His Little Fortune Chapter 864

Chapter 864: Chapter 868 love you but don't surrender: Guan Xi asked Feng Xi, "why are you following me? ''?

Guan Xi felt that there seemed to be someone following behind her recently.

When she was in public, someone seemed to be looking at her from time to time.

She told her ninth master about this.

Ninth Master Xiao's jade-white finger tapped her forehead and said calmly, "silly madam, haven't you been watched by others outside? "

Guan Xi covered her little head with her little white hand and pouted. "Ninth Master, how am I silly? Also... what I said is different. It's not the kind of fan who chases after stars. Anyway, it's a little strange. "

After all, she was a person who kept her promise. She was still sensitive to this point.

Ninth Master Xiao's thin lips curled. His pitch-black gaze rested on the silly lady's round little face. He said slowly, "stupid everywhere. "

Guan Xi protested, "I'm not... UGH... "

Before she could finish her words, the next second, the man's tall and straight body was already approaching her. He lowered his head and pressed his thin lips down.

Guan Xi's little head was in a daze as she thought, this trick again. Did she think that she would "yield" ?

AWWW, he really gives in every time!


Although Guan Xi felt that her ninth master's words made sense. After all, she was an outdated little female star with a bit of a national culture. However, she couldn't resist her husband's fame, so she relied on her ninth master's fame She was even more famous than many female stars in the entertainment industry.

Usually, when she was on the streets, there would be people peeking at her, taking photos, and even some more daring fans would come up to her directly and ask for an autograph and a group photo.

Of course, She, Guan Xi, was so lively, cute, gentle, and kind. Usually, she would satisfy the small requests of her fans.

However, she felt that someone was watching her these two days. It was obvious that she was not a fan.

On This Day, Guan Xi brought Xiao Shengdai to the mall with two bodyguards by her side.

Actually, with Guan Xi's strength, it was better for her to protect the bodyguards than to let the bodyguards protect her.

However, with people by her side, if she was shopping, there would also be people carrying her.

Guan Xi did not specifically want to buy anything. She only brought her little ancestor around to enjoy the family time.

Under Xiao Shengdai's strong request, she even brought out the big ice cream.

The big ice cream was now a standard "big" ice cream. It weighed a little more than 100 pounds, and when it stood up, it was as tall as an adult. Its entire body was snow-white, and there was not a single strand of hair on it.

Because it was brought outside, Guan Xi properly put on a leash for the big ice cream, and also put on a mask. It was a good child to raise a dog scientifically!

Fortunately, the ice cream was also obedient. Outside, whether it was Guan Xi or Xiao Shengdai holding it, the ice cream obediently followed its owner's side, very docile.

When the passers-by saw the ice cream, they revealed an amazed expression, and one after another took out their phones to take pictures of the ice cream.

After shopping for a while, Guan Xi suddenly handed the ice cream's leash to a bodyguard.

She said to Xiao Shengdai, "little ancestor, there's a shop selling Jian Dao supplies in front. You guys go and take a look first. I'll go over later. "

Xiao Shengdai's delicate and cold face slightly frowned. He asked, "Stupid Guan Xi, what are you going to do? "

Guan Xi reached out and pinched Xiao Shengdai's face. She smiled and said, "men shouldn't ask about women's matters. "

Xiao Shengdai snorted coldly.

Guan Xi pinched Xiao Shengdai's face even harder. "I'll be back soon. Take the ice cream and go take a look. I'll be back soon. "

"Stop Pinching, Stupid Guan Xi. "

Xiao Shengdai was hurt by Guan Xi's pinching. His Chubby Hand Pushed Away Guan Xi's white hand and said disdainfully, "if you want to go, go quickly. Don't bother me. "

Guan Xi smiled and let go of Xiao Shengdai's little face. "Then I'm leaving. I'll be back soon. Buy Whatever you want. Just ask my ninth master to reimburse you. "

Xiao Shengdai laughed in his heart.

What 9th Master? Stupid Guan Xi doesn't know how to show her affection?

Ha, a married woman!


"Hey, beauty, what are you doing following me these few days? "

Feng Xi Stared blankly at Guan Xi, who was smiling at her. For a moment, she was in a daze.

Was She caught?

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