His Little Fortune Chapter 867

Chapter 867: Chapter 871

"Akira Mato is looking for me? "

Akira Mato immediately saw Feng Xi standing next to brother Jin. Surprise flashed across his eyes. Azure blue's gaze fell on Feng Xi as if he was surprised to see her here.

In fact, he was quite surprised as well.

After leaving country Y, he had never thought of meeting Feng Xi again, let alone in the Akira family.

However, even if it was an accident, it didn't affect Akira Mato.

After a moment of surprise, the man's beautiful thin lips held a lazy smile. He smiled and asked, "why are you here? "

He was just asking a simple question.

However, her appearance didn't affect him at all. His question caused a storm in Akira Mato's heart.

"I. . . I. . . "

Akira Mato didn't know what to say. She used to be able to talk and argue in front of Akira Mato, but now she didn't know what to say.

It was obvious that Akira Mato didn't know that she had returned. He didn't even show any joy at her appearance.

Even though he was smiling, wasn't he always smiling?

"I... " Feng Xi stuttered. Her mind was in a mess. She didn't know what to say, so she told him the truth. "Guan Xi said that you're here and that I can see you here. "

"Guan Xi? "

Akira Mato's expression changed. This name was like a painful memory to Akira Mato. The smile on his face disappeared, and his blue eyes seemed to understand the depths of the sea. "She asked you to come? "

No matter how neurotic Feng Xi was, she could still feel Akira Mato's sudden change in aura.

She subconsciously whispered, "yes... yes. "

Akira Mato frowned and asked, "why did you come to see me? "

Because I missed you, so I wanted to see you!

Feng Xi thought that if she answered this question, it would be no different from a confession.

To... ... Say it ? ?

If she said it, she would be rejected.

Judging from Akira Mato's reaction just now, as expected, Guan Xi was the person he loved the most.

But... ... Weren't you going to say it ? ?

If she wasn't going to say it, then why did she come all the way from two countries to come here?

And if she wasn't going to say it, it didn't fit Feng Xi's style either!

Feng Xi made up her mind. She raised her little head and looked straight at Akira Mato. "because I like you. "

Akira Mato didn't seem surprised by Feng Xi's answer. Instead, he asked another question. "You said the same thing to Guan Xi, so she asked you to meet me? "

Feng Xi nodded."... Yes."

As soon as she finished speaking, Akira Mato started laughing maniacally. "Hahahaha, Hahahaha... so that's how it is, so that's how it is... "

He laughed so hard that it was as if he could not breathe. The man's maniacal and hysterical laughter gave Feng Xi a fright.

Had she said something strange?

"really... "

She opened her mouth and wanted to say something, but Akira Mato reached out to the Guardian beside him and the Guardian respectfully handed him his phone.

Akira Mato's slender fingers swiped across the screen a few times as if he was making a call. He walked towards the entrance of the Dojo. Feng Xi lifted her little feet and was about to take the first step when brother Jin reached out to Stop Feng Xi. "please wait here, Miss Feng Xi. "

Feng Xi forcefully stopped her little feet. "Oh, " she said and obediently stayed where she was.

Akira Mato's call was quickly picked up. It seemed that he was not surprised that he would call her. As soon as the call was picked up, Guan Xi called first

"Akira Mato, what's the matter? "

He had not heard her voice for a long time. Even though he was on the other end of the phone, his heart still palpitated. However, she had called him by his first name, which completely severed their relationship.

"Why did you do that? " Akira Mato's bewitching voice was lowered.

How Could Guan Xi not know what he was talking about? She said, "because she likes you. "

"She likes me If she likes me, you let her come to see me. Then what Are you thinking of saying that you'll send her over, that I'll be with her, and that I'll stop thinking about you "Guan Xi, YOU'RE SO CRUEL! " Akira Mato couldn't control his emotions.

What was Guan Xi Doing?

What was she doing?

