His Little Fortune Chapter 851

Chapter 851: Chapter 855 love you but don't surrender: Which one is Miss Feng Xi?

Yesterday, this senior asked her if she would come to Feng Qi's birthday party today, and now she appeared in front of her. What's the matter?

Helping Feng Qi to trick her?

The surrounding classmates saw Gu Xu walking in front of Feng Xi, and they all looked over.

Feng Xi was a little vigilant, and she smiled at Gu Xu. "Is... anything the matter? "

Gu Xu lowered his eyes and looked at Feng Xi's sweet little face.

She was dressed really beautifully today. She was wearing a water-blue evening dress, which outlined her beautiful figure, bright and full forehead, and very light makeup.

Due to the difference in height, she raised her head, and there was a faint smile on her lips. She looked very youthful and energetic.

However, her chest was wrapped by the gown.

There was another kind of charm that was different from her usual charm.

Gu Xu said, "Feng Xi, you look very beautiful today. "

She was originally dull and did not like to talk much, and she seemed to have a good relationship with her arch-enemy. Moreover, she might even be a top-tier senior in the school.

Suddenly, she inexplicably told her that she looked very beautiful today.

At this time, as a junior, what kind of reaction should she have?

Feng Xi thought quickly and smiled."... Thank you for the compliment, senior."

Gu Xu looked at Feng Xi and didn't say anything.

Feng Xi looked up and looked at him.

The two of them were in this position for about ten seconds.

Feng Xi thought to herself, what's wrong with this senior?

What is he trying to do?

If he wants to help Feng Qi do something, he should just come straight to the point. What's wrong with not saying anything?

Even if you're handsome and rich, senior...

With her relationship with Feng Qi's sworn enemy, she would never fall into the trap.

Seeing that Gu Xu had no intention of opening his mouth, Feng Xi's heart skipped a beat.

Feng Xi coughed lightly and said, "Um, senior Gu Xu... "

Just as she opened her mouth, she was interrupted. "My relationship with Feng Qi is quite ordinary. We're just ordinary classmates. We don't have any special relationship. "

Feng Xi:"... ? ? ?"

Why was he telling her this?

Feng Xi smiled awkwardly and said, "senior Gu Xu. "

"Call Me Gu Xu. "

Feng Xi:"..."

She pursed her lips. "No, I'm a junior. I'll call you senior. Um, why are you telling me this? Why are you telling me about your relationship with Feng Qi? "

"because your expression tells me that you seem to have misunderstood what I have with Feng Qi, " Gu Xu said.

Feng Xi was shocked. "Did I? "

She raised her little white hand and touched her face. Why was it so obvious?

Gu Xu looked at her incredulous expression. From just now until now, how many expressions had appeared on her face.

He laughed softly.

Feng Xi heard Gu Xu's laugh and was embarrassed.

"Uh... senior. "

Feng Xi pursed her lips and said, "even if you and Feng Qi are just ordinary classmates, we're not that close, right? You came here to tell me this? "

"It's important to say this. "

Gu Xu looked at Feng Xi with his black eyes and said in a low voice, "you don't have a good relationship with Feng Qi, do you? Do you think that I have a good relationship with Feng Qi and keep a distance from me? I don't want to be alienated by you because you misunderstand my relationship with Feng Qi. "

Feng Xi touched the tip of her nose with her little white hand and said, "Oh. ".

She didn't know how to answer.

She could say that even if she didn't misunderstand, she wasn't very close to senior Gu.

But since senior Gu said so, what else could she say.

Besides, listening to what senior Gu Xu said...

Why did it feel a little strange?

She didn't want to be alienated by her, saying it as if he had a crush on her.

But that was impossible... ... Feng Xi quickly denied it herself ...

She didn't think that the famous person in school, senior Gu Xu, would take a fancy to her.

Perhaps it was because she had discovered Feng Qi's two-faced and three-faced true colors, and wanted to keep a little distance from Feng Qi?

Yes, it was very possible.

In that short moment, many thoughts flashed through Feng Xi's mind.

In any case, she had already denied that Gu Xu was interested in her.

Just as Feng Xi's little head was filled with all sorts of thoughts... ...

Gu Xu spoke again. He said, "it's your birthday in three days, right? Feng Xi, happy birthday to you. "

He handed the small rectangular red box in his hand to Feng Xi.

Feng Xi looked at the box that Gu Xu handed to her. Her sweet face was stunned.

After a long while, she came back to her senses. She heard herself asking with some difficulty,

"Senior Gu Xu, is this a birthday present for me? "

Gu Xu replied, "yes. "

Feng Xi:"... senior..."

She didn't know what to say.

She originally thought that no one would remember her birthday, but now, senior Gu Xu remembered her birthday and even prepared a present for her.

For a moment, Feng Xi wondered if Feng Qi and Gu Xu were playing a prank on her.

But she quickly ruled it out herself.

Because if it was Feng Qi who did it, Feng Qi wouldn't have prepared a birthday present to humiliate her.

Feng Qi liked to show off in front of others and humiliate her.

For example, the incident where the emperor's pavilion occupied a seat, and the incident at her birthday banquet... ...

Feng Xi didn't immediately reach out to take it. Uncle Gu Xu took the box and handed it to Feng Xi.

He said, "take it. We can see if you like it. "

"Senior Gu Xu... " Feng Xi was hesitating whether she should take it.

After all, she wasn't that close to senior Gu Xu.

Moreover, it wasn't even her birthday yet, so she had to accept a gift from him.

Feng Xi's little white hand didn't reach out to take it. Instead, while she was hesitating, another hand with exquisite nails reached out.

Feng Qi had walked from the middle of the venue to Feng Xi and Gu Xu's side.

She reached out and took the box from Gu Xu's hand. She was so anxious that she almost snatched it away.

After taking the box, Feng Qi directly opened the box. Inside was a necklace with broken diamonds around a light pink heart.

Feng Qi held the necklace with a shy and surprised face. She looked at Gu Xu and said with a smile, "Gu Xu, is this your birthday present for me? "

Gu Xu did not expect Feng Qi to suddenly appear and take away the birthday present he had prepared for Feng Xi.

He was caught off guard, and that was why it was taken away.

He frowned slightly with an unhappy expression. "Feng Qi... "

"I like it very much. Can you put it on for me? "

Feng Qi looked at Gu Xu and took out a necklace from the box. The Pink heart-shaped pendant sparkled under the bright light.

Gu Xu furrowed his brows even more tightly, almost forming a terrifying 'Chuan' .

Feng Qi lowered her voice and said softly in a voice only she, Gu Xu, and Feng Xi could hear

"Gu Xu, today is my birthday dinner. You won't even give me this bit of face, will you? "

Feng Xi:"... ? ? ?"

So, what was the relationship between senior Gu Xu and Feng Qi?

Were they really not in cahoots?

He was silent for a moment before reaching out to take the necklace Feng Qi was holding. He didn't know if he should put it on Feng Qi.

Feng Qi smiled.

At this moment, a pleasant male voice sounded, "excuse me, which one is Miss Feng Xi? "

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