His Little Fortune Chapter 853

Chapter 853: Chapter 857 love you, don't surrender: She once yearned for it

"This... "

She took the keys down, still wondering what they were.

Rong Shijie, who was next to her, said, "Miss Feng Xi, these are the keys to the Bentley Moshang. It's also your birthday present. "

"Bentley Moshang? "

Feng Qi exclaimed.

Bentley moshang series cars started at five million, and the highest could be sold for tens of millions. In comparison, the two million car that her father gave her just now was like a joke.

Then, she looked at the gifts surrounding Feng Xi, cosmetics, bags, exquisite dolls, and jewelry. All of them looked better than the ones she had just received.

So, why did she call Feng Xi here today?

Oh Right, she called Feng Xi to attend the birthday party today to humiliate Feng Xi.

But listening to the gasps of surprise around them, they were all for Feng Xi.

"Oh my God, who gave Feng Xi the gifts? These gifts look very expensive. "

"Did you hear that? The man just said that the car that gave Feng Xi was the Bentley Mushang. "

"I heard it. What's wrong? "

"Bentley Mushang series cars are very expensive. They're all five to six million. The good ones cost tens of millions. They're much better than the car that Feng Qi received just now. "

"really? Wow, I'm so envious. which rich person gave it to Feng Xi? Is He chasing after Feng Xi? "

"Then I don't know. But to be able to afford these gifts, he must be too rich. "


In this way, just like the words that praised Feng Qi just now, they entered Feng Qi's ears again.

However, when Feng Qi heard it, she was happy and then looked down on Feng Xi.

Now, when she heard it, she felt like she was stripped naked and laughed at at the banquet.

It was her birthday banquet, but in the end, it was Feng Xi who was in the limelight.

She wanted to humiliate Feng Xi, but in the end, she was throwing stones at her own feet.

Feng Qi looked at Feng Xi.

At that moment, she stared at Feng Xi, her eyes were like a cutting machine. She wanted to tear Feng Xi's face apart, skin her and break her bones, and let her die.

Why did Feng Xi have to exist? Why?

Feng Qi clenched her hands tightly. She clenched them so hard that her soft palms almost bled. Only then did she manage to control her jealousy and anger.

She still had her rationality. She knew she couldn't go crazy at this time.

Otherwise, she would be even more embarrassed.

Gu Xu looked at the pile of gifts surrounding Feng Xi.

He looked at the necklace he had prepared, then glanced at Feng Qi, whose face was slightly twisted. He put his necklace back into his pocket.

Although Feng Xi didn't have a car, she was still Feng Zhengcheng's daughter. She had seen some luxury cars when she was young, and she had heard her classmates talk about the price of the Bentley Mushan.

She felt that the car keys were hot in her hands.

She looked at Rong Shijie and stammered, "young master Rong. "

Rong Shijie looked at Feng Xi gently, "what's wrong, Miss Feng Xi? "

"This... I can't accept it. "

Feng Xi continued to stammer, "it's too expensive. Although I don't know who gave it to me for my birthday, it's too expensive. I can't accept it. "

"Why? " Rong Shijie asked.

Feng Xi:"... because it's too expensive."

"Is it expensive? "

Rong Shijie looked at Feng Xi with a smile, then looked at the necklace on her white neck and said gently, "Miss Feng Xi, if we're talking about how expensive it is, these gifts are far inferior to the white star heart on your neck. "

Feng Xi was confused."... What?"

"Miss Feng Xi doesn't know? "

Rong Shijie was a little surprised. He raised his hand and pointed at Feng Xi's neck from a decent distance "The necklace, earrings, and bracelet on your neck are a complete set. It's called the heart of the White Star. It was sold at an international auction in n country a while ago. I wanted to buy it for my fiance, but the price of this set of jewelry was too high. It was far beyond my budget, so I gave it up. "

Feng Xi was a little stunned.

She touched the necklace on her chest and muttered in disbelief, "so expensive? "

"I remember that the price was 120 million. "

"120 million! ! ! " Someone exclaimed ...

Rong Shijie seemed to have heard it. He smiled and added two words: "dollars. "

As soon as Rong Shijie finished speaking, the crowd gasped in surprise.

120 million dollars.

What kind of concept was that?

"So, Miss Feng Xi's present to you is not even a fraction of your jewelry set, " Rong Shijie said with a smile.

Feng Qi, who was beside him, almost didn't have the strength to hate Feng Xi after hearing Rong Shijie's words.

120 million USD.

The entire Feng family probably didn't have this much money.

Who said that Feng Xi's jewelry was fake?

It was Bai Zhenzhen... ...

Feng Qi glared at Bai Zhenzhen.

When Bai Zhenzhen heard Rong Shijie's words, she had already stared at the pendant on Feng Xi's neck with a defeated expression.

The heart of the White Star was priceless.

And she had just said in public that Feng Xi was wearing a fake... ...

Bai Zhenzhen noticed that someone was looking at her and subconsciously looked towards the source of her gaze. She happened to meet Feng Qi's gaze that was as sharp as a cutting machine.

Bai zhenzhen shrank back. Her face was Pale, and even her lips had turned deathly white.

Feng Zhengcheng and Jiang Yurou were also stunned.

Jiang Yurou didn't know why this little B * Stard had such a priceless set of jewelry on him.

And Feng Zhengcheng, almost before he could react, walked in front of Feng Xi.

He asked, "Little Xi, where did you get this set of jewelry? "

Feng Xi was still in shock when Rong Shijie told her about the price of the white star heart, but when she heard Feng Zhengcheng ask her, she recovered from her shock.

She met Feng Zhengcheng's gaze."... What?"

Feng Xi's blank question made Feng Zhengcheng very unhappy, because he felt that Feng Xi was not listening to him at all. Where was he going to put his face as a father?

However, at this time, Feng zhengcheng squeezed out a kind smile and asked kindly, "Little Xi, Tell Daddy, why did you bring this necklace? "

Feng Xi looked at Feng Zhengcheng who was acting like a good father and frowned slightly.

Perhaps she had once wanted her father's love when she was young.

However, her past desires, being bullied by Feng Xi time and time again, Jiang Yurou's bullying, Feng Zhengcheng's cold eyes, and time and time again, were all gone.

Now, Feng Zhengcheng suddenly spoke to her so kindly.

She actually felt like laughing in her heart.

She didn't know whether she wanted to laugh at herself or Feng Zhengcheng.

Feng Xi curled the corners of her pink lips and looked at Feng Zhengcheng with her big black eyes. She said unhurriedly,

"Feng Zhengcheng, how did you get this necklace? Does it have anything to do with you? "

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