His Little Fortune Chapter 838

Chapter 838: Chapter 842 love you but don't surrender: I like you, I love you too

He was tall, handsome, and handsome, and he especially doted on his wife, er... ... This could be considered an advantage ...

But doting on his wife, wasn't this an essential skill for a man?

How could it be considered an advantage?

Shi Budai thought about it and seemed to have found many advantages in himself, but there were no particularly shining advantages.

How could he compete with Akira Mato, that trash love rival who knew how to act cool and act cool.

Shi Budai was dejected, and the more he thought about it, the more aggrieved he became. He sighed bitterly, "Sigh... "

When Mu Yixun heard him sigh, she looked over coldly and asked with a frown, "Shi Budai, what's wrong? "

Shi Budai looked up and asked Mu Yixun expectantly, "wife, do you think I have any good points? "

"What? " Mu Yixun frowned.

"just... wife, tell me about my good points. " He hesitated for a moment ...

When he asked, he even showed a shy expression, as if he was saying, "praise me as much as you can. Don't be stingy and praise me crazily. ".

"Your strengths. "

"That's right, that's right. "

If it was in the past, when Shi Budai asked such a question, Mu Yixun might not have answered. Even if she had answered, it might have just been a casual reply.

But this time, perhaps because the pregnancy had more or less changed her temper, she actually thought about it.

"Your strengths... "

"What what? " Shi Budai was both expectant and excited.

Mu Yixun said, "pestering, pestering. "

This could be considered a strength?

Shi Budai straightened his neck."... Why am I pestering?"

Mu Yixun glanced at him indifferently. "who was it that hugged my leg at the airport, crying and begging me not to leave? "

Shi Budai:"..."

There was no way to refute!

"Alright, this counts as an advantage. " Shi Budai felt wronged, but he still admitted it.

There was nothing to admit.

He had relied on his shameless pestering to successfully chase his wife back. Otherwise, his daughter-in-law would have run away by then.

"What else? " He continued to ask.

"and... " Mu Yixun frowned and said lightly, "you talk too much and are flirtatious. "

It was hard to imagine that the word flirtatious would come out of Mu Yixun's mouth.

However, if this man at home hugged his wife's daughter-in-law every day and kept shouting, would he wear shorts to show off his figure and ask his wife, "my figure is not bad, right? Are you in love with your husband? " You would feel the same way.

This answer once again made Shi Budai frustrated. "That's it? "

"You have a good figure? " Mu Yixun saw that Shi Budai was a little listless, so she reluctantly added another sentence.

"wife ~ ~ ~ "

Shi Budai felt that his confidence was about to be destroyed. He looked at Mu Yixun with his long and narrow eyes, feeling wronged. "Don't I have that... that kind of outstanding merit that sounds very impressive? "

"such as? "

Shi Budai:"..."

If he could say such, why would he ask his wife.

Shi Budai felt wronged and wanted to draw circles. "Wife, you have to say this. Think about why you like me to marry me, right? I should have some merit that attracts you. "

At this moment, Mu Yixun could not understand Shi Budai's brain at all. She frowned and looked at him

"weren't those all good points? "

Shi Budai looked at Mu Yixun. "So wife, you like me just because I'm persistent and talkative? "

Mu Yixun was caught off guard by his gaze. She turned her head and her ears turned suspiciously red

"otherwise, what other good points do you have? "

Shi Budai:"..."

What he said was so reasonable that he could not refute it.

"then... then... "

Shi Budai hesitated for a moment before asking awkwardly, "what are the merits of your young master, Akira Mato? Let's say it first. I'm not asking this question because I'm jealous. "

Mu Yixun:"..."

Only then did she understand that this idiot had suddenly asked her what merits she had and why she had gone crazy?

It turned out that it was because of the phone call she had with Dai. When she mentioned the young master, he still minded being jealous.

"Young Master's heart is very strong and ruthless. He knows what he wants. He has a high degree of self-discipline. In many other aspects, he is also very accomplished. I have been by his side since young. I have seen him step by step to become the head of the Akira family. Now, he has let the Akira family reach another peak. He has many advantages... "...". "..."

Shi Budai thought that in the eyes of the contract-keeper, being ruthless was actually a f * cking advantage.

However, for people who wanted to achieve great things, being soft-hearted was indeed the worst.

But it was so sad to hear it. In Xun's place, her young master had so many advantages.


Shi Budai's thin lips parted. He wanted to say, "wife, don't say anymore. Your husband knows how outstanding your young master is. He can't bear such an outstanding quality. ".

Before he could speak, he heard Mu Yixun's tone become slightly more serious. The last sentence entered his ears

"But Shi Budai, the one I like now is you. The one I love is you. "

He was caught off guard by Mu Yixun's confession.

Shi Budai looked at Mu Yixun in disbelief. His handsome face flushed red and he couldn't even speak properly

"Wife, what did you say just now? Say it again. "

How could Mu Yixun say such words again? She looked away. "It's nothing. It's fine if you didn't hear it. "

Shi Budai:"... How can it be like this? Wife, wife, say it again. Say it again."

"I won't say it. "

"Wife, say it again. "

"Wife... "

"Wife, say it again, husband. "

Shi Budai began to use his specialty to Pester Mu Yixun, wanting to pester her to say it again.

However, Mu Yixun obviously would not say it again, and she would not let Shi Budai continue to be so noisy.

She frowned and said coldly, "Shi Budai, shut up. "

Her wife was going to be angry.

Shi Budai realized this and immediately said, "good wife, I will shut up immediately. "

Mu Yixun was satisfied.

Not long after her ears were quiet, Shi Budai suddenly hugged Mu Yixun in his arms with a big movement.

Mu Yixun turned around and scolded him coldly, "Shi Budai, what are you doing? "

"What did I do? " Shi Budai said matter-of-factly, "what's wrong with me hugging my own wife? Can't I hug her? "

Mu Yixun:"..."

Shi Budai Kissed Mu Yixun's face, "wife, I like you too, I love you too. "

Mu Yixun lowered her eyes slightly, her ears were red and hot. She replied softly, "okay. "

Shi Budai Hugged Mu Yixun and giggled, "wife, actually I heard what you said just now. You said You love me, I like me, I'm very happy! "

"Okay. "

"hehehe. " Shi Budai hugged Mu Yixun tightly in his arms and placed his big hand on Mu Yixun's slightly bulging abdomen.

In Master Xiao Jiu's words, he laughed like a retard.

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