Husbands Lovely Wife Chapter 111

110 Drop You Home?

Coming out of the police station senior Xu praised Zhi Ruo, "That was a smart work. The way you handled him was impressive considering this is your first case."

"Thankyou Senior".

Opening the co-pilot seat for Zhi Ruo senior Xu gestured for her to sit before taking his seat as a driver.

Looking at his watch, Senior Xu asked," It's already time to leave office, do you want me to drop you home or office?"

"Let's go back to office, I need to pick up my stuff." answered Zhi Ruo after thinking for some time.

While driving Senior Xu suddenly spoke, "Zhi Ruo"


"Some times the criminals have a peculiar mind. Try to not be so close to them. I don't want you getting hurt."......

'I won't be able to bear it' but the last part didn't come out of his throat.

Looking at senior, Zhi Ruo smiled and said as if it wasn't a big deal, "I wasn't scared because you were present, when I will be alone, I will be careful."

patting senior Xu's shoulder Zhi Ruo added, "Don't worry Senior."

"Do you trust me that much?" asked Senior Xu while his hands tightened on the stearing wheel in anticipation of her answer.

"You are my senior, who has helped me in my thesis and has also recommended me, ofcourse I trust you." answered Zhi Ruo unaware of how deeply her answer had affected him.

Coming back to the office, Zhi Ruo spoke looking at the almost empty office, "It seems everyone left."

"Yes. Do you want me to drop you home."

Packing her stuff she replied, "No, I already have a ride. Thankyou senior."

Packing her stuff she was about to leave when she thought and decided to wait for Senior Xu to leave together.

After waiting for more than ten minutes when he did not come out Zhi Ruo knocked on the door and said, "Senior, Aren't you leaving?"

Hearing Zhi Ruo calling him out he came out of his stupor and wiping his moist eyes he got up.

Quickly coming out of his office, he asked with a surprised look on his face," You are still here?"

There was an invisible happiness in his eyes...

"I was waiting for you. Are you done?"

"Yes, let's go, I am done." controlling his happiness Senior Xu gestured her to start walking.

Walking together with her senior, Zhi Ruo spoke after arranging her sentence, "Senior"


"Senior, work is important. But you should also take care of your health. I heard you don't go on lunch on time, if you keep doing this it might affect your body in the long run.

I usually don't interfere in someone's life, but you are such a good person, I don't want you to suffer anything.

Okay, Bye senior Xu." explained Zhi Ruo

"Zhi Ruo, I will see you tomorrow." said senior with an unfathomable hope in his eyes

"Yes, see you tomorrow senior." said Zhi Ruo smiling and left.

Looking at Zhi Ruo's back which was going farther and farther away Xu Beihan smiled mockingly on himself while he thought,

'What have I done?

What am I doing?

Even after knowing that I can't be close to her I am still the closest to her.

Why am I trying to be close to her?

Why does she trust me?

What have I ever done to receive her trust?

Am I even worthy of her trust...?

How will I atone for the crimes that have already been done?

How will I love her when these heart of mine has already turned ice cold....

How will I hold her hands when these hands of mine are already soiled with blood......

Blood of her loved one's...'

While Xu Beihan was busy in the endless questions that were killing him, a warm hand was placed on his shoulder followed by a voice trying to giving him strength, "You have done nothing wrong. You have infact saved someone much more closer to her."

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