His Little Fortune Chapter 840

Chapter 840: Chapter 844 love you, don't surrender: Feng Qi, you don't mind sponsoring some living expenses, do you

Feng Qi spoke in a soft voice, completely like an elegant socialite.

It was impossible to see the arrogant look on her face when she asked Feng Xi to give up her seat in the restaurant that day.

Gu Xu was the campus Belle of their school. He was usually quiet and didn't speak much.

Many girls liked him, and Feng Qi was no exception.

It was an unexpected surprise that Feng Qi was able to invite Gu Xu out today. She wanted to invite him to her birthday party.

She wanted him to see that she was the Feng family's little princess and that she was a perfect match for him.

"MM, " Gu Xu responded indifferently. His eyes swept over casually and stopped in front of him.

Feng Xi saw that Gu Xu was suddenly looking at something and followed Gu Xu's line of sight.

When she looked, she saw a face with exquisite makeup. The smile really didn't stay on her face and her face instantly darkened.

Feng Xi!

Why was this little bastard everywhere? He was like a ghost that wouldn't leave.

Apart from Feng Xi, the handsome man standing next to her still left Feng Qi in shock that day.

Feng Xi was still with this man?

Feng Xi's thoughts were the same as Feng Qi's.

She wanted to avoid him, but it was obvious that the two of them had already met, so she couldn't avoid him.

She saw Feng Qi's dark face and glanced at Gu Xu, who was standing beside Feng Qi. She smiled sweetly and said, "sister, senior Gu Xu, what a coincidence to meet you here. You guys came to shop too. "

Feng Qi came back to her senses, and a sweet smile quickly appeared on her face. She smiled and said, "Little Xi, what a coincidence. "


Coincidence my ass.

Feng Xi knew that Feng Qi was going to vomit to death, but there was nothing she could do. With senior Gu Xu here, Feng Qi would definitely maintain her perfect ladylike image.

She didn't mind smiling at her to anger her to death.

Feng Qi replied, "Ah Xu and I are out shopping, what are you guys... "

She glanced at Bai Zhenzhen who was holding a tray. "working part-time? "

"Yes, " Feng Xi replied.

Bai Zhenzhen also nodded.

If it were in the past, when Feng Qi saw Feng Xi, she would definitely want to stay for a while longer to mock and ridicule her.

But today was different. Gu Xu was at the side.

Feng Qi just wanted to leave as soon as possible.

Feng Qi smiled and said, "then Little Xi, you and your friend go ahead. Ah Xu and I won't disturb you. "

After a pause, Feng Qi glanced at Gu Xu. To show her sister's gentleness and generosity, Feng Qi said, "Little Xi, don't work too hard. If you're short of money, tell your sister, sister... "

"Do you want to give me money? "

Feng Xi smiled and interrupted Feng Qi. She said, "sister, I'm really short of money recently. You don't mind sponsoring my living expenses, do you? "

Feng Qi:"..."

Feng Qi was speechless. This time, she really wanted to throw up. She was just saying it casually to increase her favorability in front of Gu Xu, but Feng Xi actually dared to say it?

Didn't she know how much she hated her?

However, Feng Qi looked at Feng Xi again, and Feng Xi looked at her with a smile. She didn't look embarrassed at all.

Feng Qi said unnaturally, "Little Xi, I don't have any money with me right now. I'll give it to you when I go back... "

Feng Xi interrupted her, "sister, you don't have to wait for me to go back. Just transfer the money directly through your phone. "

As she said this, little white took out her phone and quickly clicked on it. She opened the payment interface and smiled as she handed it to Feng Qi.

Feng Qi:"..."

Feng Qi bit her lip and glanced at Gu Xu who was standing at the side.

Gu Xu was wearing a cap. Feng Qi couldn't see his expression clearly in the shadows.

But she was sure that Gu Xu was watching her now.

She felt like she couldn't back down now. Just now, she said that she and Feng Xi were sisters and had invited Feng Xi to her birthday party. She was the one who had offered to give Feng Xi the money.

If she didn't give it, she would be slapping herself in the face.

Feng Qi reluctantly took out her phone and glanced at Feng Xi's payment code.

With a flick of her slender fingers, Feng Qi entered a 1. She was ready to transfer a thousand yuan to Feng Xi.

At this moment, Feng Xi slowly said, "sister, the bag you're carrying right now, it's a new model from Chanel, right? I remember it's more than 20,000 yuan. "

She actually didn't know how much Feng Qi was planning to transfer to her.

But it definitely wouldn't be much. This sentence was just to provoke Feng Qi.

Sure enough, Feng Qi's fingers paused as she entered the number. She deleted 1 and changed it to 5. She transferred 5,000 yuan to Feng Xi.

Feng Xi heard a ding and the transfer arrived.

She looked at the amount and her sweet face smiled. She said sincerely, "thank you, sister. "

For money, it didn't matter if she sold her integrity.

The corner of Feng Qi's mouth twitched. She forced a smile. "You're welcome, Little Xi. "

Feng Xi smiled.

Her little white hand tilted slightly. The phone screen that received the transfer shook at Akira Mato to show off.

Look, she had earned 5,000 yuan in just one round.

She was an expert at making money!

Then, since she had the money, she quickly told Akira Mato leave.

Akira Mato guessed what she was thinking.

He curled his lips and said Lazily, "Feng Xi, we should go. "


They cooperated so well!

"Oh, I have to go, " Feng Xi quickly said, "sister, I have something to do, so I'll go first. "

Feng Qi couldn't wait for Feng Xi to leave and immediately said, "okay. Goodbye, Little Xi. "

The two of them walked back and forth, as if they were sisters.

Feng Xi also said goodbye to Bai Zhenzhen and Gu Xu. "Zhenzhen, senior Gu Xu, I'll be leaving first. Goodbye... Akira Mato, let's go. "

After she said that, she walked straight towards the exit.

Akira Mato strode forward and followed behind Feng Xi unhurriedly.

"Feng Xi. "

She had only taken two steps when Gu Xu, who had not spoken since the beginning, spoke behind her.

Feng Xi stopped, turned around, and looked at Gu Xu suspiciously. "Senior Gu Xu, is there anything else? "

Gu Xu looked at Feng Xi's pretty face without blinking. He paused and asked, "will you go to Feng Qi's birthday party tomorrow? "

Feng Xi glanced at Feng Qi, who was also looking at her, with a stiff smile on her face.

She was not sure whether Gu Xu asked this question on his own or Feng Qi's, just to humiliate her and confirm that she would go to the party.

Feng Xi smiled and said, "I will go. "

"That's good. "

Gu Xu seemed to be relieved. He paused and said, "I will go too. "

Feng Xi was even more confused.

What did Gu Xu mean by telling her that he would go?

Whether he went or not was none of her business, right.

Not Understanding what Gu Xu meant, Feng Xi touched the tip of her nose and said, "Oh. "

"Then, see you tomorrow. "

Gu Xu's tone seemed to have an undetectable softness. "Okay, see you tomorrow. "

After Feng Xi said that, Akira Mato waved at Feng Xi with his white hands hanging low, indicating that he should leave quickly.

Akira Mato curled his thin lips and followed with his long legs.

Gu Xu stared at Feng Xi's back without blinking until Feng Xi's figure disappeared at the exit of Area C.

He then retracted his gaze.

Feng Qi had been paying attention to Gu Xu on the side. The Way He stared at Feng Xi had caught her attention.

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