His Little Fortune Chapter 857

Chapter 857: Chapter 861 Love You, don't surrender: Fall in love with him

Akira Mato glanced at Feng Xi out of the corner of his eye. "Don't bother to prepare breakfast. "

Feng Xi pursed her lips and said, "I'll just buy some downstairs. It's no trouble at all... "

She paused. There was a moment of hesitation on her face. She wanted to say something, but she didn't know if she should.

After a while, Feng Xi said softly again, "how about this? I'll go down and buy you breakfast. Are you in a hurry to leave? If you're not, let's have lunch together... "

Before she could finish, Akira Mato interrupted, "the 10 o'clock flight. "

He meant that the 10 o'clock flight would leave early.

That was why he said that he would leave at 9 o'clock.

Feng Xi:"..."

Feng Xi said, "Oh. ".

Akira Mato smiled and his thin lips curved into a devilish smile.

He said UNHURRIEDLY, "Feng Xi, are you... "

"could it be what? "

"You can't bear to part with me. "

Feng Xi was stunned.

It was almost subconsciously.

Her little face turned red She retorted loudly, "only... ... Not at all. What's there to be reluctant about? I'm just doing business. It's just that you're leaving me so quickly to make less money. It's just that my vacation is still very long. You're considered a high-quality customer, so if you leave, I'll just have to find another customer. It's just that..." ... ..

Feng Xi was speechless.

It was just that she didn't want you to leave.

Akira Mato's smile didn't change. "It's just that I'm here for a vacation. It's time to go home. "

Feng Xi pursed her lips tightly and didn't say anything.

That's right, Akira Mato was just a tourist in river city.

It was time to leave.

From seven to nine, two hours. If it was during an exam, it would feel like a long time.

But staying in the same space as Akira Mato, he knew that Akira Mato was leaving.

Two hours, so fast.

Feng Xi only felt that Akira Mato got up, washed up, and changed his clothes. The two of them didn't speak much and it was almost nine.

Akira Mato looked at his watch and said to Feng Xi, "it's almost time, I should go. "

Feng Xi was now immersed in the fact that Akira Mato was leaving.

Although she didn't want to admit it, she felt really bad.

She said, "let's go, let's go. Do you still need me to send you to the airport? "

Akira Mato said, "no need, I can go by myself. You can send me there and then come back by yourself. It's a waste of time and energy. "

He had always pursued efficiency, so there was really no need to send him back and forth.

Feng Xi shrugged her slender shoulders and turned around, her back facing Akira Mato. "It's best if you don't. I'm too lazy to send you off. I just wanted to ask. If you want to leave, then leave! "

Her words sounded a little angry, and she even chased him out.

The young master meowed at the side. His mood was the same as his master's, and he sounded quite excited.

Akira Mato had already packed up. He didn't have much on him anyway, just the black bag that was the same as Feng Xi's.

Carrying the bag on one shoulder, he said to Feng Xi, "then I'll be leaving. "

"Let's go, let's go. "

Feng Xi also did not look at him, pursed her lips, a face full of indifference: "I wish you go back, have a safe trip, will meet again! "

Akira Mato let out a soft chuckle and said goodbye.

He said, "good-bye. "

Striding with long, straight legs, he went to the door.


Two Clicks.

The door opens and closes.

The whole broken room became quiet, only Feng Xi and the young master were left!

Feng Xi lowered her small head, looking at the old floor, as if there was some crystal clear liquid, from her face sliding down... ...

The young master seemed to sense that Feng Xi was in a bad mood. His four short legs staggered to Feng Xi's feet and rubbed against it.

"Young Master, he's gone, " Feng Xi muttered.

The young master meowed twice as if he was saying something.

Feng Xi forced a smile that was even more embarrassing than crying. "Young Master, what are you saying? Let me keep him. I can't keep him. He's a nouveau riche... "


The young master dragged out his tone and meowed.

"Are you saying that I'm useless, young master? "

Feng Xi squatted down and reached out her little white hand to pat the young master's head "should I chase him "But what reason do I have to chase him? He's just here for a vacation in river city. He just said that he bought a plane ticket and wanted to go back. I don't even know where he's from and haven't asked. In fact, I'm not that close to him. Just like that... ... Just like that, I fell in love with him here. It's ridiculous!"

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