His Little Fortune Chapter 847

Chapter 847: Chapter 851 love you, don't surrender: SEXY PRESSURE!

Perhaps because he was too nervous and excited, the bespectacled man stuttered when he spoke.

Feng Xi smiled at the bespectacled man. "Hello. "

The bespectacled man's face instantly turned red.

Perhaps it was because someone had greeted Feng Xi first, but soon, other students also began to greet Feng Xi.

"Feng Xi, YOU'RE SO beautiful today! "

Feng Xi blinked. "really? Thank you. "

"Yes, it's very beautiful. This gown is very nice. I didn't expect you to have such a good figure. Your necklace, bracelet, and earrings are a set, right? It's very nice. Is it diamonds? Is it very expensive? "

"Diamond? " Feng Xi touched the necklace pendant. She thought for a moment and said, "I'm not sure either. I got my evening dress and the things I'm wearing today from the lucky draw. "

The students:"..."

One of the students laughed dryly. "Feng Xi, you really like to joke. How could you get this kind of lucky draw? "

"It's true, " Feng Xi explained. "Didn't the mall on South Pedestrian Street have a lucky draw? I got it there. "

"Ah, that lucky draw, " a classmate chimed in. "I know that too. The prizes are all good. It seems like a lot of people have won and received prizes. Feng Xi, how many prizes did you get? "

Feng Xi said hesitantly, "It's only a second-class prize. "

She knew how to hide her wealth

She wasn't stupid enough to tell them that she had won a special prize. Not only did she get this evening gown and jewelry, but she also got a house. It was very valuable.

Feng Xi didn't know that compared to her evening gown and the heart of the White Star, the house was not worth mentioning.

"The second prize has a dress and jewelry, so this jewelry should be fake, right? " A female classmate asked.

Feng Xi revealed her true form and ungracefully shrugged her beautiful little shoulders. "I don't know, it should be. "

Although Lan Qin, who would scream and flirt with others and then ask others to call him honey, said that it was the heart of the White Star, how much was it worth... ...

Feng Xi really felt that a prize that could be won at a random lottery without spending money, how much could it really be worth?

She secretly thought that the House that she had yet to get was also fake. It was also possible that they had set a trap for her in advance.

"It's fake, " the classmate heard Feng Xi's answer and looked at the necklace pendant a few more times.

Now that the fake was made to look real, there was no difference.

The People Surrounding Feng Xi started to talk to her

"Feng Xi, I used to think that you were difficult to get along with. You always left after school and never showed up. "

"really? " Feng Xi smiled. "Uh, I have to work part-time after school, so... "

"part-time? No wonder you always leave in such a hurry and can't talk to me. Also, there are rumors that you hang out outside and see people chasing you and beating you up. Is Your part-time job a dangerous part-time job? " A girl asked.

Feng Xi:"... ? ? What dangerous part-time job?"

The girl hesitated for a moment and said, "it's just to go with a group of punks to forcefully collect protection fees or something. I saw it a few days ago, you were chased... "

Feng Xi:"..."

Was Her temperament that wild?

Being pursued a few days ago?

Feng Xi thought about it and remembered.

Wasn't it the day she met Akira Mato?

It was because she met Akira Mato that she bumped into him.

"Uh... this... there was some misunderstanding with those people that day. "

Feng Xi explained weakly, "my part-time jobs are also official. I distribute flyers, deliver milk, and be a tutor. I didn't say anything about collecting protection fees. "

After listening to Feng Xi's explanation, a few students nodded. They didn't know if they had written, but they didn't dwell on this question.

Spreading rumors about her.

Needless to say, it was definitely Feng Qi's doing.

Bai Zhenzhen followed behind Feng Xi.

She watched Feng Xi and the group of students chatting enthusiastically.

No one noticed her.

She looked at Feng Xi and an inexplicable jealousy welled up in her heart.


She was clearly dressed up tonight, so why was everyone only able to see Feng Xi? Could it be that no one could see her?

She was clearly standing here too?

But even though she thought so, Bai Zhenzhen looked at the bright and Beautiful Feng Xi, but she had to admit that Feng Xi tonight was really beautiful.

Bai zhenzhen looked deeply at Feng Xi and looked in the direction of Feng Qi.

The students with power and influence, as well as those who seemed to be rich, were all gathered around Feng Qi.

There was no one here that she wanted to get close to.

She wanted to enter Feng Qi's circle, but there was nothing she could do... ...

At this moment.

Gu Xu, who was originally standing on Feng Qi's side, walked over to Feng Xi with long legs.

"Gu Xu! " Feng Qi was talking to Yun Cai er when she saw Gu Xu walking towards Feng Xi from the corner of her eyes. She hurriedly called out.

Gu Xu's long legs didn't stop. Feng Qi was annoyed. She stomped her feet and quickly followed after him. "Gu Xu. "

Gu Xu walked behind Feng Xi and stood still.

He said in a low voice, "Feng Xi. "

Feng Xi was chatting happily with a few classmates. When she heard someone call her name, she subconsciously turned around.

A tall shadow cast down and enveloped her.

Feng Xi looked up and saw the boy's handsome face. "senior... Senior Gu Xu, come... "

She wanted to ask why you're here, but when she saw Feng Qi following her with an unsightly expression, she went into a state of alert and didn't say a word.

Gu Xu lowered his head and looked at Feng Xi. He smiled and said, "Feng Xi, you're very beautiful today. "

Feng Xi:"... Thank you."

So what was wrong with this senior?

He came to tell her that she was very beautiful today?

She knew that she was very beautiful today.

Wasn't he on Feng Qi's side Did he come to praise her or set a trap?

In an instant, many thoughts flashed through Feng Xi's little head.

But looking at Feng Qi's ugly expression, Feng Xi found it interesting.

Her beautiful big eyes rolled around and she smiled. She took the lead to greet Feng Qi, "sister, happy birthday! "

Feng Qi hated Feng Xi. In front of others, especially Gu Xu, she always maintained her good image.

She looked at Feng Xi and her lips twitched. She forced a smile and said, "thank you, Little Xi, you just got here? Daddy was just asking about you, why haven't you come home recently? You're dressed very nicely today, even prettier than me, the birthday girl. "

Her words had a deep meaning.

Generally speaking.

Everyone wore evening gowns at such an occasion. It wasn't like celebrities were competing on the red carpet. They wouldn't steal the limelight from the host.

And now Feng Qi was saying that Feng Xi was dressed like this. It was as if Feng Xi was deliberately trying to steal her limelight.

Feng Xi Understood Feng Qi's meaning and wanted to roll her eyes.

You, Feng Qi, are trying to insult me, Feng Xi, and not allow me, Feng Xi, to steal your limelight?

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