His Little Fortune Chapter 844

Chapter 844: Chapter 848 love you, don't surrender: STUNNING EVERYONE!

After an unknown amount of time, Feng Xi was still in a daze. When she heard Lan Qin's voice, she woke up

"honey, little cutie, wake up. The gorgeous transformation has been completed. "

Feng Xi's long eyelashes trembled. When she opened her eyes, there was a mirror in front of her.

When she saw the beautiful girl in the mirror, a surprised expression appeared on her snow-white face.

The girl in the mirror was the same as her, making a surprised expression at the same time.

"This... This is... "

She looked at the mirror, her black and bright eyes wide open. She asked in disbelief, "is it me? "

"honey, baby, trust your own eyes. "

Lan Qin touched his lips seductively and said, "the little fairy inside is you. "

There were a few of Lan Qin's assistants beside him.

They were also amazed.

Lan Qin was an internationally famous stylist.

They studied under him, and every time they saw lan Qin personally do a style, they would be amazed.

Just like Cinderella in fairy tales, she could really become a beautiful princess.

Feng Xi was still stunned, unable to turn around.

Lan Qin said, "baby, no matter what banquet you're going to attend today, go kill everyone. "

After a long while, Feng Xi softly replied,"... Yes."

She turned around and prepared to set off.

Akira Mato already knew that the styling was done in the lounge, so he came over to the styling room.

He stepped into the styling room and saw a girl standing a few meters away from him.

His eyes flashed with surprise.

Feng Xi nervously folded her hands in front of her stomach and asked nervously, "how... How am I doing? I'm... okay. "

"What do you mean, okay? "

Lan Qin called out unhappily, "honey, honey, are you doubting my professionalism? You're amazing, amazing! "

Feng Xi also felt that she looked pretty in the mirror just now.

But for some reason, now that Akira Mato had come in, she wanted to hear her evaluation.

The surprise in Akira Mato's eyes quickly disappeared. He had seen too many beautiful women.

He smiled and said, "not bad. "

"Not bad? " Feng Xi was a little disappointed.

She didn't know why, but she always thought Akira Mato would have the same reaction as Lan Qin. She thought she was very beautiful.

She pursed her pink lips and forcefully suppressed the little disappointment in her heart. Soon, she smiled brightly

"I also think I'm not bad. "

Lan Qin rolled his eyes.

What do you mean not bad? This good-looking honey only thinks it's not bad. Does he know how to appreciate Lan Qin's work.

He really wanted to touch his face.

Lan Qin stared at Akira Mato's three-dimensional mixed-blood's handsome face.

But he didn't dare to reach out because baby Dai was staring at him like a tiger.

Lan Qin was sure that if he reached out again, Baby Dai would break his hand this time.

"there seems to be something missing? "

Akira Mato looked at Feng Xi. His slender fingers touched his chin. Suddenly, he looked at Mayuzumi and said, "isn't there a set of jewelry in your prize? Shouldn't you wear it? "

Before Mayuzumi could answer, Lan Qin clapped his hands and said in annoyance, "yes, yes, yes, the heart of the White Star! I forgot. I remember baby Dai brought it here yesterday. It's too beautiful. I locked it in the safe. Wait for me. I'll go get it right away. "

Lan Qin quickly left the styling room and walked to his private lounge.

There was a safe in the corner of the lounge.

Lan Qin entered the password and carefully took out a blue exquisite velvet box from the safe. Soon, he returned to the styling room.

"Baby, come here. I'll put it on for you. " Lan Qin called out to Feng Xi.

Akira Mato looked at Feng Xi and said, "I'll do it. "

"You'll do it? I'll do it... " Lan Qin originally refused, but he glanced at Mayuzumi from the corner of his eye.

Mayuzumi nodded coldly at him, but Lan Qin changed his words. "If you want to help her, you can do it, baby. "

Akira Mato walked forward, and Lan Qin opened the jewelry box. Inside was a whole set of jewelry, necklaces, earrings, bracelets, rings, and brooches.

A whole set of white diamonds.

Under the contrast of the Blue Velvet cloth, it emitted a low-key and luxurious glow.


This set of jewelry had previously appeared at an international auction house, and it had been auctioned off at a sky-high price.

It was unknown why it had appeared in baby Dai's hands.

Now, it had to be worn by this girl who was just an ordinary girl.

Although Lan Qin had already looked at this set of jewelry for several hours last night, when he saw it again now, his eyes were still filled with fanatical admiration and infatuation.

He murmured, "God, this set of jewelry is really the dream of all women. "

The staff next to him were also stunned.

Feng Xi was nervous when she heard Lan Qin's words. She asked hesitantly, "is this set of jewelry very expensive? "

"God, how can this set of jewelry only be described as expensive? " Lan Qin almost laughed at Feng Xi's question. "It... "

"It's not expensive. It's just a random gift from the lucky draw. It's not worth mentioning. "

Akira Mato interrupted Lan Qin and casually picked up the necklace. Lan Qin's heart ached when he saw it. He warned, "be gentle, be gentle. "

When he had picked up the heart of the white star yesterday, he had especially worn white gloves.

Akira Mato did not take Lan Qin's words seriously at all.

He walked up to Feng Xi and gracefully helped her put on the necklace.

He said in a low voice, "lower your head. "

"Okay. " Feng Xi lowered her head obediently.

At this moment, the two of them were very close to each other. Akira Mato wanted to help her put on the necklace. His tall and slender body leaned forward slightly, almost as if he was crossing his neck.

The man's aura came from all directions. He did not smoke and did not smell of smoke at all. There was a faint smell of clean mint, the smell of aftershave.

Other than that, there seemed to be something that belonged to him. There was an indescribable, dizzying smell. It was the unique smell of a mature man.

Feng Xi's heart sped up.

It was so powerful.

She could almost hear the sound of her heart speeding up.

Akira Mato was helping her put on the necklace. For a moment, she could feel the man's slightly cold fingers carelessly touching the exposed skin on the back of her neck. It was cold.

She could not help but shrink back.

Akira Mato smiled and asked, "nervous? "

He wasn't nervous at all.

Feng Xi gulped and stammered, "No, I'm not nervous. "

"really? " Akira Mato chuckled again but didn't say anything.

Feng Xi let out a sigh of relief.

After a while, Feng Xi heard Akira Mato's gorgeous and devilish voice ring in her ear. "It's done. "

She was nervous again.

Akira Mato took a step back.

Feng Xi raised her head slightly and looked at Akira Mato in a daze.


Lan Qin exclaimed, "honey, this white star heart necklace suits you very well. You'll definitely amaze everyone tonight. "

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