His Little Fortune Chapter 846

Chapter 846: Chapter 850 love you, don't surrender: She is Feng Xi

The doors of the elevator slowly opened and a red carpet appeared in front of them.

Feng Xi and Bai zhenzhen slowly walked into the banquet hall.

The Banquet Hall of the Emperor's Pavilion that Feng Qi had found was of high quality. As far as the eye could see, it had a smooth and clean marble floor with exquisite and elegant furnishings. There was a huge luxurious crystal chandelier in the middle, and the entire hall was as bright as day.

There was a huge cake in the middle of the hall. Next to it were layers upon layers of champagne towers that emitted a mellow wine aroma.

A waiter in a neat uniform, wearing a uniform silver-white mask, shuttled through the melodious and gentle music, serving the guests.

It was already quite late for the 7:30 Birthday party to begin.

This birthday party, apart from a few friends from Gu Zhengcheng's shopping mall, the rest were students that Feng Qi had invited.

"Feng Qi's birthday party is too extravagant. I'm so envious. "

"Really, Feng Qi. The venue here isn't cheap, right? How much is it? I want to hold my next birthday party here too. "

"Feng Qi, the evening gown you're wearing today is so beautiful. Did you ask AEN to customize it? How many carats of diamonds do you have on your neck? Is it a blue diamond? "

As the main character of the night, Feng Qi said with a smile, "renting this venue isn't expensive. It's only 80,000 yuan per night. If we're talking about expensive, the drinks tonight are more expensive. The evening gown was custom-made by AEN. I think it's okay. "

"Aen's evening gown is quite difficult to customize, isn't it? "

A girl said enviously.

Aen was a famous fashion designer in Jiang city. It was indeed difficult for them to ask her to customize an evening gown.

Feng Qi smiled sweetly, revealing her white teeth as if she had added honey water. "No, my daddy asked someone to customize it. "

"Uncle Really dotes on you, " someone said. "Awen's evening dress costs tens of thousands of yuan. If my daddy had to spend money to get AEN to customize an evening dress, my daddy definitely wouldn't be willing. "

A group of men and women surrounded them.

The women all looked at Feng Qi with envy, while the men were infatuated and liked her.

Feng Qi indeed had the ability to make people like her.

She actually looked a little like Feng Xi, but she was the innocent and cute type. Moreover, she had grown up in the Feng family, and her every move carried a good upbringing.

As for Feng Xi, although her looks weren't bad, she had a wild air about her. She was like a wild cat, and most of the time, she was vulgar. This also made Feng Qi feel superior.

Tonight, Feng Qi invited Feng Xi over. She wanted Feng Xi to understand the difference between them.

She was a high and mighty Princess, while Feng Xi was just a little bastard.

Feng Qi, who had dressed up meticulously, had chosen a water-blue evening gown. The front was more conservative, while the back revealed a large white, beautiful back. It was not too sexy and seductive, very much in line with her usually pure appearance in school.

Everyone surrounded Feng Qi and praised Feng Qi's good figure.

Gu Xu stood two to three meters away from the people in their circle, not too far or too close.

He did not seem to care about what Feng Qi and the others were doing. His dark eyes occasionally looked at the elevator entrance.

Feng Qi noticed Gu Xu's actions and pursed her lips.

She knew who he was waiting for.

Feng Xi, that B * Tch.

Why isn't Feng Xi here yet?

Feng Qi couldn't wait to see how Feng Xi would make a fool of herself by coming to such an event with nothing?

When Gu Xu saw the difference between Feng Xi and her, he wouldn't like Feng Xi anymore, would he.

It was clearly Feng Qi who was better!

Just as Feng Qi was thinking this, the elevator in the banquet hall opened.

Two people walked out of the elevator.

Instantly, the entire banquet hall was silent for a moment.

Everyone's gaze fell on the person who was stepping on the red carpet.

Under the bright lights.

Feng Xi stepped on the red carpet. She walked very slowly, but step by step, she walked elegantly and appropriately.

Feng Xi was wearing a water-blue evening dress that wrapped around her chest. It revealed her round and beautiful shoulders and delicate collarbones. Half of her chest was not exposed, and her skin was very white. Behind her, two beautiful butterfly valleys could be seen as she walked step by step Like a butterfly that was about to fly, the skirt that swept the floor added a noble and elegant flavor.

It was quite a sexy outfit, but when it was worn by Feng Xi, because her eyes were too bright, there was a bit of vivacity in her charm.

Lan Qin had also done some simple work on Feng Xi's hair. His jet-black hair was casually done with a perm. It hung down, and there was a water-blue hair clip on the top of his head. The simple style would not steal the limelight from the clothes and jewelry.

Feng Xi had a smile on her face as she looked at Feng Qi. She raised her chin slightly and revealed a provocative smile.

At this moment, she seemed to be even more superior than Feng Qi from before.

The people in the venue, especially those who knew Feng Qi and Feng Xi, were all stunned.

After a while, someone broke the silence and murmured, "Feng Xi? "

"Is she... is She Feng Xi? "

"really? ... She doesn't look like her. "

"Is Feng Xi like this? She doesn't seem to be this beautiful... " a classmate said uncertainly.

"It's Feng Xi! " At this moment, a low-pitched youth voice sounded, "She's Feng Xi. "

Everyone looked over and saw that the person who spoke was actually Gu Xu, who had been silent all this while.

Gu Xu looked in the direction where Feng Xi had walked in and a faint smile appeared on his lips.

Beautiful Flowers always bloomed!

Yun Cai'er, who had a good relationship with Feng Qi and knew that Feng Qi had a bad relationship with Feng Xi, moved to Feng Qi's side and said in a low voice, "Feng Qi, what's going on? Didn't you call Feng Xi over today to say that she didn't have an evening gown to attend the banquet and wanted to humiliate her? Why is she now... "

Dressed up so beautifully?

Moreover, it was obvious that senior Gu Xu's thoughts were on Feng Xi.

Feng Qi's exquisitely made nails gripped her palms so tightly that they were almost bleeding.

She paused for a long while before she squeezed out a stiff smile from the corner of her lips. She didn't want to lose her composure in front of the others. "How would I know? "

The development of the matter had exceeded her expectations.

It shouldn't have developed like this.


Feng Xi entered the Banquet Hall and noticed Feng Qi's unsightly expression. She also noticed that many people around were looking at her.

She was dressed pretty today, and she knew it.

However, it was enough for her to be in the limelight now, so as to prevent Feng Qi from being petty and retaliating later.

Although she wasn't afraid, it was very troublesome.

After walking down the red carpet, Feng Xi walked directly to the corner of the banquet hall. There were some of her classmates there.

"Hello, " Feng Xi smiled at her classmates and greeted them.

Although she usually left after class and their relationship wasn't that great, it didn't mean that Feng Xi wouldn't greet them.

Those students had never seen Feng Xi in her best dress before, so they were all stunned.

After a few minutes, a bespectacled boy said, "Feng, Feng Xi, good evening. "

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