"cruel? " Guan Xi chuckled on the other end of the phone. "Akira Mato, it's not like I've never done something more cruel. "

Compared to asking Feng Xi to meet Akira Mato, the things she had done to give him face were much more cruel.

"And you asked me to stab Master Jiu. Aren't you cruel for killing Master Jiu? It's the same for you. "

Akira Mato closed his eyes.

That's right.

Xi was right.

She had never had him in her heart. How could she be ruthless when she did anything to him?

At this moment, Guan Xi's voice sounded in the microphone again Surprisingly, it was a little gentle. "Akira Mato, I sent her to see you. I didn't mean what you think. She came to s from country Y, and now she's going to h to see you. I just want you to know that relationships can't be forced. I like Akira Mato, so I won't be with you. And she likes you. As for whether or not you'll be with her or do anything to her, it has nothing to do with me. "

She was someone who kept her promise to begin with. Other than her ninth master and Xiao Shengdai, there were a few other people that she cared about. The matters of others really didn't enter her heart and weren't worth her time.

Cold-blooded or cruel.

She was such a person.

Akira Mato was silent for a long time.

After a long while, he opened his thin lips and said in a slightly suppressed voice, "I understand. "

After saying that, he wanted to cut off the call... ...

"Brother! "

At this moment, Guan Xi called out.

Akira Mato's body stiffened.

On the other end, Guan Xi didn't care if he was listening or not She said to herself,"... ... Let's forget about the incident with ninth master. Although I don't love you, I don't hate you as much as I think or think about you. You're the young master, the head of the Akira family, and my master. I know that you treat me well. If you don't have to be stuck in a relationship, I still hope that you can live a good life from every angle."

I hope that he can live a good life.

It wasn't as if Guan Xi didn't know how hard Akira Mato's journey had been.

If possible, she hoped that he could lead a normal life in the future. He would cry, laugh, and be happy.

Then, there was someone beside him.

After she finished speaking.

She directly hung up the phone.

"Do you want him to lead a good life? "

Guan Xi was still holding the phone in her little white hand when a warm and strong figure leaned over from behind her. The man's large hand held the girl's slender waist as he said calmly, "who is the silly madam on the phone with? HMM? "

His cold tone rose slightly. Guan Xi knew that ninth master was jealous.

He was clearly a cold and aloof prince charming. How could he be jealous so easily?

She turned around and tiptoed. She smiled at ninth master Xiao's cold and elegant face and said, "there's no one. It was someone else who called me. I dismissed them with a few words. "

Ninth Master Xiao's dark and Deep Eyes looked at Guan Xi.

Guan Xi quickly stretched out her two little white hands and said in a soft and coquettish tone, "ninth master, I want a hug! "

Ninth Master Xiao:"..."

Akira Mato stared blankly at the darkened phone screen. He stood there for more than ten minutes before he came back to his senses.

His beautiful thin lips slowly curved into a very shallow arc. Then, that arc turned into a bitter smile. Finally, it slowly turned into a true sense of relief.

He turned around and walked back to the Dojo.

Feng Xi was still standing there. When she saw him come in, she thought of how he had looked when he had just left and thought that he was angry. That was true. It was very abrupt for her to suddenly come here and confess. He probably didn't like it very much.

"Mato... " she spoke.

Just as she spoke, he interrupted her. "You like me? How much? "

"Eh? "

She was stunned for a second before her eyes met his Sapphire Blue Eyes. She nodded without hesitation, "I like you. I want... I want to be with you. "


She would become greedy. Wanting to be together was a natural thought.

"I've thought it through. " Akira Mato's eyes were filled with a faint smile. He said gently, "If you want to stay by my side, you have to give up on yourself and become a contract keeper? "

Feng Xi was confused. "contract keeper? "


Three months later.

Xiao Mansion.

