His Little Fortune Chapter 849

Chapter 849: Chapter 853 love you but don't surrender: Are you qualified?

Feng Zhengcheng sensed it and asked, "elder Rong, what are you looking for? "

Elder Rong slowly shook his head and said, "nothing. "

After a pause, he said to Feng Zhengcheng, "President Feng and your daughter can entertain other guests. There's no need to accompany an old man like me. It's too boring. "

Feng Zhengcheng quickly said, "elder Rong, you're joking. How can it be boring to accompany you? "

After a pause, he took a look and said, "I'm just afraid that young master Rong will feel bored. Let Xiaoqi Take Young Master Rong for a walk. "

Rong Shijie did not agree. He politely refused, "there's no need. I'll just accompany grandfather. "

Feng Zhengcheng immediately changed his words, "yes, yes, yes. Young Master Rong is very filial. Elder Rong is very lucky to have such an heir. It's really enviable. "

These words were clearly complimented to the bottom of elder Rong's heart.

A relieved smile appeared on elder Rong's old face. "This rascal, he's only filial. He's still far from being good in other aspects. "

Feng Zhengcheng's eyes flashed.

Hearing Elder Rong's words, he tacitly acknowledged that young master Rong was the Rong family's heir.

This might be a good plan.

Feng Zhengcheng and Jiang Yurou looked at each other for a moment. The two of them had the same idea.

Feng Zhengcheng chatted with elder Rong a little more. Elder Rong said that he didn't need him to accompany him.

He didn't dare to stay any longer.

He didn't want to suck up to the other party too much, which would annoy elder Rong.

It was almost eight o'clock. Today was Feng Qi's birthday dinner.

The birthday celebration, blowing out the candles, and singing a happy birthday song still needed to be done.

Feng Qi's birthday cake was also specially made.

A big cake with five layers.

The main theme was pink. Each layer was decorated with different flowers and fruits. The top layer had the appearance of a Barbie Princess.

The waiter had already lit a candle at the top of the cake.

The lights in the hall dimmed, leaving only the flickering candlelight.

Feng Qi stood in front of the big birthday cake, wearing a birthday hat that belonged to the birthday girl.

The accompaniment of the birthday song sounded. It was unknown who started it, but the entire hall was filled with the singing of the birthday song.

Soon, the birthday song was finished. Feng Qi clasped her hands and placed them in front of her. She lowered her eyes slightly and made a wish.

She didn't know what wish she made. She opened her eyes and blew out the candle in one breath.

The bright and bright lights lit up.

Feng Qi's face was filled with a smile.

She cut the first slice of the cake first. Then, there would be a special waiter to cut the cake and divide it up.

Then, the people who came to the birthday banquet also began to give birthday presents to the birthday girl.

Feng Qi's classmates and Feng Zhengcheng's business partners gave Feng Qi presents separately.

After Feng Zhengcheng's business partners, the uncles and aunts gave Feng Qi presents, Feng Qi's classmates who were invited over came forward to give them.

"Feng Qi, this is my birthday present for you. Happy Birthday! "

"Feng Qi, happy birthday! "

"Happy Birthday, Feng Qi! "


Bai Zhenzhen also sent a birthday present to Feng Qi. "Feng Qi, this is a gift I made myself. It's not expensive, but it's a token of my appreciation. I hope you like it. "

Feng Qi glanced at the present from her classmate.

In the bag was a hand-woven scarf.

She despised it in her heart. Who would wear something like this?

But because Bai Zhenzhen had said that Feng Xi's clothes were fake, Feng Qi knew what Bai Zhenzhen meant.

Therefore, Feng Qi was willing to give Bai Zhenzhen a good look. "thank you. "

"No... You're welcome, Feng Qi. "

Bai Zhenzhen said nervously, "can I play with you guys in the future? "

This was her main goal.

She wanted to break into Feng Qi's circle.

Only then could her life change.

"You play with us? "

Before Feng Qi could speak, Yun Cai'er next to her sneered. She lowered her voice and said mockingly, "Bai Zhenzhen, why don't you take a look at yourself, Huh? What did you give us? A scarf that you knitted yourself. It's too funny. Who wants this? "

Bai Zhenzhen's face turned pale. "I... "

Yun Cai'er did not give Bai Zhenzhen a chance to speak. She continued, "do you think that just because you said those words to suppress Feng Xi for us, you have the right to play with us? I don't think you understand your own status at all. You... "

Bai Zhenzhen's face turned paler and Paler. It could almost be described as Pale.

"CAI'ER. "

Feng Qi saw Bai Zhenzhen's Pale face and felt that it was about time.

She then slowly raised her hand and stopped Yun Cai'er from continuing. "enough. "

Yun Cai er looked at Feng Qi in surprise. She was happily talking, trying to make Bai Zhenzhen, a poor commoner from a different world, recognize her identity.

She didn't understand why Feng Qi suddenly stopped her.

Logically speaking, didn't Feng Qi hate them more than she did?

Feng Qi's behavior was completely the opposite of what Yun Cai er thought.

She looked at Bai Zhenzhen with a smile and asked softly, "do you want to play with us? "

Feng Qi's gentle tone made Bai Zhenzhen's heart slightly calm down.

She whispered,"... Yes."

"Sure, " Feng Qi said.

Bai zhenzhen looked up at Feng Qi in surprise.

"Xiao Qi, you... " Yun Cai'er was also surprised.

Feng Qi looked at Bai Zhenzhen and said, "but I don't have a good relationship with Feng Xi. You know that if you play with us, you have to draw a line between you and Feng Xi in the future. "

"This... "

Bai zhenzhen pursed her lips slightly.

Then, as if she had made a big decision, she nodded heavily. "I know, I... I didn't have a good relationship with Feng Xi. "

"really? " Feng Qi smiled. "Then that's fine. You can play with us. "

Bai Zhenzhen looked grateful and said, "thank you, thank you, Feng Qi. "

... ... ... ... ...

Bai Zhenzhen finished sending the gifts and turned around to walk to the corner of the banquet.

Her purpose for coming today had been achieved.

Yun Cai'er looked at her back with disgust.

She asked Feng Qi in confusion, "Feng Qi, why did you agree to play with Bai Zhenzhen? "

"What's wrong with that? "

Feng Qi said slowly, "I hate Feng Xi. Bai Zhenzhen plays better with Feng Xi. Now that Bai Zhenzhen is playing with us, Feng Xi will have one less person by her side. Sometimes, we can use her to do something to Feng Xi. "

"What can she do to Feng Xi now? " Yun Cai'er said disdainfully, "after what she did to Feng Xi today, will Feng Xi still trust her and treat her as a friend? "

"It doesn't matter. It's what you said. "

Feng Qi's lips curled into a sweet smile. "It's not bad for us to have an extra errand boy, is it? "

"I see. "

Yun Cai'er understood. She looked at Bai Zhenzhen's back.

In the future, they would have an extra errand boy.

And he had delivered himself to them.


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