His Little Fortune Chapter 860

Chapter 860: Chapter 864 love you, Don't surrender: Guan Xi is the love of young Master!

The more she looked forward to it, the more disappointed she would be.

Feng Xi originally thought that this was an unknown number. Could it be that Akira Mato had gone back? After she was done with her work, she finally remembered to contact her.

However, the voice on the other end of the phone was not him, but another one.

"honey, did you miss me? "

A male voice with a flirtatious tone.

Feng Xi did not speak.

"I missed you so much. How was it? Did you shine at the banquet that day, honey? " The male voice continued to speak.

Feng Xi still didn't say anything.

"I bet you did. I designed that look carefully that day. It suits you, honey... "

The man continued to say a few more words and finally realized that no one was answering.

He looked at the phone screen and saw that it was a call to Feng Xi. That's right.


Could it be that Feng Xi didn't know that this was his phone number.

"honey, I'm Lan Qin's kiss. Did you not recognize me... "

Feng Xi finally spoke. It wasn't Akira Mato, which made her a little listless. "I recognized you. "

It was hard to forget such a feminine stylist.

When Lan Qin Heard Feng Xi say this, he was stunned He laughed so hard that his flowers were trembling. "Aiyo, baby, I told you you wouldn't forget me, so how was the styling dinner? When Baby Dai brought you to me, she made a lot of requests to make you look stunning and that White Star heart... ". "...". "..."

Baby Dai, Dai!

When Lan Qin mentioned this name, Feng Xi thought of the staff member.

From the beginning to the end, his face was cold, and she was still grumbling in her heart that he didn't have a good service attitude.

Dai and Akira Mato knew each other.

Feng Xi tightened her grip on her phone. "Mr. Lan Qin. "

"Huh? What do you mean by calling me Mr. Lan Qin? "

Lan Qin was dissatisfied with Feng Xi's way of addressing him. "Call Me Baby. "

Feng Xi was a little speechless.

She said softly, "you said that I went to your place to get styled because Mayuzumi brought me there. Then... is she doing it because of my lucky draw? "

"What lucky draw? "

Lan Qin was stunned for a moment, then he laughed. His tone was like he was talking to an ignorant little girl. "Baby Dai's identity is very unusual. Why would she do a lucky draw? It's so cute that you're asking this question. "

Feng Xi was a little depressed.

What was wrong with this question? She only asked because she didn't understand.

However, if Lan Qin said that the person called Dai wasn't ordinary, then she was extremely respectful to Akira Mato. Akira Mato's identity was definitely not ordinary.

"Last question, " Feng Xi said, "Lan Qin... "

"Call Me Qinqin Baby. "

Feng Xi: "Qinqin Baby. "

"Hey. " Lan Qin beamed.

"Do you have Dai's contact information? Can you give it to me? "

Lan Qin was delighted by Feng Xi Calling Him Qinqin Baby. He said, "of course, honey baby. "


Feng Xi got Mayuzumi's contact information.

She stared at the long list of phone numbers. It was an international long-distance call.

Akira Mato was from H nation.

After thinking for a long time, she finally made up her mind and dialed the number... ...

BEEP beep beep beep


"these two aren't qualified yet. Why are they on the list of people to be sold out? "

Mayuzumi frowned and said coldly, "send them back to the training camp and continue training. Akira family's reputation as a guardian can not be tarnished. "

Dai was now in charge of Mu Yixun's previous work.

This included the screening and trading of the Guardian.

It was not as if the Guardian could be traded just after leaving the training camp. She was also required to keep an eye on them.

The man and woman in front of her were not strong enough. If they were sold, it would only tarnish the reputation of the Akira family's guardian.

The Training Camp Instructor bowed and said repeatedly, "yes, Miss Dai. "

Dai said expressionlessly, "have you been slacking off during the Guardian's training recently... "

As she said this, the phone in her pocket suddenly vibrated.

Mayuzumi took out her phone and looked at it. It was an unknown number.

Without any pause, she pressed the answer button and picked it up. She said coldly,

"Hello, this is the Akira family's contract-keeping Mayuzumi. "


A young female voice came from the receiver. Feng Xi gripped her phone nervously.

She wasn't familiar with Mayuzumi's voice, but the Akira family's contract-keeping Mayuzumi should be her.

"You... Hello. "

Feng Xi was usually a lively and outgoing person, but when she thought of this "staff member" who had always been cold, she started to stutter.

She said, "I'm Feng Xi. "

"Feng Xi? " Mayuzumi frowned slightly.

Feng Xi was afraid that Mayuzumi had forgotten about her, so she quickly reminded her, "it was you two who met in Jiang city... "

"I know. "

Mayuzumi cut off Feng Xi's words without hesitation.

Those who were bound by the contract had excellent memories. "Why did you call me? "

"I... I... "

Feng Xi bit her pink lips and said, "I want to ask about Akira Mato. "

She first had to confirm the relationship between Mayuzumi and Akira Mato.

Mayuzumi refused to answer. "I'm sorry, I won't answer anything about young master. "

"You're called Akira Mato, so you're related to him. "

Mayuzumi said calmly, "yes. "

This wasn't something that couldn't be known by others.

Everyone in the underworld knew that Akira Mato always had a guardian by his side.

"Who on earth is Akira Mato? He arranged the lucky draw on purpose, didn't he? Someone gave me a present on my birthday, and elder Rong and young Master Rong appeared to support me. It was also arranged by him, wasn't it? " Feng Xi became more and more agitated as she asked.

Dai still said calmly, "I won't answer you about young master. "

Feng Xi felt that her guess was right. "I think so. "

"If Miss Feng Xi thinks so, then it's true. If she thinks it's not, then it's not. "

Feng Xi clenched her small hand that was holding her phone. Damn it, playing this kind of word game.

Dai said again, "Miss Feng Xi, if there's nothing else, I'll hang up first. "

"wait a minute. " Feng Xi quickly stopped Dai.

Dai said indifferently, "is there anything else? "

"that, Guanxi, who is it? " This name had been haunting Feng Xi's mind for the past few days.

Feng Xi didn't know what it was. She didn't even know if she had heard this name the morning Akira Mato left.

But she couldn't deny that she had indeed heard Akira Mato mention a name that day.

It was Guanxi, right.

"How do you know Xi? " Mayuzumi's calm voice finally had some fluctuations.

Feng Xi noticed it. She held her breath and asked, "So, who is she? "

Dai was silent for a moment. She was trying to decide if she could tell her.

After a long while.

Dai spoke. Her calm and indifferent voice was like a bomb that exploded in Feng Xi's ears

"Miss Guan Xi is someone young master loves deeply. ''

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