His Little Fortune Chapter 842

Chapter 842: Chapter 846 love you but don't surrender: Akira Mato said that you are special

"BIRTHDAY PARTY? " He frowned slightly.

"Yeah, didn't she say it when I met Feng Qi yesterday? It's her birthday. "

Feng Xi pursed her pink lips and drank a mouthful of soy milk. She squatted down and stroked the young master's soft fur with her little white hand

"That day, she asked my daddy to call me and force me to attend. Maybe he was prepared to humiliate me. Tsk, stupid thing. Do you really think that showing off in front of me will make me look bad? I'm very strong in MY HEART! "

As she spoke, she clenched her little fist and waved it at Akira Mato, as if she wasn't afraid of anything.

Akira Mato said slowly, "If you don't want to go, then don't go. Can he still tie you up to attend the birthday party? "

"This matter is a little complicated. "

Feng Xi's mood immediately sank. "I don't want to go, but I have to go. When my mommy passed away, she left something useful with my adoptive mother. Feng Zhengcheng took it away. If I don't go, Feng Zhengcheng will destroy that thing. "

Akira Mato gracefully squatted down.

Even if he squatted down, a man with an extremely tall stature would still be a head taller than a girl.

He asked, "what is your mother's thing? "

Feng Xi shook her little head. "I don't know. "

"This is a bit difficult. "

He had originally thought that he could help this person and bring the thing back.

To him, it was just a piece of cake to adjust this boring life.

However, she didn't even know what it was.

Forget it, he didn't need to get involved in other people's family matters.


After breakfast, because Feng Xi only had to go out in the afternoon to prepare for the birthday party in the evening, the two of them went out in the morning and strolled around the Old City where Feng Xi lived.

After lunch, just a little over one in the afternoon, someone contacted Feng Xi and asked her to bring her ID card to collect the prize.

After hanging up the phone, Feng Xi held the phone in her hand and said to Akira Mato:

"yesterday's lottery was quite a good thing. Just now, they asked me to redeem the prize and bring my ID card. Do you think they're swindlers? "

Akira Mato:"..."

He said, "I don't think so. "

"It's hard to say. There are a lot of swindlers nowadays. "

Feng Xi pursed her lips. This was like a pie falling from the sky falling on her head It was quite surreal. "But let's go and take a look. It's such a big shopping mall. Swindlers shouldn't be so generous these days. Will you come with me? If anything happens, I'll protect you. "

Akira Mato couldn't help but laugh.

If something really happened, how could a grown man expect a little girl to protect him?

He slowly raised his hand and put it in front of Feng Xi. He gently tapped the girl's forehead.

Feng Xi subconsciously covered her head and pouted. "What's wrong? "

"You can actually look forward to it. " Akira Mato's thin lips curled into a devilish smile. "maybe you can be special like Cinderella... "

Feng Xi looked up and her bright black eyes met Akira Mato's gaze.

Akira Mato hadn't worn his contact lenses when he woke up this morning.

His pair of Blue Eyes were like the clearest and bluest ocean. They were so vast that people couldn't bear to look away.

"Just like Cinderella, has godmother come to help me? "

Feng Xi had seen Akira Mato many times in the past two days. She paused for a few seconds and forced herself to look away to hide her panic "Then I met the prince at the banquet and lived happily together? I'm not a child anymore. "

Who would believe such fairy tale-like words.

Her heart was still beating faster.


"I didn't say Godmother, " Akira Mato said with a smile. "I said Santa Claus. "

Feng Xi:"... Santa Claus isn't from Cinderella's fairy tale."

Akira Mato narrowed his eyes and said unhurriedly, "it will be soon. "

Feng Xi pursed her lips. "What nonsense is this? "


The battle between Santa Claus and Cinderella was put on hold for a while. Feng Xi took her identity card and set off according to the address given by the staff member named Dai on the phone.

They arrived at the designated location and got out of the car.

The staff member named Dai was still wearing a black suit dress and her hair was tied up in a Bun. She had a pretty face, but she was expressionless and felt cold.

Feng Xi had seen her twice and felt the same way twice. How could someone be so cold? This was the kind of warm smile he gave her when he was a guest.

It was strange.

"Um, I'm Feng Xi. I'm here to accept the prize. " Feng Xi smiled politely at Dai.

Dai looked at Feng Xi and nodded expressionlessly. She then bowed to Akira Mato who was behind her. She straightened up and said,

"please follow me. "

Feng Xi:"..."

What was wrong with her?

Akira Mato had nothing to do with the winner being here?

Why was she being so polite to him.

Feng Xi complained a little. When she saw that Mayuzumi and Akira Mato had left, she quickly followed them.

The place to receive the prize was in a business building.

Mayuzumi walked in front and entered the lobby of the building. She was dressed in a suit and was wearing a professional dress. There were people coming and going, and she looked very formal.

Feng Xi felt that the credibility of this lottery was much higher.

After all, it was impossible for a swindler to swindle a person and even make such a big fuss to rent such an expensive business center building.

The three of them walked into the elevator and Dai pressed the button for the 28th floor.

Soon, Ding Dong, the elevator reached the 28th floor.

The three of them exited the elevator. Feng Xi looked around and found that this floor was actually a styling salon. The entire floor was filled with styling salons.

Feng Xi asked hesitantly, "this is the place to receive the award... "

Why was it a little strange.

She was asking when at this moment, there was a man wearing a tight leather jacket, low-waisted jeans, and a small braid with pink dye on it.

He walked over in a flirtatious manner.

When he saw Dai, he put his hand on her body and said, "honey, which one is going to be styled today? "

Not only was he dressed in a flirtatious manner, but even the tone of his voice was deliberately elongated, making him extremely charming.

Before his hand could touch Dai's shoulder, Dai suddenly raised her hand and twisted it with a backhand, almost turning his hand 180 degrees.

"It hurts, it hurts, honey, let go of me! " The man with the ponytail cried out in pain.

Dai let go of him coldly.

The man with the ponytail was let go. He quickly rubbed his wrist and blew gently.

He pouted at Dai. "You're annoying, honey. You're hurting me. You don't know how to pity me at all. "

His voice gave Feng Xi goosebumps.

Dai was expressionless as she said coldly, "work. "

"You're annoying. I've only been here for a short while, and you want me to work so quickly. " The pigtailed man looked at Feng Xi. "Let me see. Are you going to give this little cutie a look? "

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