His Little Fortune Chapter 859

Chapter 859: Chapter 863 Love You but don't surrender: Hello, I'm Feng Xi

Akira Mato's car disappeared from Feng Xi's line of sight for a very, very long time... ...

Feng Xi slowly turned around and walked mechanically towards her Shabby House.

Akira Mato had left. She had hesitated just now, so there was no point in chasing after him. Then, he left.

That person called Mayuzumi was someone Akira Mato knew.

They were talking about how Xi had written a letter to him... ...

No, it wasn't Feng Xi, it was... ... What Xi ...

Feng Xi carefully recalled and finally figured out that Akira Mato seemed to have said the word "Kansai" ... ...

Wait a minute, that employee named Dai knows Akira Mato, and she's so respectful to Akira Mato, then her raffle, and... ... And what happened at Feng Qi's birthday dinner ...

For a moment, Feng Xi seemed to have everything in common... ...

. .

"Young Master, you said Akira Mato did the RAFFLE, right? What did he do it for? "

Feng Xi returned home and squatted in front of the young master in a daze. She began to speak to the young master:

"He's helping me, right? He knows that I made a fool of myself at Feng Qi's birthday party, so he helped me prepare the dress and makeup. At the birthday party, those gifts were also from him, right? The House, the car... "

Feng Xi paused for a moment.

She quickly got up and rummaged through a cabinet to find the keys to the luxury car. Akira Mato, the car that was worth millions, and the three-bedroom house were all given to her by true Teng Xiao, not to mention the very, very expensive set that Rong Shijie had mentioned It was a jewelry worth 120 million US dollars!

If he had given her so many things in the form of a lottery or birthday present to help her, then he... ... Did he like her a little ? ?

Feng Xi spent the day guessing, but she did not contact Akira Mato.

Akira Mato was on a plane, so she could not contact him now to disturb him... ...

She thought that if Akira Mato liked her a little, he would probably contact her when he returned to his own place.

Speaking of which, she did not even know where he was from.

Feng Xi was thinking about waiting for Akira Mato to contact her, but at night, he didn't.

Akira Mato didn't contact her.

She couldn't sleep the whole night. The whole night, no one contacted her.

The next day, no one contacted her... ...

The third day, no one contacted her... ...

On the Fourth Day, Feng Xi returned after delivering the milk.

She bought some fresh goat's milk for the young master and mixed it with water for him to drink.

The young master stuck out his pink tongue and licked the milk bit by bit.

Feng Xi squatted in front of the young master and looked at him

"Young Master, Akira Mato has been back for four days. Why hasn't he contacted me? Is he too busy? He should be too busy. No matter how nouveau riche he is, he should still have a job and not be ignorant. or... or... "

Akira Mato didn't finish her sentence. Her small voice was so lonely that she didn't know.

Or, was it just her overthinking? Akira Mato didn't like her at all She didn't want to admit it.

Buzz, buzz, buzz

At this moment, Feng Xi's phone on the old table vibrated.

Feng Xi reached out to take the phone. When she saw the caller ID, her heartbeat sped up... ...

It was an unknown number!


Feng Xi's little white hand trembled as she answered the call. She put the phone to her ear and gently called

"Hello, this is Feng Xi. May I know who you are... "

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