His Little Fortune Chapter 863

Chapter 863: Chapter 867 love you but don't surrender: See Guan Xi!

Feng Zhengcheng smiled and said, "Feng Xi, what are you saying? Daddy gave you a gift as a token of my appreciation. What else would I want from you? "

Feng Xi didn't say anything and looked at Feng zhengcheng quietly.

Feng Zhengcheng couldn't hold back the smile on his face because of her calm gaze.

After a while.. He explained his purpose of coming. "Xi Xi, isn't it like this? That night, didn't old master Rong and young Master Rong come to celebrate your birthday "Daddy sees that you two have a good relationship. You usually walk around with the Rong family. If there's a chance, speak up for daddy in the Rong family. "

Feng Xi's sweet face revealed a smile that was hard to tell whether it was a relieved or mocking smile.

As expected.

If Feng Zhengcheng couldn't get anything out of her, why would he come?

She didn't answer.

Feng Qi opened her mouth first and said in a haughty tone, "Feng Xi, daddy is talking to you. Did you hear that? "

Feng Xi's gaze moved from Feng Zhengcheng to Feng Qi.

She said unhurriedly, "so what if I heard it? So what if I didn't hear it? "

"If you heard it, then you have to do it, " Feng Qi said matter-of-factly.

"Qi Qi, " Feng Zhengcheng scolded her.

Feng Qi stomped her feet, a look of dissatisfaction on her face. "Daddy! Did I say something wrong? "

Feng Zhengcheng was old and smart. He knew that he and Feng Xi were not father and daughter at all. He was just using the high ground of their blood relationship to look for Feng Xi.

If he forced Feng Xi into a corner, he knew that Feng Xi was more stubborn than anyone else. It would be impossible for her to get involved with the Rong Family through Feng Xi.

At the moment, he had to repair his relationship with Feng Xi first and then work on it slowly.

Besides, even if he couldn't get into a relationship with the Rong Family through Feng Xi, with the White Star heart jewelry that young Master Rong said Feng Xi had, it would cost 120 million USD!

Such a large sum of money was already richer than the Feng family.

Because of these reasons, Feng Zhengcheng could tolerate Feng Xi's bad attitude.

"Qi Qi. "

Feng zhengcheng looked at Feng Qi sternly and met Feng Xi's expression with a loving smile. "Daddy came today to give you the letter. Since the letter has been delivered, Daddy won't disturb you anymore. Daddy will come to see you in a few days. "

Feng Xi didn't respond.

Feng Zhengcheng smiled and stuffed the letter into Feng Xi's hands.

Then he said to Feng Qi, "Qi Qi, let's go and say goodbye to your sister. "

Feng Qi snorted.

Asking her to say goodbye to Feng Xi was just showing weakness to Feng Xi, wasn't it?

She had already given Feng Xi enough face by coming to Feng Xi's shabby place with her daddy today. It was impossible for her to say goodbye.

Feng Zhengcheng saw Feng Qi's stubborn look and frowned. He didn't say anything and left with Feng Qi.


Feng Zhengcheng and Feng Qi left.

Feng Xi took the letter and entered the house.

She stared at the letter for a long time. Her little white hand trembled slightly and she wanted to open the envelope.

When her white fingertips touched the cover, she suddenly stopped.

Feng Xi took a few steps and walked to the bedside. She stuffed the letter into the bottom drawer of the bedside cabinet and started packing. She was ready to go to Tong city.

If she didn't leave now, she might not make the plane.

As for Mommy's letter... ...

It was better to say that she was avoiding it. She would read it after she returned from Tong City.

She didn't want to read the letter now.


The plane left at nine o'clock. When Feng Xi arrived in Tong City, it was already past three o'clock in the afternoon.

After arriving in a city that she was unfamiliar with, Feng Xi first found a hotel and checked in. Then, she started to think about what to do?

She came to Tong City on impulse, wanting to meet the Guan Xi that Akira Mato liked. She really came just like that.

That day, Feng Xi stayed in the hotel and rested for the whole afternoon and night.

The next day, Feng Xi planned to look for Guan Xi.

Actually, it was not right to say that she was looking for Guan Xi. That Guan Xi did not even know her. It was very rude of her to appear so suddenly. She had only come to see Guan Xi.

She just needed to take a look, take a look, and then she could go back.

Feng Xi also had Guan Xi's address. After all, Guan Xi was once an actress in s country and had a certain degree of fame. Many people knew that her spouse, Xiao Jiuyan, lived in the Xiao Mansion.

Although they knew, the security of Xiao Mansion was strict. Usually, no one would go to Xiao Mansion and say that they were going to wait for Xiao Jiuyan or Guan Xi.

If they wanted to wait for Xiao Jiuyan and Guan Xi, they might as well wait at the holy place outside the Xiao Mansion.

They could often see the extraordinarily handsome ninth master Xiao.

Occasionally, they could also see Ninth Master Xiao and Guan Xi appear together. They were very affectionate.

It was said that ninth master Xiao, who never smiled in front of others, would only smile in front of his silly little wife.

Feng Xi found out where Guan Xi was staying. After two days of waiting, she saw Guan Xi who came to the company with Ninth Master Xiao.

From Afar, Feng Xi saw Guan Xi. She was dressed very simply.

She was wearing a white t and a pair of jeans, revealing her delicate and fair ankles. Her long black hair was tied into a simple ponytail, and she had a round face the size of a palm. She smiled happily and was very likable.

At that time, she had just gotten out of the car. She raised her head and was talking to a cold and handsome man.

The man's two thick eyebrows were furrowed, and he seemed to be unhappy.

Guan Xi seemed to be smiling even more happily. Xiao Bai reached out and held the man's strong arm. She seemed to have said something, and in the next second, the handsome man's tightly furrowed brows gradually relaxed.

Guan Xi held the man's arm as they entered the Xiao Corporation's building.

From time to time, the fans beside them would sigh with emotion

"Wah Wah Wah, master Jiu is really handsome. He's really good-looking. SOB SOB SOB, why are all the good men married? ! "

"Don't think about it. Master JIU IS XIXI'S! I can choose not to get married, but the couple I'm on MUST BE SWEET! " A girl beside her clenched her small fists and said.

"Xixi and Master Jiu are really good-looking. The last time I came here, I even saw their son. He's also good-looking and has a cool and cold expression on his face. He's so cute! "

The fans took photos with their phones and discussed animatedly.

Feng Xi stared blankly.

All she could think about was the smile that Guan Xi had shown when she looked at Xiao Jiuyan.

The smile was so bright that there wasn't a trace of haze!

It was like a pampered, high and mighty Princess!

It was only a short meeting, but Feng Xi could tell that Guan Xi was a girl who was completely different from her.

She had a good background and was well-educated. Her every move was very elegant.

She was completely different from someone like her who was mistaken at birth.

So, Akira Mato liked this kind of girl!

At this moment, Feng Xi clearly knew that she couldn't compare to Guan Xi.

Akira Mato liked girls like Guan Xi. He wouldn't like her either.

It was time to go back to Jiang city.

Go back to her original life.

Just pretend that Akira Mato never appeared in her life.

She was still the Feng Xi who could live well on her own!

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