His Little Fortune Chapter 845

Chapter 845: Chapter 849 love you but don't surrender: Feng Xi was very close to Akira Mato and smelled his scent

"honey, this white star necklace is very suitable for you. You will definitely amaze everyone tonight. "

Even though Feng Xi felt that she was usually a very thick-skinned person.

At this moment, her snow-white cheeks were also dyed with a touch of red.

Akira Mato helped Feng Xi put on a whole set of white star necklaces, earrings, rings, and brooches.

However, after putting them on, too much jewelry would be too much of a burden.

So, Feng Xi only put on a necklace, earrings, and Bracelet and prepared to go to Feng Qi's birthday party.


Feng Qi's birthday party was held in the Hotel Banquet Hall above the Imperial Pavilion Restaurant.

Feng Qi had specially chosen it.

Firstly, because the Imperial Pavilion's hotel was quite good in Jiang city, she was quite proud to host it here. Secondly, because she wanted Feng Xi to give up her position in the Imperial Pavilion last time, but Feng Xi didn't let her. She chose this place because she wanted Feng Xi to see it, as long as Feng Qi wanted to.. Feng Xi couldn't compare to her at all.

The Birthday Party started at 7:30 pm.

Feng Xi had originally wanted to take a taxi from the styling room to the Imperial Pavilion.

Lan Qin rolled his eyes at Feng Xi's decision.

"honey, you're wearing such a beautiful gown and the heart of a white star, and you want to take a taxi? Omg, God, I absolutely won't allow it. "

Feng Xi was also in a difficult position. "You're not taking a taxi? I'll take the bus? "

Lan Qin:"..."

"Walk? "

Lan Qin:"..."

"A luxury car with a beauty. Forget it, I'll get someone to give you a ride. "

Lan Qin said as she turned to her assistant. "You go, drive my beloved little pink to send them there? "

Feng Xi:"... Little Pink?"

What kind of name was that.

Lan Qin winked at Feng Xi. "It's a limited edition Ferrari that I just bought this year. I bought a big red one especially, so it's called Little Pink. "

Feng Xi:"... why is the big red one called Little Pink?"

"could it be called little red? Big Red? " Lan Qin was shocked. "I'm not going to call it such a tacky name. It's so cute to call IT LITTLE PINK! "

Feng Xi was completely speechless.

Lan Qin then asked his assistant to Send Feng Xi and Akira Mato to the Imperial Pavilion.

Half an hour later, a fiery Red Ferrari supercar stopped at the entrance of the Imperial Pavilion.

There was a doorman at the entrance of the Imperial Pavilion. He quickly got down to open the door for the guests and park the car.

In the back seat of the car, Feng Xi asked Akira Mato, "I'm going in to attend the banquet. What are you going to do tonight? "

Akira Mato leaned lazily against the back seat of the car. His pitch-black eyes glanced at her and he said Lazily, "I'm going back to the Imperial Pavilion. "

"Go back and accompany the young master. "

"Oh. " Feng Xi nodded, thought and said: "I will accompany you tomorrow. "

Akira Mato raised an eyebrow. "accompany me. "

Feng Xi blushed and said in a low voice, "just... just to be your tour guide, nothing else. "

Akira Mato said, "okay. "

"Then I'll go down first. "

Feng Xi said, the Doorman has opened the door, she one foot on the front of the red carpet, get out of the car, leisurely to the Imperial Pavilion.

... ... ...

After Feng Xi got out of the car and entered the Imperial Pavilion Hall.

Lan Qin, who was currently acting as the driver's assistant, asked,

"Mr. Zhen, where do I need to send you now? "

"No need? " Akira Mato asked.

The assistant thought that he had misheard. "What did you say? ''

Akira Mato smiled. "I'll get off here. "

But didn't you just say where to go?

The little assistant thought to himself, but he didn't say anything else. He nodded and replied, "okay. "

... ... . .

Feng Xi entered the lobby of the Imperial Pavilion Hotel and headed for the elevator to the banquet hall on the 50th floor.

She went to the elevator and saw an acquaintance. "really? "

Bai Zhenzhen is also standing in the elevator waiting for the elevator, she saw Feng Xi, smiled and greeted her:

"Xiao Xi, you are here. "

Feng Xi did not expect to meet Bai Zhenzhen here, some surprised asked: "Zhenzhen, why are you here? "

She looked Bai Zhenzhen up and down.

Bai Zhenzhen wore a white dress with a sling, like an evening dress, but not an evening dress.

She wore light makeup. Her slender eyebrows and long eyelashes made her look quite pure and lovely.

"I... "

Bai zhenzhen slightly pursed her lips, which were moist and shiny because of the lipstick. She said in a low voice, "I'm here to attend Feng Qi's birthday dinner. "

"You're here to attend Feng Qi's birthday dinner? "

Feng Xi asked in surprise, "why? "

Bai Zhenzhen said, "Feng Qi seems to have invited the whole class of her class and the whole class of our class for this birthday dinner, so I'm here. "

Feng Qi invited the whole class of two classes?

She must be crazy.

But Feng Xi thought about it and understood.

Feng Qi was older than Feng Xi. She invited the students of her class to celebrate her birthday, and she invited the students of Feng Xi's class to make a fool of her.

Feng Xi's popularity in her class was average.

Because apart from class, she worked part-time and didn't have much time to build a good relationship with her classmates.

But Feng Qi was different. She was the goddess of the school, and many people liked her.

Feng Xi could even guess the reason why Feng Qi invited all her classmates to her birthday party.

It was nothing more than her birthday, and she hoped that her sister's classmates could also attend. Or, it would be her birthday in a few days, and the two of them would have a birthday together. How lovely!

Feng Xi looked at Bai Zhenzhen and said, "Zhenzhen, you don't have to attend Feng Qi's birthday party. It won't do you any good if you run into them. "

Most of the people who would attend Feng Qi's birthday party were either rich or noble. If it wasn't for Feng Zhengcheng, she wouldn't have attended.

And most of these rich or noble young ladies, Young Masters, would only mercilessly mock and humiliate people like her and Bai Zhenzhen.

This kind of thing happened a lot in school.

"I know, " Bai Zhenzhen said in a low voice.

"If you know, you still... "

Bai Zhenzhen suddenly interrupted Feng Xi. She looked at Feng Xi and said seriously, "because this is also an opportunity, little Xi. "

Feng Xi was speechless.

After a long while, she said softly, "okay, you decide it yourself. "

Bai Zhenzhen lowered her eyes.

She could decide for herself.

And this was her decision!

She hoped to meet someone rich at Feng Qi's birthday party.

Even though she knew that she would be embarrassed if she came, even though Feng Qi had mocked her yesterday.

When she found out that Feng Qi had invited the entire class to her birthday party, she also came.

Because if she didn't firmly grasp this opportunity, she might not have another chance.

So, she had to cherish this opportunity!

Ding Dong

While Feng Xi and Bai Zhenzhen were talking, the elevator arrived and the two doors opened.

Feng Xi and Bai Zhenzhen entered the elevator and both of them fell silent.


Soon, the elevator rose to the 50th floor and went straight to Feng Qi's birthday banquet hall.

The elevator doors slowly opened... ...

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