His Little Fortune Chapter 837

Chapter 837: Chapter 841

"I'm warning you. No matter who you are, male or female, don't call my wife again for the next seven and a half months, understand? Otherwise, I, little master Shi, will... "

"will what? "

Shi Budai was chattering non-stop. Another cold female voice appeared on the other end of the phone and interrupted the chattering Shi Budai.

Shi Budai heard Mu Yixun's voice and shuddered.

He turned around and saw Mu Yixun coming out of the bathroom. She stood behind him and looked at him coldly.

"Aiyo, my wife, you've finished going to the WASHROOM. "

Shi Budai's handsome face immediately turned into a fawning smile. "someone called Dai called you. I told her that you were going to the washroom. Tell her to wait for a while. Come, come, come, your phone. "

As he spoke, he held the phone with both hands and handed it to Mu Yixun.

Mu Yixun glanced at him indifferently.

Shi Budai was still smiling obsequiously, his face full of smiles.

Mu Yixun took the phone, turned around and said, "Dai, what's the matter? "

When she turned her back to Shi Budai.

Shi Budai let out a long sigh, feeling a lingering fear of having survived a disaster.

It was so close!

Xun probably did not hear what he said to the person on the other end of the phone.

Otherwise, he would not be able to go to bed tonight.

Speaking of which, the child in his stomach was almost three months old.

The doctor said that after three months, it would be stable and he would be able to hehehe.

Damn it, these two and a half months had suffocated him to death.

On the other side.

Dai confirmed that it was Mu Yixun who picked up the phone. She said, "Xun, I feel that young master's behavior these two days is somewhat abnormal? "

"young master's behavior is abnormal? " Mu Yixun frowned when she heard that. "Why? "

Shi Budai, who was behind her, had just heaved a sigh of relief. When he heard Mu Yixun say the word 'young Master' , he immediately tensed up and became on full alert.

Oh my God!

This was the greatest love rival in his young master's life.

He must not underestimate his enemy.

Shi Budai immediately pricked up his ears and tried to eavesdrop on the conversation openly!

On the phone Dai briefly explained the matter. "young master went to Jiang city a few days ago to discuss a business deal. After the business deal was done, he wanted to stay in Jiang city for a few days. Then, in these two days, young master met a girl who lived with that girl. He even specially instructed me to organize a lottery event and specially let that girl win a special prize. "

Mu Yixun pursed her lips. "Is that so? "

Dai said, "Xun, would young master have such behavior in the past? What do I need to do? "

As a contract guardian, it was natural for them to follow their master's orders as the first rule.

However, special contract guardians like Mu Yixun and Dai would have their own judgments due to their apathetic emotions. Furthermore, these emotions would become more and more abundant as they came into contact with the outside world. However, this richness was much more than ordinary people However, it was a little too apathetic.

Apart from obeying their master's orders, they also needed to make their own judgments when their master was not around.

Now, Dai judged that there was something wrong with young master. However, she had just arrived by Akira Mato's side not long ago and did not know what to do. Hence, she consulted Mu Yixun.

Mu Yixun was silent for a moment. "What else? What else do you find strange about young master's behavior? "

Dai said, "nothing. "

Mu Yixun said, "then don't bother about it. Dai, you only need to remember that you only need to give priority to young master's life and interests when you are by young master's side. Young master does not need us to make decisions on other matters. "

Xun nodded and said, "yes. Then, do we need to get rid of the girl by young master's side? ''

"Dai! "

Mu Yixun's tone became slightly more serious. "I've said that we only prioritize protecting young master's life and interests. Do you think that girl is in conflict with young master's life or interests? "

Dai said indifferently, "she makes young master not right. "

"Dai... " Mu Yixun seemed to sigh very lightly. "As a contract keeper, your feelings are still too indifferent. You'll slowly understand in the future. "

Dai frowned slightly. This was the first time she showed an extremely subtle expression on her face. "Xun, do you mean love? "

"maybe, " Mu Yixun said in a low voice. "But I don't think young master will fall in love with anyone other than Xi. "

"Xi? " Dai said. "that girl's name is Xi. "

As soon as she said this, Dai knew that she had misunderstood.

Xun was not talking about Xi, but Xi.

That was the strongest contract keeper in the Akira family. Young master could not get her in this lifetime!

Mu Yixun was also surprised. "Xi, that girl's name is Xi too? "

"It's three drops of water and a sunset, XI! "

"Is that so? "

Mu Yixun got rid of her surprise and quickly returned to her usual indifference "No matter what that girl's name is, you don't have to care. The young master doesn't like us to make decisions for him without permission. Finally, Dai, let me give you a piece of advice... "

"What? "

Mu Yixun paused and said in a low voice, "never fall in love with the young master. Because the young master will never fall in love with anyone but Guan Xi! "

Mayuzumi replied straightforwardly, "okay. "

After hanging up the call with Mu Yixun, Mayuzumi looked at the phone screen in confusion.

Why did she fall in love with young master?

It was still difficult for her to understand this kind of feeling.

A contract-keeping person did not need any feelings at all, right?

As the person who had followed young master before her, after getting married, Mayuzumi felt that as a contract-keeping person, Mayuzumi had already failed.


On the other side.

Mu Yixun had just hung up the call with Mayuzumi. When she turned around, she met Shi Budai's aggrieved expression

"wife ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ "

The little voice calling her was drawn out, like a resentful wife who was about to be abandoned.

Mu Yixun:"..."

She frowned. "Shi Budai, speak properly. "

She threw the phone to Shi Budai and walked to the bed. Shi Budai caught it and quickly followed her.

"Wife, you mentioned Akira Mato just now. "

"So what? " Mu Yixun lay on the bed, pulled the blanket over her stomach, and looked at Shi Budai.

She was two and a half months pregnant at this time, and her lower abdomen was slightly bulging.

This feeling was very subtle.

She was a new mother, and she was pregnant with a small life.

It was a very beautiful feeling.

Shi Budai had an aggrieved look on his face. He pouted and complained, "you, you, you, you are my wife. How can you mention other men? "

Especially this man, who was the wild man that his wife yearned for.

He, little master Shi, was so aggrieved, so scared, and so nervous.

To be clear, he, little master Shi, did not feel that he could not compete with Akira Mato, that wild man, and that was why he was afraid that his wife would run away!

It was just a good-looking mixed-blood, nothing much.

Akira Mato also had many good qualities.

For example... ... Talkative ? ?

This didn't count.

For example... ... Rich ? ?

Alright, the money had already been given to his wife, he was poor.

For example... ...

[ the college entrance examination students have been liberated, Ha, let's have a good time. Speaking of which, does Akira Mato have any good qualities? ]

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