His Little Fortune Chapter 858

Chapter 858: Chapter 862 love you, don't surrender: He asks: Did Akira Mato Reply?

I fell in love with him... ...

When Feng Xi said this, she was stunned.

It was as if she had been struck by lightning.

Did she... ... Like Akira Mato ? ?

But... ... How was this possible ? How was this possible ? ?

She had only known him for a few days. What did they have in common?

She had only brought him to Jiang city for a small tour. During this time, she had gotten into a conflict with Feng Qi and let him know that she was an illegitimate daughter. She had displayed a lot in front of him. If that was the case, how could she fall in love with him.

If she liked Akira Mato, she should have kept it a secret.

But... ... Why couldn't she like Akira Mato ? ?

Wasn't it because after seeing her so many times, his attitude towards her hadn't changed at all, so she liked him?

At this moment, Feng Xi's mind was filled with scenes of her interactions with Akira Mato these past few days. It was like a movie, playing frame by frame... ...

It was getting clearer and clearer and clearer... ...

She liked Akira Mato. This thought very clearly appeared in her mind, filled with all her thoughts.

Then, what should she do?

Right, confess!


Feng Xi was a person with strong actions. When she realized that she liked Akira Mato, her heart was filled with joy.

It was like fruit-flavored SODA THAT STARTED TO BUBBLE!

Feng Xi squatted in front of the young master. Her slender fingers rubbed the young master's head and said, "young master, wait for me. I'm going out for a while. I'LL BE RIGHT BACK! "

Her voice was filled with joy.

After saying that, she immediately got up and ran to the door... ...

Akira Mato, that nouveau riche, had just left not long ago. She shouldn't have reached the station yet. If she was quick, she should be able to catch up!

If she wanted to confess, she had to tell him how she liked him.

As for whether he would accept or reject her after she confessed, Feng Xi didn't even think about it at that moment.

She quickly left the house. Feng Xi didn't even close the door and quickly went downstairs.

After turning two small alleys in a row, there was the road ahead. She shouldn't have left yet.

Feng Xi felt that she had never used all her speed to chase someone like this... ...

Soon, they were almost on the road. He shouldn't have left yet... ...

"really... "

Feng Xi ran towards the intersection. When she was about to reach the intersection, she wanted to call Akira Mato's name. Just as she said one word, she heard a familiar demonic voice

"... the Mo family has paid in full. They've been staying in Jiang City for a few more days. Let's go..."

Feng Xi subconsciously slowed down. She slowly walked over and in a hidden corner, she saw Akira Mato.

At the same time, she also saw the staff named Dai. She was respectfully bending down to open the car door for Akira Mato.

Akira Mato got into the car. Dai was about to close the door when the man suddenly raised his hand.

"young master, is there anything else? " Dai asked calmly.

"Xi she... " Akira Mato's thin lips moved. "Did she reply to my letter? "


What was Akira Mato talking about?

When had she ever written to him?

This thought appeared in Feng Xi's little head. Before she could figure it out, she heard Dai say in a low voice, "Young Master, Miss Guan Xi hasn't replied to your letter. "

"I see, that's true. Why Would Xi reply to my letter... " It was just his own delusions.

Akira Mato smiled. The smile on his lips was indescribably lonely in Feng Xi's eyes. "Let's go. "

Mayuzumi closed the car door, got into the driver's seat, started the car, and the black luxury car sped away... ...

Feng Xi slowly walked out of the corner, her eyes fixed on the car that was leaving!

From the beginning to the end, she didn't say anything, nor did she try to make her stay... ..

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