His Little Fortune Chapter 839

Chapter 839: Chapter 843 love you, don't surrender: Shi Budai, cowardice: fighting, of course, is for the wife

Mu Yixun's heart seemed to have a warm current flowing slowly through her heart, the tip of her heart was slightly hot.

She had once thought that she would always like young master and love young master.

Chasing after him, dedicating her life to him.

Always following by young master's side.

She thought that it was love, she thought that in her entire life, except for young master, she would not look at any other man.

But Guan Xi said that it was not love, it was just a kind of pursuit for the strong.

It was the instinct of a contractual person.

She did not understand what that meant at first.

Even when Guan Xi was with Xiao Jiuyan, she could not understand it.

What was so good about the ninth master of the Xiao Family that could make Xi betray the young master again and again.

Until she met Shi Budai, the noisy and useless man.

After a few times of contact, she slowly fell in love with him.

He was really noisy and useless!

However, it was only when she met him that she suddenly felt that in this world, strength did not define everything. When she was with a man like Shi Budai, her life became interesting and full of vitality.

It was as if the grey life of a contract keeper had suddenly become colorful.

She had fallen in love with Shi Budai.

Mu Yixun was very clear about this.

And just now, she had told Shi Budai that she liked him and that she loved him.

Looking at this useless man's happy face, this feeling was not bad!

Shi Budai placed his big hand on Mu Yixun's stomach and suddenly said in surprise, "wife, I feel the baby kicking in your stomach. "

Mu Yixun:"..."

She said expressionlessly, "Shi Budai, are you stupid? It's impossible for the baby to move in two and a half months. "

"Oh, is that so? "

Shi Budai chuckled. "I'm too excited. Wife, do you think the baby is a boy or a girl? I prefer girls. However, girls are very dangerous in society now and will be bullied. However, we don't have to be afraid. When she's born, you will teach her how to defend herself. When that time comes, if any blind brat wants to get close to her, she will beat them all down. If it doesn't work, you will go up and beat them all down... ". "... "..."

Mu Yixun coldly interrupted Shi Budai, "why don't you beat them up? "

Shi Budai said matter-of-factly, "I can't fight, can't I? If I lose, I'll lose face. Of course, it's you, my wife. I'll cheer for you when the time comes! You'll definitely beat them up. "

When he thought of his wife beating people up.

He wanted a rock!

Mu Yixun:"..."

As expected, he was a useless man.


Akira Mato and Feng Xi had met each other at the raffle at entrance a of the mall. They walked around the mall and prepared to leave through exit C.

The two of them chatted as they walked.

Feng Xi was mostly talking about Jiang city. Akira Mato listened with a smile and occasionally responded.

At the exit of Area C, there was a promotion for drinks.

A girl in a short skirt promotional uniform came up with a tray and said enthusiastically,

"Hello, our company's strawberry drink is very delicious. Please try it. "

Feng Xi reached out her little white hand to reject. "No need, we don't need it... Zhenzhen, are you working here today? "

"Little Xi! "

The girl in the uniform was also surprised. "Why are you here at the mall? Didn't you say you have a part-time job today? "

The girl in the uniform was called Bai Zhenzhen, and she had a good relationship with Feng Xi.

Bai Zhenzhen's family background was also average, and she usually worked part-time.

Bai Zhenzhen had called Feng Xi for her part-time job at the mall today, but Feng Xi said she had another part-time job. No wonder she was surprised to see Feng Xi like she was at the mall.

Feng Xi touched her little nose and said, "it's a part-time job. "

She pointed at Akira Mato who was standing at the side and said, "this is my boss these days. His surname is Zhen. He's visiting Jiang City. I'll be his tour guide for a few days. "

Bai zhenzhen looked at Akira Mato. The first time she saw him, she was in a daze for a moment.

He had perfect three-dimensional facial features, a wide forehead, a high nose bridge, and a faint smile on his beautiful lips.

His skin was very white, and his slightly long black hair was slightly curly. He wore a pink hoodie and a pair of khaki pants. He was dressed very casually, and his entire body exuded an unruly and cold aura.

This was a man that would shock anyone who saw him, to the point that they would fall in love with him.

"Akira Mato? Akira Mato... " Feng Xi saw that Bai Zhenzhen had no reaction, so she called out to her.

Bai Zhenzhen came back to her senses, and a smile quickly appeared on her face. She only used one small hand to hold the tray, and the other hand reached out to Akira Mato

"Hello, my name is Bai Zhenzhen, and I'm Feng Xi's friend. "

Her small hand was in mid-air. Akira Mato glanced at her, but he didn't shake her hand immediately.

Bai Zhenzhen was a little embarrassed.

Feng Xi pushed Akira Mato and whispered, "Hey! "

Akira Mato slowly said in a lazy voice, "sorry, I don't usually shake hands. "

"Oh, it's okay, I wasn't paying attention. " Bai Zhenzhen smiled and retracted her hand.

Akira Mato's dark gaze swept over Bai Zhenzhen and stopped looking at her.

He looked down at Feng Xi and said, "let's go, you should continue working. "

"Alright, alright. " Feng Xi pouted. Since the boss said that they should start working, then they should start working.

The one paying was the boss.

Feng Xi looked at Bai Zhenzhen. "Then Zhenzhen, I'll be leaving first. See you later. "

Bai zhenzhen smiled and waved at Feng Xi and Akira Mato. "Goodbye, Little Xi. Goodbye, Mr. Zhenzhen. "

Bai zhenzhen remembered Feng Xi mentioning Akira Mato's surname.

Feng Xi also waved. "Goodbye. "

She said to Akira Mato, "let's go. "

Akira Mato nodded slightly.

The two of them were about to walk towards the exit of Area C, but as soon as they turned around, Feng Xi cursed under her breath.

She wanted to curse.

She didn't know whether she should say that she was lucky or unlucky today.

She had just won the lottery, and now she had also won the "lottery" !

Why did she want to see Feng Qi again on such a day that was worth celebrating.

Feng Qi was wearing a bohemian blue floral dress and a pair of high heels with Diamond Sandals. She came in from the entrance of Area C, and there was a tall and thin youth next to her. He was handsome and wore a cap.

She looked up and said something to the youth.

The youth had one hand in his pocket. He didn't have any expression on his face, but he nodded from time to time, indicating that he was listening to Feng Qi.

"Gu Xu, tomorrow is my birthday dinner. You will come too, right... " Feng Qi said.

The youth called Gu Xu asked, "Will Feng Xi go? "

Hearing Gu Xu ask Feng Xi, Feng Qi felt disgusted and embarrassed.

She held back her smile and said gently, "Feng Xi is my sister. Of course she will attend my birthday dinner. "

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