Xiao Shengdai asked the Butler, "Little Madam, Young Master, do you think this arrangement is okay? "

Xiao Shengdai looked at it and nodded. "Yes, I'll have to trouble GRANDPA. "

Guan Xi said, "IT'S GREAT! "

The entire Xiao Mansion's large living room was decorated like a small banquet hall.

Guan Xi touched the big ice cream's furry head and asked, "ice cream, isn't it your birthday today? Are you happy? "

"WOOF WOOF! " Ice Cream barked a few times excitedly and circled around a few more times, unable to suppress his excitement.

It was its birthday, and it had a cake that it could enjoy for itself.

The venue was set up, and not long after, ninth master Xiao returned from the company. Shi Budai and Mu Yixun also came along.

Shi Budai was now treating Mu Yixun, who was pregnant, like a horse. He held Mu Yixun's waist with one hand and said as he walked, "wife, slow down. There's a balloon here, don't touch it. Let's sit first. This SOFA is softer... you sit here. "

Mu Yixun sat on the sofa that Shi Budai had mentioned and said coldly, "noisy. "

"Yes, yes, yes. I'm noisy. I won't talk about it anymore. "

Shi Budai immediately expressed his stance. "Wife, what do you want to eat? I'll go to old Xiao's kitchen to get it for you. "

He knew that old Xiao doted on his sister-in-law and secretly prepared many top-notch ingredients and fruits for her.

If he didn't go and get some for his wife, he would be letting himself down.

Mu Yixun said indifferently, "anything. "

"Okay! "

"Anything is fine. " Shi Budai understood it this way.

Besides Shi Budai and Mu Yixun, Xiao Jingming and Bai Xiaomi also attended big ice cream's birthday party.

Halfway through the party, Xiao Shengdai put on a happy birthday hat and blew out the candles for ice cream.

Just as he was about to give the cake to ice cream, a servant came in with a man and a woman.

The Servant said, "Little Madam, Mr. Zhen and Miss Feng are here. "

Mr. Zhen and Miss Feng.

The people who came were Akira Mato and Feng Xi.

When he saw Akira Mato, ninth master Xiao's cold face was stern. Shi Budai was even more furious. "Akira Mato, why are you here? "

As he spoke, he glanced at Mu Yixun.

When his wife saw Akira Mato appear, she wouldn't... ...

Mu Yixun didn't use any excited or happy expression. She called out calmly and respectfully, "young master. "

Akira Mato nodded. "Okay. "

Shi Buji looked at him warily. "Akira Mato, what are you trying to do? You're not welcome here. Leave quickly and I'll tell you that I, Shi Buji, am not afraid of you! "

He finished in one breath.

Akira Mato smiled and said, "my sister invited me to her birthday party, so I came. "

"sister? " Shi Budai was stunned.

What sister?

At this moment, Guan Xi said something to 9th Master. She walked over from behind Shi Budai, holding 9th Master's hand. She looked at Akira Mato and then at Feng Xi. She smiled and said, "I'm very happy that you guys can come. "

Akira Mato also smiled and said, "okay. "

"Hello, Feng Xi. " Guan Xi greeted Feng Xi.

"Hello, " Feng Xi replied a little cautiously.

She did not become Akira Mato's keeper, but she followed him.

She knew that Akira Mato Liked Guan Xi, but perhaps one day, she would like him.

She would wait and wait forever.

This was enough. She was very happy.

"Just in time for cake, " Guan Xi said with a smile.

Apart from preparing a cake for the ice cream, she also prepared a cake for them to eat.

"Let's take a picture together! "

After the birthday party, Bai Xiaomi took out a small dslr from her bag and suggested.

"Sure! " Guan Xi agreed.

"Sure, leave a pregnant photo for my wife! " Shi Budai was in high spirits.

Everyone lined up.

Lord Jiu, Guan Xi, Xiao Shengdai, Akira Mato, Feng Xi, Shi Budai, Mu Yixun, Xiao Jingming, Bai Xiaomi, Butler Xiang, and ice cream... Click.


Click the shutter!

A family photo!

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