His Little Fortune Chapter 856

Chapter 856: Chapter 860 love you, don't surrender: Akira Mato is leaving

Akira Mato's smile did not change. He said calmly, "Feng Xi, things that can be solved with money can only be considered a small matter. "

"small matter? "

Feng Xi's eyes widened and she said excitedly, "Hey, do you know how much money this is? How can it be a small matter? What are you thinking? "

This was too exaggerated!

Things that could be solved with money were naturally small matters.

At least for him, it was.

Money to him was now just a numerical concept.

Money couldn't get him the person he wanted.

"HMM... "

Akira Mato was still calm.

He raised his hand and touched his chin with his slender fingers. He smiled. "maybe it's because I'm very rich. "

Feng Xi:"..."

His smile was a bit evil and casual.

He was just telling the truth.

But from Feng Xi's point of view, he really deserved a beating.

What did he mean by 'because he's very rich' .

So what if he was rich!

So what if he was rich and could use money to solve problems?

Did he know how hard it was for her to earn some money every time?

Feng Xi pouted and mumbled,"... she's just a nouveau riche, hmph."

Akira Mato smiled and didn't reply.

When the conversation was over, Feng Xi was ready to take off her makeup, wash up, shower, and rest.

She was really a little tired today.

From the afternoon onwards, she put on makeup and styled herself. At night, she was "fighting" with Feng Qi

It consumed a lot of energy.

Feng Xi was changing and removing her make-up in the bathroom.

Soon, the sound of running water came from the bathroom.

Akira Mato was standing outside.

He put one hand into his pocket and his blue eyes glanced at the bathroom door. Then, he slowly moved his gaze away and looked at an empty spot in the air. No one knew what he was thinking.

Feng Xi took about 40 minutes to wash up in the bathroom, and Akira Mato stood outside for 40 minutes.

Feng Xi took a shower, opened the bathroom door, and came out.

She took a towel and wiped her hair. The evening dress she was wearing was also changed into a family uniform.

She was wearing short shorts, revealing her long arms that were as delicate as jade roots and her fair and straight calves.

When she came out, she was a little surprised to see Akira Mato standing there.

She asked while drying her hair, "why aren't you sitting? What are you standing here for? "

Akira Mato slowly retracted his gaze and rested his deep Blue Eyes on Feng Xi.

He paused and said, "I'm leaving river city tomorrow. "

"Tomorrow? "

Feng Xi stopped drying her hair as if she couldn't digest the news at all.

After a while, she heard her own voice. "Leaving River city tomorrow. It's so sudden... "

"It's not sudden. "

Akira Mato smiled. "I'm just here for a few days to relax. It's time to go back. "

Feng Xi suddenly remembered Akira Mato's words.

That's right.

Akira Mato was in her shabby house because he needed a tour guide when he came to river city. Speaking of which, he was tricked by her.

Otherwise, why would a nouveau riche like Akira Mato stay in such a shabby place?

"Are you leaving tomorrow? Can't you stay for a few more days? " There was a request in her tone that she herself did not realize, but she soon felt that it was inappropriate for her to say that, as if she did not want Akira Mato to leave.

But Did she?

She had only known him for a few days.

Although she admitted that Akira Mato was quite good-looking.

He was also quite outstanding in some aspects.

But... ... Did she not want him to leave ? ?

Feng Xi subconsciously did not want to admit this, she quickly added:

"I mean, there are a lot of interesting places in Jiangcheng. If you have nothing else to do, you don't need to rush back. I have a holiday. I can be your guide for a few more days. "

"No. "

Akira Mato directly refused, "just to relax, in the future there are opportunities to come to Jiangcheng. "

"Oh. "

I'm just here to relax. Of course I want to leave.

She smiled unnaturally and said, "well... Well, have a nice trip home tomorrow. "

Akira Mato smiled. "Yes. "

. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .

Blow-dry her hair, tidy herself up, Feng Xi sleep on the floor as usual.

I was so happy to see Feng Qi suffer today.

But after hearing Akira Mato say he was leaving Jiangcheng to go back, Feng Xi's elated mood disappeared.

I've only been to Jiangcheng for a few days?

I haven't seen any in Jiangcheng.

Jiangcheng Delicious, Fun and good-looking, are still a lot?

Why are you leaving so suddenly?

Why didn't he inform her two days in advance? Even if it wasn't two days, one day was fine.

There was a little person screaming CRAZILY IN HER HEART!

However, after the shouting, a small voice sounded in the depths of her heart

He's only here to travel. In your life, he's just a passerby.

He has no reason to stay in river city, and there's no need for him to tell you anything in advance.

She lay on the floor and turned her body slightly. Looking at the slender figure of the man on the bed not far away, she pursed her lips.

Almost soundlessly, she whispered,"... can't you play for two more days before you leave?''

Her voice was too soft, almost blending into the night.

Apart from Feng Xi herself, no one could hear her.


Feng Xi woke up very early in the morning. She woke up just after six in the morning.

She said she woke up very early, but in fact, she didn't sleep at all last night.

Her small brain was filled with thoughts of Akira Mato leaving and going back. When it was past four, she couldn't help but fall asleep in a daze.

She woke up and looked in the direction of the bed. Akira Mato was still not awake.

Her thoughts from last night resurfaced

Can I leave in a few days? !

But even if I leave in a few days, what's the use?

Feng Xi lay down until seven o'clock when Akira Mato woke up.

Seeing that the man was about to wake up, she quickly turned around and rubbed her eyes. She looked like she had been woken up.

"Akira Mato, you're awake. "

"Yeah. " Akira Mato got up from the bed and got out.

He was tall and had long legs. His body was comparable to a male model. "Good Morning. "

"Good Morning. "

She was not fine.

Feng Xi sat on the bed and pretended to ask casually, "you're leaving today. When are you leaving? "

"Around 9 am, " Akira Mato replied.

"9 am? ! "

Feng Xi could not control her emotions when she heard the time. She raised her voice slightly and said, "so early? "

Akira Mato looked at Feng Xi.

Feng Xi:"..."

She hesitated for a moment and then explained, "uh, i... I mean, if you leave at 9 am, do you want me to go downstairs and buy you breakfast or something? I'll treat you as my last treat! "

[ long illness, 18th day no change ]

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