His Little Fortune Chapter 866

Chapter 866: Chapter 870 love you but don't surrender: Young Master, Miss Feng Xi is looking for you

As an internationally renowned Abbot, the Akira family's residence was in a quiet suburb of the capital city. It had been passed down for several generations. It occupied a large area and was connected to a few hills. The main residence was not built like a modern house or villa Instead, it was filled with the charm of an ancient garden.

At the main entrance, there were a few expressionless bodyguards standing upright. Their waists were bulging, as if there was something else on them.

Feng Xi stood at the entrance, looking at them from a distance.

This was the Akira family, but how was she going to get in?

The bodyguards at the entrance didn't look like they were to be trifled with... ...

But since Guan Xi had asked Feng Xi to come, how could she not have arranged everything? Just as Feng Xi was in a dilemma, a tall man walked out of the Akira family's main house.

Feng Xi watched as the man walked up to her, looked Feng Xi up and down, and asked, "you're Feng Xi? "

Feng Xi nodded blankly.

The man introduced himself, "my surname is Jin. Miss said you were coming, so she asked me to bring you into the Akira family to meet the young master. Come with me. "

After he finished speaking, he didn't waste any more time and directly turned around to walk into the main house.

Feng Xi clenched her little white hand and hesitated for a second or two, but still followed him.

After entering the Akira family's main house, Feng Xi followed brother Jin through a long wooden corridor. She couldn't help but ask,

"May I ask, who is miss? Guan Xi... ? "

Brother Jin was somewhat baffled by Feng Xi's question. He said coldly, "the Akira family only has one young Miss, Guan Xi. "

After a moment of silence, Feng Xi replied in a small voice,"... Oh."

She remembered what Dai said. Guan Xi was the young Master's beloved.

The only young miss really liked her... ...

She suddenly did not dare to meet Akira Mato. She felt that there was no point in her coming here.

"We're here. " At this moment, brother Jin, who was walking in front, stopped at the entrance of a building.

Feng Xi stopped as well.

Brother Jin said, "this is the sword Dojo. Young master is practicing swordsmanship inside. Miss Feng Xi, you can go in. "

Feng Xi nodded her head when she heard this. She thought for a moment, then thanked him. She lifted her little feet and went in.


Pa. Pa

As soon as she stepped into the Sword Dojo, Feng Xi heard the sound of sharp bamboo swords colliding violently.

Feng Xi looked over and her beautiful eyes widened. She saw that the people in the middle of the competition were all wearing protective masks.

She couldn't see their faces clearly, but she recognized Akira Mato at a glance.

Akira Mato had a tall and slender figure. He held his bamboo sword with both hands. He wasn't at a disadvantage against the other three. Each attack looked as elegant as playing the zither, but they were fierce and domineering when they collided.

Bang! Bang

Akira Mato, who was besieged in the middle, knocked down one person's bamboo sword. In one go, the second person, the third person, one after the other. It only took an instant for him to knock down the three sparring partners'bamboo swords.

Akira Mato raised his slender fingers and took off his protective mask. Someone beside him immediately came over and respectfully took the bamboo sword and mask from his hands.

Akira Mato, who was wearing a black taoist robe, had just finished exercising. His natural curly hair was slightly wet, and there were fine beads of sweat on his forehead.

He lightly instructed, "let's call it a day. "

"Yes, young master, " the three sparring partners answered in unison.

At this moment, brother Jin, who was standing respectfully at the entrance of the Kendo Dojo, said, "young master, this lady Feng Xi is looking for you. "

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