His Little Fortune Chapter 850

Chapter 850: Chapter 854: Love You but don't surrender: senior, give her a gift?

Bai Zhenzhen got what she wanted. She slowly walked to the corner.

Many students looked at her.

There were complicated looks, envy, jealousy, and contempt.

No matter what.

Bai Zhenzhen had said those words when the atmosphere between Feng Xi and Feng Qi was surging.

As long as they weren't stupid, they all knew Bai Zhenzhen's intentions.

Everyone in the class also knew about Bai Zhenzhen's family background and how she compared herself to Feng Xi.

What Bai Zhenzhen did was equivalent to stabbing Feng Xi in front of everyone.

It was quite scary to have such a classmate and friend.

However, there were also some who envied Bai Zhenzhen and wanted to be on good terms with Feng Qi.

That was why everyone looked at Bai zhenzhen differently.

Bai Zhenzhen walked back to her original spot.

Feng Xi also stayed at her original spot, not far from Bai Zhenzhen.

The two girls were only three to four meters apart.

"Zhenzhen, " Feng Xi said First, "why? "

Actually, this question was unnecessary, but Feng Xi still asked it.

Bai Zhenzhen looked ahead and said softly, "what do you mean, why? "

"I thought we were friends, Zhenzhen. Aren't we friends? " Feng Xi said softly.

Bai Zhenzhen's lips trembled slightly. "We are friends, Little Xi. But, I told you before when I came here today. Little Xi, this is my chance. You know my situation. I don't want to live like this forever. I want to have a chance to walk to a better and higher place. "

"What do you mean by a better and higher place? "

Feng Xi asked softly, "hanging out with Feng Qi and the others is a better and better place. Zhenzhen, did you misunderstand something? If you hang out with Feng Qi and the others, Feng Qi won't... "

"No, I didn't misunderstand... "

Bai zhenzhen interrupted Feng Xi's words "Xiao Xi, I understand what you want to say, but I didn't misunderstand. Xiao Xi, let me ask you this. Do you always think that we're in the same situation? We're both working students with no money on us. We have to pay tuition and living expenses, and we still have to work to support ourselves? "

Feng Xi didn't say anything, but she tacitly agreed.

Bai zhenzhen laughed and didn't wait for Feng Xi's reply. Instead, she continued

"But we're actually different. No matter how much money you lack, you're like me, working part-time to earn tuition and living expenses. In the end, you're the same father as Feng Qi. You're both Feng Zhengcheng's daughters, do you understand "Even if you are... "You're the daughter of a mistress, you're still a daughter of a rich family "...

"As for me, my parents are both workers at the construction site. They work hard at the construction site for more than ten hours every day, and they only earn that little money. That money was given to my brother. I'm a daughter, so I have nothing. I have to rely on myself for everything, Feng Xi.. "We are different. "I don't want to live this kind of life. I want to change. Am I wrong? "

Bai Zhenzhen was obviously a lot more emotional as she said this.

However, she still lowered her voice. She tilted her head slightly and looked at Feng Xi's beautiful side profile. Jealousy flashed through her eyes in an instant. She whispered,

"Little Xi, you will understand me, right? "

Feng Xi looked ahead. She did not look at Bai Zhenzhen. She pursed her pink lips and said calmly, "so what if I understand you? So what if I don't? You have already decided what to do. Do you need my understanding? ''

Since she had done it, there was no need to expect forgiveness.

Moreover, based on Feng Xi's understanding of Bai Zhenzhen.

Bai Zhenzhen didn't need her understanding either.

Bai Zhenzhen lowered her eyes and looked at the floor.

Feng Xi paused and said, "Zhenzhen, I can only say that your definition of me as Feng Zhengcheng's daughter is ridiculously wrong. If it's possible, I really hope to be able to switch fathers with you. "

Bai Zhenzhen was stunned.

Feng Xi didn't say anything else.

She felt that there was no point in talking to Bai Zhenzhen anymore.

But what she said, she hoped that her father wasn't Feng Zhengcheng. She meant what she said.

Feng Zhengcheng thought that she was unnecessary, that she had accidentally created trouble.

As a daughter, what could be more pathetic than being thought of as such by her own father?

Fortunately, her heart was strong enough now, so it didn't matter.

Feng Xi wore an evening gown and stood straight. She looked at the happy Feng Qi who was receiving gifts in the middle of the banquet.

It didn't matter.

She wasn't envious at all.

Although, her birthday was in a few days.

It was very likely that she wouldn't receive any gifts like last year, and no one would remember her birthday.

But, it didn't matter!

... ... ...

Feng Qi's birthday party received many birthday gifts.

Electronic products, limited-edition bags, dolls, clothes, and shoes were all luxuries that girls liked.

The most expensive one she received was a BMW that Feng Zhengcheng gave her for more than two million yuan.

The classmates who were invited, whether it was Feng Qi's classmates or Feng Xi's classmates, all made envious noises.

"A BMW worth more than two million yuan. It's a new payment this year, right? I really want it. "

"A car that Feng Qi received for her birthday is worth one of our suites. I'm so envious. "

"I'm really envious of Feng Qi's birthday. To be able to come to such a big hotel like this, she's really like a princess. "


The surrounding students all lowered their voices and discussed in low voices.

Feng Qi was beautiful, and her family was rich. She was really a goddess of wealth and beauty. I'm so envious.

She won at the starting line the moment she was born.

Feng Qi more or less heard the discussions of the surrounding students.

The smile on her face deepened, but it was still a proper and brilliant smile.

In front of others, she was the elegant and noble eldest daughter of the Feng family.

So, how could that Little B * Tch Feng Xi compare to her?

When Feng Zhengcheng gave the car keys to Feng Qi.

Feng Qi took the car keys, her face full of surprise. "Thank you, Daddy. "

As she said this, she even faintly walked to the corner where Feng Xi was standing, gloating and showing off.

But this gloating and showing off didn't last long, and the smile on Feng Qi's face froze.

Because she saw Gu Xu holding a small rectangular box, walked to Feng Xi in front of... ...

. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .

Feng Xi saw Feng Zhengcheng to send Feng Qi gifts, Feng Qi in her show off.

She just want to move her eyes, too lazy to see Feng Qi Smug, eyes on a dark.

A tall and slender figure stood before her.

Feng Xi:"... ? ? ?"

She slightly raised her head, see the person, pause for a moment, then wave hello:"... Gu Xu senior."

Feng Xi wasn't familiar with Gu Xu.

She only knew that this senior was in the same class as Feng Qi. He was tall, handsome, and a STRAIGHT-A student. His family seemed to be quite rich, and many girls in school liked him.

Then, Feng Qi seemed to be interested in him, but she didn't know much about him.

Yesterday, this senior had asked her if she would come to Feng Qi's birthday party today, and now she was in front of her. What was the matter?

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