His Little Fortune Chapter 862

Chapter 862: Chapter 866 love you but don't surrender: What do you want from me?

Feng Zhengcheng didn't like Feng Xi to begin with, and he even wished that his daughter had never appeared.

He had come to find Feng Xi because he had been condescending. He had waited here for a long time, and all he had been waiting for was for Feng Xi to say something with a bad tone. Why had the two of them come?

At the first moment, he subconsciously pulled a long face and wanted to laugh, but when he thought of the purpose of his visit, his face turned bright and he chuckled

"Xi Xi, why aren't you at home so early in the morning? Daddy and your sister have been waiting for you here for a while. "



Feng Xi cursed in her heart. What kind of medicine did Feng Zhengcheng take today to call himself her Daddy? Didn't he say that her birth was a mistake? He wanted nothing more than to draw a line between them. What kind of father-daughter relationship did he have now.

Feng Xi looked at Feng Zhengcheng warily and said, "Feng Zhengcheng, what are you guys doing here? If you have something to say, just say it. If there's nothing else, then leave. "

"Feng Xi, you... "

Feng Zhengcheng was furious. A wave of anger rushed to his head. He was about to put on the airs of an elder and Scold Feng Xi, but he held it in. He could still maintain a fatherly smile

"You child, how can you say that? Can't a father like me come and see his precious daughter? "

Precious daughter?

Feng Xi felt like she really wanted to throw up all the breakfast she had just eaten.

The cold expression on her little face did not change. She said directly, "since you're here to see me, you can leave now. "

As she said this, she took out her keys and passed by Feng Zhengcheng. She half squeezed Feng Qi Open the door and was about to enter.

Feng Zhengcheng could control his temper, but Feng Qi could not.

Seeing Feng Xi's bad attitude, she had been holding in her anger for a long time. She immediately said angrily,

"Feng Xi, what kind of attitude is this? It's already good enough that daddy and I came to see you. Don't you have any manners? Do you know what manners are? "

Feng Xi, who was opening the door, paused.

After a moment of silence, she sneered, "then I'm really sorry. My Mommy died a long time ago, and she didn't have daddy to discipline her. She really doesn't know what manners are, and she doesn't know how to be polite to two unrelated people. "

Her words against Feng Zhengcheng and Feng Qi were very naked.

"Feng Xi, how can you say that? Are you blaming me? " Feng Zhengcheng couldn't take it anymore and said angrily.

Feng Xi turned around and glanced at him indifferently. "I don't dare. "

She opened the door and stepped in. She said indifferently, "if there's nothing else, I'll go in first. "

She didn't want to have anything to do with Feng Zhengcheng and Feng Qi. It was best to stay far away.

The door was about to close... ...

"Xi Xi. " Feng Zhengcheng called out to Feng Xi. At the same time, a big hand grabbed the doorknob outside, not letting Feng Xi close the door.

Feng Xi frowned.

She thought Feng Zhengcheng was going to say some nonsense, but in the next second, Feng Zhengcheng fumbled in his pocket. After a while, he took out an envelope from his pocket and handed it to Feng Xi.

Feng Xi looked surprised. She glanced at the envelope and asked, "what's this? "

Feng Zhengcheng coughed dryly He said seriously, "Xi Xi, didn't your mommy leave something with me? It's a letter. You're all grown up now, and daddy didn't prepare anything for you on your birthday. After thinking about it, isn't your Mommy's letter the best gift? "

Feng Xi stared at the letter. After a long while, she slowly asked, "Feng Zhengcheng, what do you want from me for this letter? "

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