His Little Fortune Chapter 854

Chapter 854: Chapter 858 love you, don't surrender: Akira Mato, my birthday is very good

"Feng Zhengcheng, how did you get this necklace? Does it have anything to do with you? "

Feng Xi's attitude towards Feng Zhengcheng made Feng Zhengcheng unhappy, but at the same time, he felt embarrassed.

His face darkened and he scolded in a low voice, "Feng Xi, how can you say your father's name so directly? Do you still know how to write the word 'respect' ? Also, as your father, I want to ask you how you got this necklace. Is there anything wrong with that? "

Feng Xi wanted to laugh just now, but now she really laughed out loud.

"Feng Xi, what are you laughing at? "

Feng Zhengcheng saw that Feng Xi was laughing, and his face became gloomier. "Don't laugh anymore. "

"What am I laughing at? "

Feng Xi laughed for a while more before she slowly stopped laughing.

But the curve of her pink lips was slightly raised The mocking tone was very obvious. "Feng Zhengcheng, I naturally know how to write the word 'respect' . You're also right. Indeed, you should respect your father, but that's only if you're a father. Feng Zhengcheng, I don't think you've done anything that a father should do. "

"Feng Xi, you! " Feng Zhengcheng shouted. "Do you understand what you're saying? "

He lowered his voice and said, "Don't forget that your mother's things are still with me. "

Feng Xi's face froze.

Mother's things!

She bit her lower lip with her teeth and tried to control her emotions.

Feng Zhengcheng could only threaten her with this.

But she had no choice.

The father and daughter were in a stalemate.

Feng Xi didn't say anything. Feng Zhengcheng looked at her coldly.

It was Feng Qi's birthday party, but the atmosphere was weird and awkward.

The one who broke the silence was Rong Shijie. He looked at his watch and the high-end dial pointed to 8:58.

He said, "Miss Feng Xi. "

Feng Xi turned and looked at Rong Shijie in confusion.

Rong Shijie said, "you have one last birthday present. "

"One more? " Feng Xi was a little surprised.

The other students were also surprised.

They had already given so many presents, but there was still a birthday present! ! !

Everyone present was getting more and more curious. They were all wondering who would be so generous as to give Feng Xi such an inhumane birthday present.

This was Feng Qi's birthday party?

Sorry, no one was concerned about this at this time!

Feng Qi's face was as black as the bottom of a pot, but no one was paying attention to her.

"What's the last birthday present? " Feng Xi asked curiously.

"Miss Feng Xi, please follow me, " Rong Shijie said.

He turned around and walked toward the floor-to-ceiling window.

Feng Xi followed behind him.

The light blue evening gown outlined her slender waist and slim figure.

The two of them walked one after the other, and the guests made way for them.

Feng Xi walked behind Rong Shijie, still confused.

What was the present?

When they reached the floor-to-ceiling window, the large area was full of floor-to-ceiling windows. Rong Shijie signaled the waiter to open the curtains to the maximum, then turned elegantly and smiled at Feng Xi. "It's almost there... "

He looked down at his watch and counted down. "Ten, nine, eight, seven, six, five, four, three, two, one! "

As the number one fell, suddenly, a series of loud sounds sounded like a horn. First, a firework was released into the sky. Then, fireworks exploded in the sky one after another.

Colorful and colorful fireworks of all shapes and sizes lit up the entire sky.

Feng Xi widened her eyes in surprise.

All the guests at the banquet gathered around the window and looked at the bright fireworks in the sky that were specially set up for a girl's birthday.

It was Feng Xi's birthday this year.

Some people remembered it.

Moreover, someone had given her a grand birthday.

Although, she didn't know who that person was.

... ... ... ... ...

It was almost ten in the evening.

Feng Xi returned to her own small Shabby House.

The last birthday present, the fireworks, had been set off for nearly twenty minutes.

She stood there in a daze until the fireworks were almost over before she finally regained her senses.

After that, Feng Qi's birthday party naturally couldn't be held anymore.

Thinking of Feng Qi's black face at the end, Feng Xi was secretly happy.

Seeing Feng Qi being defeated, she couldn't be happier.

It had to be said that it was always Feng Qi who wanted to suppress her.

She, Feng Xi, also felt proud today.

And with so many birthday presents, Feng Xi couldn't get them back.

The person who gave the presents was also thoughtful. He directly opened a room in the Imperial Pavilion and placed Feng Xi's birthday presents. He also said that when it was convenient for her, she could go and get them. There was no time limit.

Who Was it that gave her such a generous birthday gift?

Feng Xi was still thinking about this until she returned home and opened the door.

She pushed the door open and entered. She was surprised to find that the lights in her shabby house were warm and orange.

She was stunned for a moment before she realized that she was not living alone in her room.

She had an additional tenant in the past two days.

Feng Xi entered the Shabby House and saw Akira Mato sitting on the SOFA.

The man took a book out of nowhere. The book was spread out on his long, straight legs.

His slender fingers flipped through the book carelessly. He seemed to be reading, but he didn't seem to be reading.

He seemed to have heard the sound of the door opening. He raised his head and looked at Feng Xi with his Blue Eyes. He smiled and greeted her

"You're back? You're quite early. How was your birthday party tonight? "

Feng Xi wanted to say that she was doing well. Very, very well.

There were many exciting scenes at the party that she wanted to say to him.

But looking at Akira Mato's smiling face, she didn't know why, but she was a little infatuated.

It was as if the moment she met his blue eyes, she had drowned in his gaze.

"Hm? " Feng Xi didn't answer. Akira Mato raised an eyebrow. "What's wrong? Are you being bullied? "

Feng Xi turned around and shook her head. "No, no, no, I'm not being bullied. "

"then? " Akira Mato asked. "Are you unhappy? "


For some reason, Feng Xi's sweet face blushed at Akira Mato's concerned words.

She walked over and said, "it's great to be at Feng Qi's birthday party today. Feng Qi wanted me to humiliate her, but guess what? She ended up being the one who's embarrassed. "

"really? " Akira Mato replied, "that's not bad. "

"Hey, why are you so calm? "

Akira Mato smiled. "Then how should I react? "

Feng Xi pouted and said unhappily, "you should ask what happened. Why is she so ugly? "

If he didn't ask, how could she continue.

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