His Little Fortune Chapter 836

Chapter 836: Chapter 840 love you, don't surrender: Shi Budai said, "don't call your wife. "

Mayuzumi glanced at Akira Mato and said indifferently, "there's a temporary increase in the organizer's budget for the event. "

Feng Xi:"..."

What kind of organizer would save money and give a temporary increase in the prize for such a Free Raffle? Or would it be a house.

Should she say that this organizer was too generous?

Forget it, who cares, as long as she won the raffle herself.

With such a huge advantage, it would be a waste not to take it.

Feng Xi smiled brightly and thanked Dai. "thank you. At the same time, help me thank the boss who organized this event. "

Dai said expressionlessly, "okay. "

After a pause, Dai said, "this house will soon be transferred to your name. When the time comes, you will need to cooperate. As for the property tax and other fees, we will help you pay them all. When the time comes, you just need to take over this house. "

Feng Xi was stunned again."... Isn't this too good?"

"Yes, " Mayuzumi said calmly

"that... " Feng Xi suddenly felt a little uneasy.

It was rare for a pie to fall from the sky, and it was even rarer for such a big Pie to fall from the sky.

If there was such a thing, it wouldn't fall on her head no matter how hard she thought about it.

"I want to ask, which company is organizing this raffle? Why... why are the raffle gifts so big? "

It was so good that it was a little weird.

"I'm sorry, this is a company secret. I can't tell you anything, but please don't worry, there is absolutely nothing fishy going on here. "

"Oh. " She couldn't help but worry.

At this moment, Akira Mato's seductive and lazy voice interrupted, "maybe the boss of the lucky draw found it interesting. "

Feng Xi turned to look at Akira Mato, her face full of surprise. "Ha, interesting? How could it be for such a reason? "

Akira Mato smiled and asked, "can't it be for such a reason? It's just to pass the time. "

"not... not really. " Feng Xi obviously knew that to rich people, this little bit of money was nothing ...

However, she still felt that it was ridiculous.

Just like this nouveau riche in front of her. Looking at his carefree smile, he was definitely the type to spend money recklessly.

To wear a set of clothes only once was a waste.

Damn it!

Feng Xi cursed in her heart.

However, it was just a small curse. She was not to the point of hating the rich.

Akira Mato's deep black eyes looked at Feng Xi from top to bottom. He looked at her sharp Chin and smiled

"since you've won the lottery, why think so much? If there's really anything, just call the police. "

Feng Xi thought about it and nodded. "Okay. "

The matter of receiving the prize was settled just like that.

Other than a house, the other prizes for the special prize were also very rich.

It was said to be a set of jewelry, an evening gown, and a styling design.

Feng Xi looked at the contents of the prize and thought of Feng Qi's birthday party.

It seemed like it could be used.

However, she didn't know what the jewelry and evening gown were like.

She hoped that it would be better.

Feng Qi wanted to embarrass her at the birthday party, but she didn't get what she wanted.

"Um, can I get this jewelry and evening gown by tomorrow? " Feng Xi asked Mayuzumi expectantly.

Mayuzumi replied, "yes. "

"THAT'S GREAT! " Feng Xi was extremely happy.

After filling out the award form, Feng Xi could leave first. The staff would contact her later.

Feng Xi then continued shopping with Akira Mato.

She still didn't believe that she would be so lucky. As she walked, she said to Akira Mato,

"Hey, when I get this house, I'll sell it and give you half of the money. "

Akira Mato:"... why do you want to give me half of the money?"

"because you asked me to take you out shopping today. If you didn't say that you wanted to go shopping, you wouldn't have come across this raffle. Moreover, my luck in the RAFFLE has always been very bad. If you weren't by my side and you said that I took away your luck, I might not have been able to get this house, so I'll give you half. " She said with conviction.

Akira Mato's handsome face flashed with a complicated expression.

He said, "you don't really lack money. You're willing to give me half of the money. Half of the money for a house is quite a lot. "

"What's there to be reluctant about? " Feng Xi shrugged her beautiful shoulders. "unexpected wealth. And you have to know how to share it. "

Akira Mato's eyes flashed with a smile. He raised his head and placed his large palm on Feng Xi's head. "I have money. I don't need that little money. Keep it for yourself. "

Feng Xi felt the touch of the man's slender fingers above her head and was stunned.

She pursed her lips and her face turned red. She didn't say anything.

She really hated people who said they were rich!

So what if he was rich!

Feng Xi was mad in her heart.

But she had to admit that being rich was really amazing.

She asked, "you really don't want it? "

Akira Mato shook his head. "No. "

What was the point of taking back what he had given away?

What was the point?

"Alright, then I won't give it to you. " Feng Xi pursed her lips.

It was fine if she didn't want it. She would keep it for herself.

"How about this. " She thought about it and said, "in the next few days, I'll pay for all your entertainment in Jiang city. I'll take you to have fun! "

As she said this, she patted her chest and acted like a female hooligan.

"I? " Akira Mato couldn't help but laugh. "A girl shouldn't call herself 'I' . "

Feng Xi pursed her lips and rolled her eyes. "Why can't girls call themselves 'I' ? Don't you understand that this is gender discrimination? "

Akira Mato looked at her bright and beautiful face and curled his lips. "Not a lady. "

Feng Xi:"..."

He added lightly, "the women around me have never called themselves 'i' like this, and no one would do anything that doesn't conform to etiquette. "

Feng Xi:"..."

Alright, alright, please stop talking!

Wasn't he just a nouveau riche who got in touch with a young lady from a socialite family?

He was just showing off!

However, after hearing Akira Mato's words, Feng Xi still wanted to stop calling herself young master.

She still remembered that Feng Qi had wanted to slap her, but Akira Mato had stopped her. He had also said that she didn't look like a girl at all.

For some reason, she didn't want to act like a vulgar girl in front of him.

Feng Xi and Akira Mato walked not far from the stage. Mayuzumi took out her phone and dialed a number.

Beep, beep, beep

The call was picked up after a while.

A male voice sounded It was rather noisy. "Mayuzumi Who are you? Why are you calling my wife Don't you know that she's pregnant and can't pick up her phone? Will she be exposed to radiation Why are you calling me? I'm warning you. No matter who you are, male or female, don't call my wife again for the next seven and a half months, okay Or I'll... ... ..."

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