Human God Of One Piece Chapter 18

18 Pluton

Alabasta Kingdom docks. In a ship.

Kuina: Beth when do you think they should arrive.

Beth: It should be soon they have been over there for about 5 hours.

Suddenly in the distance a giant shadow could be seen coming their way quickly.

Kuina: What is that? It's huge.

As the shadow approached more it's details could be seen it was a ship full of metal it didn't looked like a warship at all or a ship made for battle. Someone was on top of the ship looking better it was their captain Larch.

Larch: Ladies come on aboard you can bring the hostages.

Kuina: Larch-kun what ship is this?

Larch: You will see when you come aboard.

As they came aboard carrying Crocodile and Robin, who was now awake and seeing all this, followed Larch inside the ship to a control room where Nojiko and Mars were doing their best to manage the ship.

Larch: Here is how we control the ship from what we learned so far it has 2 form which are Travel and Battle, but there is also many sub forms. For now we are using the travel form, but in case of an attack it has a self-defensive system were it immediately transforms to Battle form. We still have only seen the Battle form but don't know it's potential but knowing that it's a Ancient Weapon it must be great. For know Nojiko will guide you to see the ship, in that time we will set sail. Nojiko there is an island above Paradise, the first half of the Grand Line, so can you and Mars to use the controls of Pluton to make it fly into the sky and get to Skypeia.

Nojiko: We still don't know if it can do that, but we can try.

As she said that she touched some controls.

Kuina: How does Nojiko-san knows what the controls do?

Larch: OH about that we found a instruction manual.

As he said that he brought out of his bag a large book.

Larch: During this time everyone needs to read it.

Nojiko: Larch-kun i found a way. It will be a turbulent one.

Larch: Do it. In that time i will be at the practice room.

Everyone sensed something odd about their captain.

Beth: Captain why will you be training in the time of travelling?

Larch paused then turned to look at his crew and saw that everyone had a look of concern as they haven't seen their captain like this in any moment before. Seeing their concern Larch bad feeling about this increased.

Larch: Don't worry.

Saying that he turned his back to them and walked deep inside the ship.

Kuina: Larch-kun....

Beth: Does anyone sense something bad?

Nojiko: We just have to do what Larch-kun says as his plans ever go wrong? No. So we just have to trust him this time as well. Let's go i will show you the ship at the same time we can leave the prisoners.

In the training room, Larch stood in the middle of it with his katanas in his hands.

Larch: "What is this bad feeling am i getting it?"




Moving both of his katanas two energy slashes emerged from the katanas, one of them red and the other purple, after a while they vanish right before they touched the walls.

Larch: "I can't concentrate, since my enlightenment it's as been hard to use the swords what is going on? If it wasn't the Armament Haki, i couldn't defeat Crocodile. At least my sword aura is getting better, but it's also starting to get a little out of control."

As he was thinking he felt that the ship was starting to fly causing his balance to crumble.

Larch: "I need to increase my strength if i want to face Enel."

As he begun concentrating the room was filled with a demonic sharp aura.

1 week later. In the white sea.


Crocodile: Good damn if we are going use the same way to go down i rather stay here even if it means in death than flying in this fucking tin can.

As he said he kick the deck of Pluton.

Robin: At least it ended.

Kuina: How much time to Skypiea?

Nojiko: We should arrive in a few minutes it can be seen in the distance already. Larch-kun still hasn't came out since that day did he?

Kuina: No, his behaviour is worrying me.

Beth: If captain is worried then we should be too.

Mars: There is nothing to worry about, big brother can do anything.

Crocodile: Even so your big brother is worry about something and you still think that he can do anything, then you must even dumber that i though.


As Crocodile respond Mars insulting him and his big brother. Mars dashed to Crocodile side then punched in the head to the deck, making the sound of explosion, even with that attack the deck didn't even bent showing the resilience of Pluton.

Mars: I don't care that you insult me but don't insult big brother. You can't imagine the effort he puts in so that we can lead an easy life.

Nojiko: Let him go Mars, we have arrived.

As she was saying she docked Pluton. At the same time in Upper Yard a man stood watching them.

Enel: What are they doing here? And who are they? Let's go take a closer look.

Transforming into lighting Enel disappeared from there.

In the ship.

Nojiko: Since Larch-kun still hasn't come out of his training we will explore the island and get information the more the merrier.

Kuina: Still someone should stay in the ship to keep an eye on the prisoners.

Beth: Nojiko-san i think that you should stay here, recently didn't you develop the telepathy spell. If so you can use it to communicate with everyone.

Nojiko: Okay with this everything is settle down. Now spread out.
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