Hot My Sassy crown Princess Chapter 293

Chapter 293 Calm Before The Storm 1

Since Lou Yu and others offered the one-horned tiger to the Blood-eyed King Tiger, the Sunset Forest suddenly became quiet.

Lou Yu and other people found some time and went to visit the Blood-eyed King Tiger. Now the king tiger was like living in heaven. Except having coitus with the one-horned tiger every day, nothing was in his mind already.

After the beast tide receded, Lou Yu and others suddenly felt at loose ends, and when people got nothing to do, they would be easy to daydream.

“Su Rong, I want to discuss something with you.” Zheng Xuan looked at Su Rong, saying with a serious tone.

Su Rong looked at him alertly, “What is it?”

Zheng Xuan twitched his mouth, “Su Rong, don’t so guard against me! Actually its some good news.”

Su Rong sneered, “The weasel pays a New Year’s call to the chicken. Will you still think of me if its something good?"

Zheng Xuan’s face slightly reddened, and he said solemnly, “It is really something good. You know, Qian Ye got injured. So we discussed about it and want you to move in with him to take care of him."

Su Rong rolled his eyes and said, “You call a good thing asking me to take care of the wounded? How dare you?”

Zheng Xuan said with a serious face, “Su Rong, you should know, Qian Ye is a big star! Do you know how many people want to stay in the same room with him and how many people are dreaming to share one bed with him? You know…”

Su Rong folded his arms and watched the passionate Zheng Xuan, “Since the opportunity is so rare, why don’t you grab it yourself?" Su Rong thought in the mind: You know, stars! You can only appreciate them from afar, but if you look at them closely…It’s really terrible.

Zheng Xuan said with an embarrassing tone, “I have Yiyi now, how can go take care of Qian Ye? Yiyi will misunderstand me."

Su Rong looked at Zheng Xuan face written with sweet happiness, feeling kind of upset in the heart.

“Qian Ye, is he even a wounded? I remember that small cut has been healed already!” Su rong was confused.

“Oh, that was all before, yesterday he got injured again?” Zheng Xuan said with a faint tone.

"Got injured yesterday? But there was no beast tide yesterday!” Su Rong was puzzled.

“Yesterday Qian Ye wore too much perfume, which attracted bees to sting him. You can never imagine! Qian Ye got swollen all over and he screamed like butchering a pig.” Zheng Xuan said with a gloating tone.

Su Rong helplessly shook his head, “Qian Ye is so unlucky recently!”

Zheng Xuan looked at Su Rong, full of expectations, "So, what do you say? Su Rong, you go take care of Qian Ye."

Su Rong chuckled and said with a straight face, “You wish!”

Zheng Xuan wore a bitter face, looking at Su Rong, “Su Rong! You are always sandwiched between me and Yiyi, you know. Thats not good!”

Su Rong’s face suddenly went stiff. Zheng Xuans words were really hurtful!

Zheng Xuan looked at Su Rong’s face, still wouldnt give up, “Rongrong, Qian Ye is a level seven star magician anyway, who can give you some advice! Look at you! As weak as a chicken. If you could get some advice from him, perhaps also you can become a little stronger!”

Su Rong squinted at Zheng Xuan unfriendly, “Who did you say is weak like a chicken?” Anyway he could be counted as a young talent while Zheng Xuan incredibly said he was weak like a little chicken???

Zheng Xuan smiled awkwardly and said, “A slip of the tongue, a slip of the tongue, you absolutely are not like a chicken, you at least like a chicken’s head.”

Su Rong, ""

Zheng Xuan looked at Su Rong’s ferocious face, “Take it as I said nothing.”

“I’ll go take care of Qian Ye.” Su Rong said with a flat tone.

Zheng Xuan stared at Su Rong, full of excitement, “So you agreed?”

Su Rong nodded and said, “Yeah.”

“Great, now that you’re gone, perhaps Yiyi and I will become more intimate.” Zheng Xuan was ecstatic.

Su Rong looked at Zheng Xuan, wearing a bad smile, “Dont celebrate too early. With me here, Yiyi can’t bear to let you sleep on the floor, so he would occasionally allow you to share one bed with him. As I move out, just wait to be kicked out of his bed…"

Zheng Xuan said with a tangled tone, “Su Rong, how can you curse me?”

Su Rong coldly snorted, and did not talk to Zheng Xuan anymore.

Su Rong tidied up his bed, and then went to Qian Yes room holding the quilt.

On seeing Su Rong, Qian Ye immediately got cheered up, “Rongrong, only one day I didnt see you, but it already feels like three years. I missed you so much!"

Su Rong rolled his eyes at him, saying with a cold tone, “But I don’t miss you.”

Qian Ye, ""

“How can you not miss me since I miss you so much? I really want to cry!” complained Qian Ye.

Su Rong squinted at Qian Ye and said, “Just cry if you want. Ill go get a bottle, your blood is so valuable, presumably your tears are also worth a lot. I get a bottle for you to collect it, such precious things can not be wasted."

Qian Ye, ""

“Rongrong, I got stung by bees, I am so poor.” said Qian Ye with a pitiful tone.

Su Rong shrugged his shoulders and said, “Thats only because you are too charming. The bees stung no one else but only you."

Qian Ye, ""

“Rongrong, you ever said, if one saves your life, you would devote yourself to that person!” said Qian Ye in grievance.

Su Rong hesitated and said, “Do you want me to do you?”

Qian Ye, ""

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