His Little Fortune Chapter 841

Chapter 841: Chapter 845 love you or not surrender: BIRTHDAY DINNER!

Feng Qi gritted her teeth.

Feng Xi, it's Feng Xi again.

This little bastard bitch, it wasn't enough for her bitch mother to steal her daddy in the past, but now she wanted to Seduce Gu Xu herself, in her dreams.

Feng Qi took a gentle breath and slowly exhaled, adjusting her emotions.

Feng Xi was gone now, and she still wanted to continue her date with Gu Xu. She couldn't let Feng Xi, this bitch, ruin her image.

Thinking of the five thousand she gave Feng Xi just now, she gnashed her teeth in hatred.

But she couldn't show it.

"Gu Xu, now we... "

Feng Qi wanted to say that they should go in now and think about what to eat for lunch.

But unexpectedly, Gu Xu interrupted her, "Feng Qi, I suddenly remembered that I have something to do, so I'll leave first. "

"something to do? " Feng Qi's beautiful eyes showed surprise, "but when I asked you out this morning, weren't you free? "

Gu Xu glanced at Feng Qi and said indifferently, "I suddenly remembered. "

Feng Qi pursed her lips and showed a pitiful look, "is it urgent? Can't we have lunch together before going? "

Feng Qi was pretty, and she was the kind that made people love her.

Her Beautiful Eyes were looking at Gu Xu, like a weak willow supporting the wind. It could arouse a man's love and protection.

But Gu Xu was unmoved.

He said, "next time. "

"okay... okay. " Feng Qi didn't pester him anymore. She knew very well that men didn't like girls who pestered too much ...

She had a good grasp of when to be appropriate.

Moreover, Gu Xu wasn't her boyfriend yet.

"then... remember to come next time, " Feng Qi said. "You have to come to my birthday party tomorrow. "

"Okay, I'll be there. "

He had already confirmed that Feng Xi would be there, so naturally, he would be there too.

Gu Xu replied calmly, "I'll be leaving first. See you later. "

Feng Qi waved her hand and smiled sweetly. "See you later. "

Gu Xu turned around and left as well.

Feng Qi looked at Gu Xu's tall and slim back with infatuation in her eyes.

This handsome youth was the school's top student. Other than not liking to talk, he played basketball, studied, and came from a good family background.

Feng Qi thought that only Gu Xu was worthy of her.

She didn't mind taking the initiative to attack him. She kept her distance while occasionally asking him out to show her affection.

However, he actually... ... seemed to be interested in Feng Xi ...

Feng Xi couldn't see Gu Xu anymore. The light in her beautiful eyes gradually turned cold, and a hint of gloominess flashed across her delicate face.

What right did Feng Xi have to snatch him away from her.

Gu Xu would definitely become her boyfriend.

Bai Zhenzhen stood to the side and saw Feng Qi's gloomy expression clearly.

She dragged the tray and took a step back.

Feng Qi was Feng Xi's elder sister and hated Feng Xi.

She had a good relationship with Feng Xi, so it was better for her to stay away from Feng Qi.

Moreover, this kind of young lady from an aristocratic family was not someone she could get close to.

Feng Qi noticed Bai Zhenzhen's step back and glanced at Bai Zhenzhen with disdain and arrogance in her eyes

"Bai Zhenzhen, if you hang out with Feng Xi, you'll only be qualified to be a waitress in this kind of place for the rest of your life. "

Bai Zhenzhen's face was flushed red.

She wanted to retort. So what if she was a waitress?

She was relying on her own Labor to earn money to support herself. What was wrong with that?

But she didn't dare to refute Feng Qi at all.

After Feng Qi said that, she turned around and walked into the mall in her high heels.

She made a call. "Hello... Cai er, what are you doing? Come out for lunch and afternoon tea... of course, it's my treat. Do you think I care about such a small amount of money? "

The intermittent call entered Bai Zhenzhen's ears.

Bai zhenzhen looked at Feng Qi's graceful figure as she left. She looked at her branded clothes and the bag she was carrying. Feng Xi had mentioned that it was more than 20,000 yuan.

As for her?

She looked at the tray in her hand, and a bitter smile gradually appeared on her face. She couldn't tell if it was a mocking or jealous smile.


Feng Xi had a big harvest today.

She had won a house and a big gift bag in the lucky draw, and she had cheated Feng Qi of 5,000 yuan.

Her mood couldn't be any better.

Therefore, for lunch, including dinner and taxis, she had to pay for the tickets to the scenic spots.

Akira Mato waved her hand and paid.

According to her, if it wasn't for Akira Mato, she definitely wouldn't have been so lucky today.

If she was lucky, she naturally wanted to share it.

Even if the house was fake, she still had 5,000 yuan. It was fine to spend it.

This changed Akira Mato's opinion of Feng Xi as a money-grubber.

He thought that this money-grubber girl only had money with her and could only go in and not out.

At 8 pm, after dinner, she took a taxi back to her shabby house.

Feng Xi was very surprised. She found a new set of clothes at the door of her shabby house. There was a note on it that said, "for young master. "

Feng Xi didn't want to complain about Akira Mato, this nouveau riche who liked to play this kind of stupid game.

"Here, it's yours. " She handed the clothes to Akira Mato and opened the door.

When she came back from the pet hospital in the morning, she fed the young master cat food and poured the cat food into the bowl next to it. She hadn't finished it yet.

"Young Master, Mommy is back. " Feng Xi called Herself Mommy. "Look what Mommy bought you. Cat Tree, cat scratch board, and cat toy stick! "

All these things were bought with the five thousand that Feng Qi had given her.

The young master didn't know what Feng Xi was talking about, the cat tree, the scratching board, and the cat toy stick.

But when Feng Xi got closer, it smelled her scent and meowed a few times.

"young master is so obedient. " Feng Xi reached out her little white hand and gently stroked the fur on the young master's head with her index finger.

Akira Mato listened to Feng Xi call the cat young master and called herself Mommy, and his mood was a little strange.

He frowned slightly and said with his Thin Lips, "Feng Xi, it's fine if you call it young master, but why do you call yourself mommy? "

"because I'll be the one raising him from now on. Of course, I'll be young master's mommy. What's wrong with that? " Feng Xi teased the young master as she turned to answer Akira Mato.

Akira Mato didn't know what to say.

Perhaps when she named the cat young master, he shouldn't have thought that he would leave river city so soon. It didn't matter what the cat's name was.

Feng Xi Fed the young master while Akira Mato, the young master, went to take a bath.

He had been out for a whole day and was quite tired.

Feng Xi Fed the young master and also went to wash up and get ready for bed.

Naturally, Akira Mato slept on the bed while Feng Xi slept on the floor.

However, the floor was worth it. It was all income.

Akira Mato and Feng Xi slept well that night, probably because they were tired.

The next morning, Feng Xi bought breakfast and ate it.

She asked Akira Mato, "tycoon, do you want to take a break from your trip to river city this afternoon? I have something to do in the afternoon. "

Akira Mato drank soy milk. As the young master of the Akira family, he was quite down to Earth.

He asked, "what is it? "

Feng Xi shrugged. "It's Feng Qi's birthday dinner. "

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