His Little Fortune Chapter 852

Chapter 852: Chapter 856 Love You, don't surrender: Birthday present, for Feng Xi

Someone called her name, and Feng Xi subconsciously looked over.

It was a handsome young man in a well-fitting suit, his shirt buttoned to the top, and he was meticulously buttoned.

He wore a dark blue tie, and two diamond cufflinks were pinned on the cuffs of his white shirt.

One look and one could tell that he was a young and successful person.

Feng Xi recognized this person.

Feng Zhengcheng and Jiang Yurou had just come in, accompanying an old man who seemed to have an extraordinary status and a high moral standing.

Feng zhengcheng smiled obsequiously at the old man with an obsequious look on his face.

And this young man had come with that old man.

Feng Xi pursed her pink lips and asked politely, "Hello, May I ask why you are looking for me? I don't seem to know you. "

Feng Qi also said in surprise, "young Master Rong, you are looking for Feng Xi? Aren't you looking for me? "

She had a bad feeling in her heart.

Her father wanted her to be on good terms with young master Rong.

Although she liked Gu Xu in her heart, it was impossible for Feng Qi to not have a good impression of Rong Shijie, the young master of the Rong family.

After all, he was good-looking and rich, so he could be a candidate.

But now, not only Gu Xu came to find Feng Xi, even young master Rong came to find Feng Xi.

Huh Was there something wrong with this world?

Rong Shijie looked at Feng Xi with a smile and said gently and gentlemanly, "Miss Feng Xi, you really don't know me. I only met you today. You are indeed a beautiful lady. "

Feng Xi:"... Thank You!"

That was why she came to find her for the first time today?

She asked again, "then, may I ask why you are looking for me? "

Rong Shijie said, "it's like this. Grandfather and I have been entrusted by someone to wish Miss Feng Xi a happy birthday. "

"Wish Feng Xi a happy birthday? "

The person who said this was Feng Zhengcheng.

Rong Shijie came to Feng Xi's place, and elder Rong also came. Feng Zhengcheng and Jiang Yurou accompanied him, and they just happened to hear what Rong Shijie said to Feng Xi.

Rong Shijie turned to look at Feng Zhengcheng and said unhurriedly, "Miss Feng Xi's birthday is in three days, and President Feng doesn't know? "

"of... of course I know. "

Under such circumstances, how could Feng Zhengcheng say that he didn't know Feng Xi's birthday? He could tell that Rong Shijie and elder Rong didn't come here to say that elder Rong was old.

But it wasn't because of Feng Zhengcheng's name or Feng Qi's birthday.

It was because of Feng Xi, who he felt was a burden.

It was actually for Feng Xi!

Feng Zhengcheng laughed awkwardly and said, "elder Rong, we plan to hold a birthday dinner for Feng Xi in three days. "

"Daddy! " Feng Qi called out to Feng Zhengcheng in disbelief.

Jiang Yurou glanced at Feng Zhengcheng. She was also uncomfortable, but she knew very well what to do in front of Elder Rong.

Jiang Yurou smiled as Feng Zhengcheng said, "yes, Elder Rong. We are also preparing for Little Xi's birthday dinner. We just didn't know that young Master Rong is wishing little Xi a happy birthday today. If we had known earlier, the two sisters would have been close. They were only three days apart and could have held a birthday dinner together today. "

Feng Xi laughed coldly in her heart.

A good relationship between sisters?

She and Feng Qi?

Jiang Yurou really spoke human words to others, and nonsense to ghosts.

She could actually say something like she and Feng Qi had a good relationship, and it was nonsense.

Feng Qi's eyes widened as she looked at Jiang Yurou.

What was going on?

Daddy was like this, and Mommy was like this too?

Jiang Yurou looked deeply at Feng Qi, and her hand, which was hanging at the side, shook Feng Qi, indicating for her not to say anything more.

No matter how much Feng Qi hated Feng Xi, Feng Zhengcheng and Jiang Yurou had both expressed their stance at this time, so she reluctantly shut her mouth and didn't say anything more.

"I see. "

Rong Shijie smiled and said, "the two of you, Miss Feng, have a good relationship. It's really not bad. But as I said earlier, grandfather and I were asked by someone to give Miss Feng Xi a birthday present. Grandfather, can we give Miss Feng Xi a present now? "

Elder Rong looked at Feng Xi who was standing behind Rong Shijie and smiled. "Sure. "

Rong Shijie took out his phone and made a call. He gave a few instructions to the person on the other end and waited for someone to bring the present up.

Feng Xi was a little curious. She asked, "well, young master Rong, you said that someone asked you to give me a birthday present. Who is it? "

Elder Rong and young master Rong's identities were not ordinary. One could tell from the cautious attitude of Feng Zhengcheng and Jiang Yurou.

Around them, Feng Zhengcheng, Jiang Yurou, Feng Qi, Gu Xu, as well as the guests who had noticed them, and their classmates, were also paying attention and wanting to know.

Especially Feng Zhengcheng.

He knew what kind of important figure elder Rong was in Jiang City.

He was asked to give a present to Feng Xi. What a joke. How many people could order elder Rong around and make him give face?

He glanced at Feng Xi and his eyes lit up. It was as if this was the first time he realized that his daughter, whom he loathed as trouble and a burden, seemed to be of some use.

Rong Shijie said gently to Feng Xi, "I'm Feng Xi. "

"Miss Feng Xi, we need to keep this a secret. "

Feng Xi:"... Oh."

Keep it a secret? Why are you being so mysterious?

She didn't seem to know any important people.

Ding Dong, Ding Dong, Ding Dong

At this moment, the elevator doors to the banquet hall opened at the same time. About thirty attendants in uniform, tall and slender, and wearing masks walked out of the elevator. Each of them was holding two or three birthday presents, or flowers They were either exquisite limited edition dolls, or new clothes from various high-end brands of the season.

"Miss Feng Xi, I wish you a happy 22nd birthday in three days! "

"Oh, okay, thank you. "

"Miss Feng Xi, I wish you a happy 22nd birthday in three days! "

"Oh, okay, thank you. "

"Miss Feng Xi, I wish you a happy 22nd birthday in three days! "

"Uh, thank you. "

"thank you! "

"thank you. "

Over 30 people. Everyone would wish Feng Xi a happy birthday when they gave her presents.

Feng Xi took the presents and thanked them with a smile. Then, she put them aside and took the presents from the next person.

As she laughed, she felt like her mouth was going to stiffen.

The people around her were also stunned.

"Miss Feng Xi, I wish you a happy 22nd birthday in three days. "

Suddenly, a waiter handed her a large doll.

"thank you... "

Unlike the others, after Feng Xi thanked him, the waiter turned around and said, "maybe Santa Claus will appear. "

Did she hear this person's voice somewhere before.

"Hey, you... "

She wanted to say something, but the waiter who had given her a gift had already turned around and left.

Feng Xi focused her eyes and realized that the human doll in her arms was a large Santa Doll.

On top of that doll was a set of keys.

"This... "

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