His Little Fortune Chapter 843

Chapter 843: Chapter 847 love you, don't surrender: The only thing that can make him feel alive doesn't belong to him

"Okay, " Dai said calmly.

Feng Xi was a little confused. She did some styling. Oh, it seemed like it was also in the award-winning gift bag.

She quickly greeted, "hello, hello. My Name Is Feng Xi. "

"Feng Xi, that's a good name. "

The braid-faced man threw Feng Xi a look and said, "my name is Lan Qin. You can call me little kiss. "

"Uh... " Feng Xi was a little speechless. "little... Kiss Kiss. "

"That's right. Honey is a good name. "

Feng Xi was speechless again.

It was just calling his name. What did it have to do with being a good name?

"honey, let me see. "

Lan Qin suddenly stepped forward and touched Feng Xi's little face.

Feng Xi subconsciously wanted to dodge.

Lan Qin lightly berated, "don't move. "

Feng Xi heard this and obediently stopped moving.

Lan Qin's hand touched Feng Xi's snow-white palm-sized face.

Although this man who people called him little kiss... Was Gay and angry, he was still a man after all. When his big hand touched Feng Xi's face.. ...

Feng Xi was still not used to it.

Lan Qin touched Feng Xi's little face a few times. First, he frowned slightly, then his furrowed brows slowly relaxed and he nodded.

Feng Xi was close to him and she saw his expression... ...

What was the meaning of this.

He frowned and nodded.

Just as Feng Xi wanted to ask if he could let her face go, Lan Qin pinched the flesh on Feng Xi's right cheek. Feng Xi cried out in pain, "it hurts, it hurts, it hurts. "

"honey, your bone structure is pretty good, and your skin is pretty good too. If you do a good job, you'll definitely be a great beauty. "

Feng Xi:"? ? ?"

She hesitated for a moment and asked, "what do you mean? ''

"honey, didn't you come to my place to get styled? Do you want a gorgeous transformation? "

Lan Qin winked at Feng Xi. "If a girl wants to be beautiful, come to my place. I promise I'll give you a gorgeous transformation! "

Feng Xi blinked and winked at Lan Qin.

Dai interrupted indifferently, "this is also one of the gifts that won the lottery yesterday. "

Feng Xi remembered that she nodded her little head. "Oh. "

At this moment, Akira Mato, who was standing at the side, slowly said Lazily, "Akira Mato. "

"It's time to start styling, right? Are you in a hurry? "

Lan Qin's attention was on Mayuzumi and Feng Xi just now. He suddenly heard Akira Mato's loose and gorgeous voice and looked in the direction of the voice.

When he saw it, he revealed an amazed expression.

"OMG! " He screamed, "Oh my God, you look too perfect. "

The man in front of him had three-dimensional facial features. With a glance, he knew that this man's facial features were perfectly proportioned. He just didn't know what his bone structure was like?

He really wanted to touch it.

He walked towards Akira Mato in astonishment. Just like when he met Feng Xi, he reached out to touch Akira Mato's face.

But he couldn't even touch Mayuzumi. How could he touch the young master of the Akira family?

When he reached out, he was already about to touch Akira Mato's face. Mayuzumi attacked almost at the same time. She was faster than him. In a flash, she reached out to grab Lan Qin's wrist.

Lan Qin's hand was less than a centimeter away from Akira Mato.

Lan Qin didn't touch Akira Mato. He turned to look at Mayuzumi and said aggrievedly, "honey, why didn't you let me touch him? Are You Jealous? "

Mayuzumi said coldly, "don't touch him. "

Her tone seemed to be colder than usual.

Lan Qin was slightly taken aback. He didn't understand why baby Dai was stopping him from touching this man.

He dared to bet that this man's bone structure must be perfect as well.

Why wasn't he allowed to touch him?

But when he met Mayuzumi's icy gaze, Lan Qin still silently withdrew his hand

"Alright, alright, alright. I won't touch him anymore, alright? "

But when he said that he wouldn't touch him, he still looked regretfully at Akira Mato's face. He was reluctant to part with him.

Akira Mato smiled but didn't say anything.

"Little Cutie, come over. " Lan Qin returned to work. "Let's do a beauty transformation. "

Feng Xi:"... Oh."

Beauty Transformation? It was so embarrassing.

Before Feng Xi wanted to follow Lan Qin, she turned to Akira Mato and said, "then, I'll go over. "

Akira Mato nodded. "okay. "

Feng Xi was brought to get styled. She first changed her clothes, then put on makeup and had her hair done.

At first, it was fine, but gradually, an hour and two hours passed. Before she was done, Feng Xi sat on the chair and fell asleep... ...

Akira Mato Sat on the loose Sofa in the lounge and waited leisurely.

"Young Master. "

There were only Mayuzumi and Akira Mato in the lounge, and Mayuzumi called out.

Akira Mato's two long, straight legs were lazily crossed on the table in front of him. He held a glass of lemonade in one hand and swiped his phone in the other.

On the phone screen, it seemed to be a shopping platform. He seemed to be looking at cat toys.

He did not lift his eyelids and asked Lazily, "HMM? "

"Why are you doing all these things for this Feng Xi? " Mayuzumi asked.

Although Kaori told her to just protect young master and carry out her orders, she did not know what to do.

There was no need to ask about other things, but she still could not help but ask.

She was not like Kaori who had stayed by young master's side for so many years. Most of the time, she could not understand young master's thoughts.

So she had to ask.

Even if she was not sure if young master would think that she was going too far by asking this question, she had to ask.

Akira Mato seemed to be in a good mood today. He drank a mouthful of lemonade, but his eyes were still looking at his phone screen. He asked casually, "Is there a problem? "

Mayuzumi thought for a moment and said, "I don't think the young master would do something like this. Your actions these past few days are meaningless. "

After the business discussion was over, the young master wanted to stay in Jiang city to relax. Although she felt that it wasn't necessary as a contract holder, she knew that traveling was something that many people would like to do.

But after that, the young master lived in a very shabby house.

He even helped Feng Xi organize a lucky draw, gave her a house, and even dressed her up.

From Mayuzumi's point of view, it was all for her benefit. For the young master and Akira family, there was no benefit at all.

So, she didn't understand.

Akira Mato's gaze finally moved away from the phone screen and landed on Mayuzumi's expressionless face.

He asked, "you can't understand my actions? "

"Yes, " Mayuzumi said.

Akira Mato curled his lips and said gently, "Mayuzumi, not all actions have to be motivated by profit. Sometimes, people's actions can only be for fun. "

"Fun? " Mayuzumi didn't understand.

"Yes. " Akira Mato's lips curled up wickedly. "Life is too boring. It's just a way to pass the time. "

It was quite interesting to act as Santa Claus and give him a gift when he didn't know what to do.

After all, in this world, the only person who could make him feel alive and have his heart beat for him would never belong to him.

Mayuzumi still didn't understand.

But since the young master had given her an explanation, she didn't ask anymore.

As a person who had been remade to keep the promise, she had extremely indifferent feelings.

These feelings would slowly grow. Perhaps one day, she would be like Guan Xi and Mu Yixun, able to truly understand people's feelings. But now, it was clear that Dai could not.

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