His Little Fortune Chapter 865

Chapter 865: Chapter 869 love you but don't surrender: I'm going to see Akira Mato soon

Feng Xi was stunned and didn't come back to her senses. Guan Xi asked again with a smile on her face

"Little Beauty, what are you going to do with me these two days? "

Feng Xi finally came back to her senses after Hearing Guan Xi's words. However, her gaze was fixed on Guan Xi.

She had been looking at this girl called Guan Xi from afar for the past few days and felt that she was beautiful.

Now that she was looking at her from such a close distance, she felt even more amazed!

She had a small face the size of a palm and her skin was smooth and fair like a porcelain doll, giving off a moist luster.

A cute and cute girl, especially when she looked at you with a smile, could easily make people let down their guard and have a new impression of her.

If the information she had previously looked up was correct, Guan Xi was clearly married and had children, but she had taken such good care of herself.

"Huh? "

Guan Xi smiled. "Why didn't you answer? "

She still had the patience to ask because she felt that the person in front of her who had been following her for a few days did not have any ill intentions. Otherwise, she would have already attacked.

"I... I... "

Feng Xi stammered nervously, "I... "

She did not know what to say. Could it be that she wanted to see the person Akira Mato loved?

Thinking about it, she felt uncomfortable. She also felt that this reason was terrible... ...

She had secretly come to see her love rival or something. No, she was not even qualified to be the love rival of this person called Guan Xi.

Akira Mato, whom she liked, Liked Guan Xi. It was just her secret crush.

However, at this moment, Feng Xi could not control her secret crush as she looked at Guan Xi's smiling face.

She clenched her little hands tightly and said,"... I... I want to see what kind of person Akira Mato likes..."

When she said this, Guan Xi was stunned.


Young Master... ...

Akira Mato... ...

It had been a while since she had seen this person in her mind. When he had given her a letter, she had thrown it away without even reading it.

Guan Xi couldn't tell what kind of feelings she had for Akira Mato.

Disgust, no.

It was just that as the young master of the Akira family, she had always wanted to get rid of him. Later on, because she had fallen in love with ninth master and so many things had happened in between, she didn't want to see him at all and didn't want to talk about him.

However, Akira Mato's identity was good to her. She knew it.

Unfortunately, it did not change anything.

She liked apples. Akira Mato could only give pears. She would never like pears. She only liked apples. This could never be changed.

Guan Xi was stunned for a moment. It was so fast that Feng Xi could not see the change in her expression.

She was still smiling. Then, she asked with interest, "you know Akira Mato? What is your relationship with him? Why would you want to visit me? "


Feng Xi stood in front of the Akira family's gate in country H in a daze. She had run from her own country to country s and heard a few words from that Guan Xi before running to country H to visit Akira family... ...

That Day, Feng Xi told Guan Xi about how she met Akira Mato. After Guan Xi heard it, she actually asked her if she wanted to meet Akira Mato?

She knew that meeting him might not change anything and would not result in a result, but at that moment, Feng Xi answered obsessively, "Yes. ".

Therefore, Guan Xi made a call and helped her book a plane ticket to the Akira family.

At this moment, she was standing at the entrance of the Akira family, as if she was dreaming... ...

Was she going to meet Akira Mato?

She didn't know why Guan Xi made such an arrangement, but Feng Xi could clearly feel that she was nervous, excited, and nervous... ... All kinds of mixed emotions ...

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