His Little Fortune Chapter 855

Chapter 855: Chapter 859 love you, don't surrender: Money is a small matter

Akira Mato looked at Feng Xi's pouting face.

In a trance, he seemed to see another person's shadow through Feng Xi.

Feng Xi was talking to Akira Mato while looking at the young master.

Her white fingers touched the young master. The cat food had softened and was placed in the young Master's Food Bowl.

The young master meowed a few times. He was much more energetic than when he had just brought her home.

Much more lively!

Akira mato sat up straight and closed the book with his slender hands. His Blue Eyes looked at Feng Xi. There was a gentle and elegant smile on his thin lips as he said gently, "Feng Xi, do you know what happened? "

"Well, then I want to know. Your sister was supposed to shine at the birthday party. Why did she look so bad after that? "

He sat up straight and asked with a smile on his face.

He really looked like he wanted to hear what Feng Xi had to say.

Feng Xi was happy when she saw it.

Akira Mato was quite smart.

She asked as soon as she said it.

Feng Xi walked over and sat down next to Akira Mato. "You want to know? "

Akira Mato was quite cooperative. "Yes, I want to know. "

"Then I'll tell you. "

Feng Xi's pretty face showed that she was going to be merciful and tell Akira Mato that he couldn't do anything about it.

Feng Xi separated Akira Mato from her downstairs. She took the elevator and met Bai Zhenzhen. Her classmates thought that she looked pretty good at night. She said that the necklace she was wearing was a fake. In the end, no one knew who gave her a gift, so she told them one by one... ...

But for some reason, she hid the part where Gu Xu wanted to give her the necklace.

Subconsciously, she didn't really want Akira Mato know that a man liked her.

Feng Xi got more and more excited."... ... You don't know, that mysterious person gave me a birthday present. I don't even know who it was. He gave me so many presents, and the most expensive one was actually a Bentley Mushang. Feng Qi's face turned dark. She probably didn't even think that she would lift a rock to hit her own foot ... ..

Feng Xi was right.

Because someone unexpectedly gave Feng Xi a present, Feng Qi was embarrassed. The birthday party ended in a hurry. When she returned to the Feng family's room, she saw the things on it and started to smash them, venting crazily.

Feng Xi said to Akira Mato and handed the car keys to Akira Mato.

She had brought them back and hadn't put them in the emperor's room for now.

A set of keys lay quietly in Feng Xi's fair palm.

Feng Xi looked at the car keys and pursed her lips. "But I don't know who it is. No matter what the purpose is, I have to return such an expensive thing. "

She was a little distressed. "But... I don't know how to return it. "

Akira Mato listened to Feng Xi's long speech for more than 20 minutes.

When he heard this, he said Lazily, "since the other party is willing to give it to me, then I'll keep it. What does it matter? "

"No. "

Feng Xi looked at Akira Mato's handsome face and said righteously, "you can't just take other people's things. If you take advantage of them, you'll take advantage of them. What if they want something from me? "

Akira Mato:"..."

"But they definitely don't want something from me... "

Feng Xi immediately denied it in embarrassment. "I don't have anything to ask for. They spent so much money on me. If they want something, they must be sick! "

The sick young master:"..."

"Oh right, there's one more thing... "

Feng Xi suddenly remembered something.

She touched the necklace on her chest. "Did you know? That day at the mall, I won this set of jewelry called the heart of the White Star. It was worth 120 MILLION USD! "

Akira Mato looked at Feng Xi and asked, "and? "

"What else do you want? Did you hear what I said? 120 million! It's US dollars! "

Feng Xi wanted to pry open the young master in front of her and see what he was thinking.

He could say something worth 120 million US dollars so easily.

He said that he was a nouveau riche. was he one of those super rich nouveau riche?

Akira Mato smiled and said casually, "I heard what you said. I know that 120 million US dollars is a lot. I'm asking what you want to express. "

"Oh. "

Feng Xi nodded and started to express her thoughts "I think so. Why would a normal person take a set of 120 million dollars as a prize for a special prize? There's also a three-bedroom, one-living room in that prize. The man who styled me during the day liked to be called 'Kissy' . I searched him on the way back. He's an internationally famous stylist. "

Speaking of which, when she came back tonight, Young Gentleman Rong had sent her back.

Otherwise, Feng Xi reckoned that if others knew the price of the jewelry she was wearing, they would have snatched it halfway.

"based on the above, I came to a conclusion... " Feng Xi's small face became serious.

Akira Mato's blue eyes were smiling as he looked at her. "Hmm? "

"It's the person who organized the lucky draw. It's very likely that the person who sent me the gift tonight is the same person, " Feng Xi said.

Otherwise, there would be no other explanation.

Who would be crazy enough to do such a large-scale lucky draw.

It wasn't like she didn't know that her luck was terrible.

How could she be so lucky that she just happened to run into a lottery on that day? She was so lucky to win the first prize, and then Feng Qi's birthday party happened to be three days in advance to give her a birthday present. It was as if she was purposely helping her make things difficult for Feng Qi.

Akira Mato smiled. "Your analysis is quite reasonable. "

"Of course. "

Feng Xi raised her eyebrows and said proudly, "don't look at me like this. I'm a straight a student in school. "

Akira Mato:"..."

"But... "

Feng Xi was troubled again. "Who is this person? Could it be that I have a crush on him? It's not good for me to hold someone else's things like this. "

Akira Mato:"..."

A crush? She really knew how to think about it.

However, such a crazy act of giving gifts was indeed easy to misunderstand.

Akira Mato said, "maybe it's not someone who likes you, it's just Santa Claus. "

"Santa Claus? " Feng Xi was stunned, then she muttered, "Santa Claus really would give gifts to someone like me? "

Today, she had rebuked Feng Zhengcheng with her words.

Strictly speaking, she was quite unfilial and a bad child.

In the past, no Santa Claus would come to give gifts to her. Would there be gifts now?

Akira Mato stood up. He lowered his eyes slightly and looked at Feng Xi who was sitting on the Sofa. He curled his lips and said,

"I don't think you need to dwell on this problem, Feng Xi! Whether it's a lottery or a gift, since someone gave it and the source is legal, you should accept it. There's no need to think too much about it. "

"But this is a lot of money... "

A house, a car, jewelry.

How much money was this.

How could she just ask for it?

Or Ask for it for no reason.

Akira Mato's smile didn't change. He said calmly, "Feng Xi, anything that can be solved with money can only be considered a small matter. "

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