Xi. She had no idea what had just happened and was still excited

"I actually won the lottery. I can't believe I actually won the lottery. Akira Mato, you said you were lucky. I won the lottery when you didn't even win! ! ! "

Her excitement was evident in her words.

Akira Mato smiled. "maybe your luck took away my luck. "

"Cheh. " Feng Xi pouted. "I won the lottery myself... "

She paused. She felt guilty saying this.

How could she not know her own luck?

"Alright, alright. I'll admit that I won the lottery because of you. "

"It doesn't matter if I won the lottery or not. "

Akira Mato lowered his eyes and looked at her. His lips curled into a half-smile. "But, shouldn't you get up? "

"Get up? Get up for what? " Feng Xi was stunned. She looked at the handsome face of the man in front of her in a daze.

He looked at her with his beautiful eyes. His eyes were especially dark. He looked like he was smiling. His charm was mesmerizing.

Feng Xi felt like she was lost in his eyes for a moment.

But she knew that his blue eyes were more beautiful and charming.

After a few seconds, she finally realized that she had jumped into Akira Mato's arms because she was too excited about winning the lottery.

Now, she was in his arms.

The man's arms were strong and he was holding her waist.

She could still feel the warmth from the man's large hands through the layer of cloth.

"this... This, I... I didn't do it on purpose. "

She blushed and quickly got out of Akira Mato's arms. "I was just too excited. "

Akira Mato looked at her with a faint smile. "really? "

Feng Xi:"..."

What's with his expression?

She was really just too excited.

However, when she saw the envious looks from the people around her, she didn't know if they were envious of her winning the lottery or of her jumping into the arms of the handsome man.

She was still a little guilty. "That's... that's right. "

It was so awkward.

It was as if she was a little pervert who took the opportunity to jump onto him.

She swore that she really didn't have such thoughts just now.

However... ... But she secretly thought that jumping into his arms felt pretty good ...

Just as Feng Xi was trying to say something to change the topic.

Mayuzumi walked up and said indifferently, "This lucky audience member, congratulations on winning the Grand Prize. There are some procedures for receiving the prize. Please follow me. "

Feng Xi looked over. It was the cold staff member from earlier.

Eh, she was still cold when she spoke now. She was like a robot.

Feng Xi replied, "Oh... okay, what procedures do I need to go through? "

"please follow me. "

Mayuzumi said as she walked forward.

Feng Xi turned to Akira Mato and said, "let's go. "

"Okay. "

Under everyone's envious gazes, the two of them followed Mayuzumi and left.

They said that they needed to go through the formalities, but they didn't actually go anywhere.

The Grand Prize gift bag had been prepared long ago. They just needed to go backstage and have Feng Xi sign it for them.

"This is the Grand Prize Prize prize. Take a look... "

Mayuzumi took out an exquisite card that had already been printed with the Grand Prize Prize Prize and handed it to Feng Xi.

Feng Xi took it and was instantly stunned. "This, this, this... This is really the Grand Prize Prize prize. Am I seeing things? "

"No, " Mayuzumi said expressionlessly.

"This handwritten prize is also a prize? "

"Yes. "

Feng Xi was stunned

"But I didn't see a house as a prize on the RAFFLE list outside! "

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