His Little Fortune Chapter 861

Chapter 861: Chapter 865 love you, don't surrender: She is the person Akira Mato likes

After saying this to Feng Xi, Dai hung up the phone.

She glanced at the darkened screen with an expressionless face.

Although Kaori had said not to interfere too much in young master's personal affairs, she judged that it was not a good thing for Feng Xi to be by young master's side.

Knowing that Young Master Liked Miss Guan Xi in his heart should be enough.


Feng Xi looked at the phone screen that was hung up. Her snow-white oval face had a dazed expression.

Miss Guan Xi was someone young master loved deeply... ...

Miss Guan Xi was someone young master loved deeply... ...

Miss Guan Xi... ...

Was Someone Young Master loved deeply!

Was that person someone Akira Mato loved deeply?

Feng Xi wasn't sure if the staff member named Dai had used the word "loved deeply" because Akira Mato only liked the girl named Guanxi, but Dai had exaggerated it.

Feng Xi hoped it was the latter.

Feng Xi looked at the phone for a long time. When she came back to her senses, almost an hour had passed.

Out of the Blue, Feng Xi picked up her phone again, intending to use the browser to search for Guanxi.


Guan Xi?

Guan Xi... ...

At first, she thought it might be her name, but she also tried the word "Xi" in Xi Shui. After a few tries, she finally found the word "Guan Xi, " and an artist's profile popped up on the website... ...

Guan Xi, from Tongcheng, s country, 168 cm in height, weight... ... Actress, spouse, Xiao Jiuyan.. ...

Feng Xi quickly scanned through the profile of this person called Guan Xi, and her gaze fell on the photo at the top right of the page.

The girl in the photo had fair and delicate skin, big eyes, long eyelashes, a tall and beautiful nose, small and Rosy Lips, and a small round face. Because she had a neat ponytail, her smooth and full forehead was exposed.

This was a very cute and adorable little girl.

For some reason, looking at this photo, Feng Xi's intuition told her... ...

This girl was the girl that Dai said Akira Mato loved deeply.


Feng Xi looked at the location and opened another page. She bought a plane ticket to Tong city in s country during the most recent period.


Feng Xi bought a plane ticket to Tongcheng at around 9 am the next day. She could arrive at Tongcheng at around 3 pm.

When she slept at night, she was still thinking about whether she should return the plane.

Why should she go to Tongcheng?

Just to see the girl Akira Mato liked?

She wanted to return the ticket, but every time at this time, another thought popped up. Go, go and see the girl Akira Mato liked. What kind of girl was she!

She spent the night like this.

At around 7 am the next day, Feng Xi finished delivering the milk and was ready to go home. She packed her luggage and left for s country to see the girl called Guan Xi.

As for whether she could see her in s country and what she wanted to do when she saw her, she didn't think about it at all. She just wanted to go and have a look.

"Daddy, let's go back. Feng Xi isn't here at this hour and I don't know where she is. I called her but she didn't pick up. Let's go. This place is so run-down and there are so many smelly mosquitoes. I don't want to stay here anymore. "

Feng Qi pouted and complained to Feng Zhengcheng at the door of Feng Xi's Shabby House.

Feng zhengcheng frowned slightly. The environment here also made him very uncomfortable, but today, he finally made up his mind to come to Feng Xi's place. He had just arrived, and he had returned empty-handed.

Feng Zhengcheng comforted her, "Qi Qi, wait a little longer. I'll call Feng Xi on her cell phone. "

"Hurry Up, Daddy. "

Feng Zhengcheng dialed a number, and Feng Xi just happened to climb up the stairs. She was about to reach the door of her shabby house at the corner of the stairs. When she looked up, she saw Feng Zhengcheng and Feng Qi.

Her little face immediately darkened. "Feng Zhengcheng, Feng Qi, what are you doing here? "

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