His Little Fortune Chapter 848

Chapter 848: Chapter 852 love you, don't surrender: Betrayal

Sure enough, as soon as Feng Qi finished speaking, everyone looked at Feng Xi with strange gazes.

Indeed, Feng Xi was prettier than Feng Qi in this kind of situation.

It was as if the bridesmaids were dressed up as bridesmaids. What was going on?

Feng Xi turned a blind eye to the gazes of the people around her.

She tilted her head slightly and revealed a simple smile as she said slowly,

"sister, you must be joking. How can I be prettier than you, the birthday girl? I can't be compared to you. "

Feng Qi heard Feng Xi's words and felt unhappy when she saw Feng Xi's indifferent smile.

However, since her classmates and Gu Xu were present, she couldn't say anything else.

She could only force herself to swallow her anger.

"that... "

At this moment, a small female voice sounded, "Miss Feng, although Xiao Xi is dressed very nicely tonight, she can't be compared to you... "

Everyone looked towards the voice and looked over. The person who spoke was Bai Zhenzhen.

Bai zhenzhen clenched her fists slightly. She pursed her lips and paused for a few seconds. Under Feng Qi and Feng Xi's gaze, she whispered, "Xiao Xi... She's wearing fake clothes. "

"Zhenzhen. " Feng Xi looked at Bai Zhenzhen in shock.

Although what Bai Zhenzhen said wasn't wrong.

But in such a situation, she said it out loud. It was obvious that she was trying to discredit Feng Xi in front of Feng Qi.

Feng Xi didn't mind being exposed as a fake. In fact, when the other students asked, she admitted it.

But in this situation, Bai Zhenzhen's words were like "betraying" Feng Xi to Feng Qi.

It didn't matter who said it.

But when Bai Zhenzhen said it... ...

Feng Xi thought they were friends.

Bai Zhenzhen heard Feng Xi calling her name in surprise and her tone was full of disbelief.

She didn't dare to look at Feng Xi and looked away.

Feng Qi laughed instead.

She said so.

Where did Feng Xi get the money to dress herself up so beautifully? It turned out that she was wearing fake clothes.

Feng Qi and Yun Cai'er looked at each other.

Yun Cai'er immediately understood She said sarcastically, "Oh, so you're wearing fake clothes. Now the fake clothes can be made as if they're real and can make people look so beautiful. But the fake is a fake. No matter how beautiful it is, it's still fake. It's just like the mistress' daughter. The child of the mistress is a fake. How can it be compared to the real one in this lifetime? "

Yun Cai'er said that on purpose.

Feng Xi's mother was a mistress.

And Feng Xi was an illegitimate daughter, the daughter of a mistress.

Feng Xi slowly clenched her fair fingers. Her pink lips trembled violently. She opened her mouth, wanting to say something, but when the words came to her mouth, a sweet smile slowly appeared on the corner of her lips

"even if it's fake, it has its uses. Not everyone can buy expensive luxury goods. It doesn't matter what you can wear if you don't steal or rob. I didn't say that what I wear can be compared to my sister's... "

She even mischievously blinked her eyes. "But the effect is pretty good, right? "

Although her clothes were worse than Feng Qi's, she was prettier than Feng Qi.


Sure enough, many students felt that Feng Xi's words made sense as well.

Apart from a few rich girls who played well with Feng Qi, the rest of the students who were invited to Feng Qi's birthday party were not all rich.

Unlike Feng Qi, who could easily carry tens of thousands of yuan in a bag.

And those rich girls were not as willing to spend money on Feng Qi as Feng Zhengcheng and Jiang Yurou.

Just now, Feng Qi was showing off, and many of her classmates were complimenting her. They were actually envious but also jealous and disdainful.

Now, after listening to Feng Xi's words, although they didn't show it on the surface, many of them were secretly laughing in their hearts.

You said that she was a fake, but your whole body was made up of genuine brand names. Your dressing wasn't even as good as hers.

Wasn't it even more shameless?

Feng Qi clenched her teeth tightly and looked at Feng Xi. For a moment, it was as if she wanted to eat Feng Xi up.

Feng Xi completely pretended not to see it.

If you have the ability, then come and bite her!

Not Far Away, there was a slender attendant wearing a silver mask.

He held a tray elegantly in his right hand and a devilish smile appeared on his thin lips as he looked at the group of people.

He raised his hand and soon another attendant walked to his side. He whispered a few words into the attendant's ear... ...


Feng Qi wanted to tear Feng Xi apart right now.

However, this was her birthday party and there were so many people present. She couldn't lose her temper and she couldn't say anything to Feng Xi.

Just then, the elevator doors opened. Feng Zhengcheng, Jiang Yurou, and another business friend came out of the elevator.

Feng Zhengcheng saw Feng Qi and called out, "Little Qi, come over and say hello to GRANDPA Rong. "

"Daddy. "

Feng Zhengcheng called out to her, which was just enough to relieve Feng Qi's embarrassment. She walked over in her high heels and came in front of Feng Zhengcheng. She saw an old man standing beside Feng Zhengcheng, who looked quite old and was holding a cane.

Beside the old man was a young man in a suit and leather shoes. He looked handsome and helped him up.

Feng Qi smiled and called out politely, "Grandfather Rong. "

Feng Zhengcheng introduced Feng Qi to the old man warmly and Fawningly, "elder Rong, Young Master Rong, this is my daughter, Feng Qi. She just turned twenty-two today. "

Elder Rong was a well-known figure in Jiang city. Young Master Rong, Rong Shijie, was elder Rong's grandson. He was twenty-six this year.

Feng Zhengcheng's intention to introduce Feng Qi at this time was very obvious. He wanted to see if he could get Feng Qi into elder Rong's eyes and get closer to the Rong family.

Elder Rong leaned on his walking stick. With a faint smile on his old face, he said, "not bad. The little girl is quite energetic. "

It was just a simple sentence, nothing else.

Young Master Rong nodded and did not say anything.

Feng Qi glanced at young Master Rong who was beside elder Rong and revealed a shy smile. She said, "thank you, Grandpa Rong, for your praise. "

"Elder Rong, I'm really grateful that you can come to my daughter's birthday dinner today, " Jiang Yurou said warmly with a smile on her face.

Elder Rong waved his hand and said, "No need to thank me. I'm old and always stay at home. my bones are almost rusty. I'll take this opportunity to let Shi Jie take me out for a walk. "

"Elder Rong, what are you talking about? "

Jiang Yurou smiled apologetically and said, "your body is still so strong. How can you be old? "

Elder Rong waved his hand and said, "old is old. I know my own body well, so it's good to come out and attend a gathering with so many young people. "

Actually, Feng Zhengcheng found it hard to imagine that someone with elder Rong's status would come to his daughter's birthday party.

It was still the same reason.

But the reason didn't matter as long as elder Rong came.

Feng Zhengcheng said, "yes, yes, yes. Elder Rong said a lot. Today, we invited all of Xiaoqi's classmates. They are all young people. Looking at these young people, it really makes people feel a few years younger. "

He leaned on his cane with one hand. His strong and old eyes scanned the venue as if he was looking for something.

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