Hypnosis System Chapter 16

Chapter 16: Chapter 16: The Quest

Arriving home Rebeca parks her car and then enters inside the house leaving her shoes at the entrance.

Walking towards the kitchen she opens the door and sees Irina preparing dinner while Mike was waiting for her to finish.

"Hi Irina, hi honey, how was your day?"

"Hi mom, for me it was fine, I only had a few tests for today at college, how was your day at work?"

"Hey mom, it was a good day for me, didn't have any problem at work, hehe I even sold some expensive clothes to some clients"

"I'm glad to hear that your doing well at work, my day was much better than usual I didn't have any annoying clients today".

"Dinner it's almost ready, take a seat mom", while Irina was finishing preparing dinner Mike was looking at the notifications for today.

- System Notification -

"You received 100 points, for the order given to the target "Rebeca" to give you a morning blowjob"

"Because the host hypnotized a target with less willpower than him, you received 10 points"

"Because the host hypnotized a target with less willpower than him, you received 10 points"

"Because the host hypnotized a target with less willpower than him, you received 10 points"

"You received 100 points, for the order given to the target "Cici" to buy something expensive"

"You received 100 points, for the order given to the target "Claus" to buy something expensive"

"You received 100 points, for the order given to the target "Darin" to buy something expensive"

"You received 10 points, for the order given to the target..."

"You received 10 points, for the order given to the target..."

"You received 50 points, for the order given to the target..."

"Host has aquired 500 HP"

Beside the headache he had when he hypnotise 3 people again, everything else was fine he made some HP today and tomorrow he would go to do the quest.

"Now I'm quite sure that the headache happens when I use [Hypnotise] in the same day on more than 2 targets doesn't matter if I make a pause of 2h or half a day the headache still happens if I [Hypnotise] 3 targets".

Eating dinner and making small talk with his family Mike rose up telling them "I'm going to take a shower and then sleep, I'm tired ' and my head still hurts a little', wish you good night girls".

"Ok brother, good night", Irina said this as she was washing dishes.

"Good night honey!", Rebeca tells him while cleaning the table.

He smiles at them and walks towards the bathroom to take a shower.

After showering he goes to his room and falls like a rock on his bed looking at his [System Panel] smiling before closing his eyes and sleep.

- System Panel -

System level: 8

Points for next level: 8630/13000

Hypnosis Points: 5230


Name: Mike Reed

Age: 19


Health: Healthy

Will: 51


Inspect - Inspect a person and see his details, host must see the target.

Hypnosis - "Host can hypnotise a person at his choice, host need to look at the target in the eyes or to touch them when he uses this skill, the skill is based on the host will, the more will host has the better chances are to succed, if the target has lower will than the host hypnosis will have a 90% chance to work on the target. Host can rise his will by puting his HP (hypnosis points) in will stat." -"Host can make the target to remember the order and execute it as if it were normal for the target to do such a thing!"

- Trigger for waking up the target: clapping your hands

- "Host can use [Hypnosis] on the target of his choice without looking at them in the eyes or touching them, but the host needs to be close to the target".

- Quest Tab -

Quest 4 -

- Requirements: Hypnotise two specific targets

Target Name: Ares Kim

Coordinates: xx41 - xx53 , the system will guide you to the specific location

Target Name: John Star

Coordinates: xx31 - xx25 , the system will guide you to the specific location

- Penalties: Deducing all HP, exp (HP) and losing the chance to get a new quest

- Rewards: 2/3 part of a new skill and 4000 HP, and unlocking a new quest, host will acquired the skill once he gets all the parts

- Time: 2 days

Waking up in the morning and feeling his body heavy, he opens his eyes and looks at the ceiling then down and he sees Rebeca his maid doing her morning duty helping him with his morning wood by giving him a blowjob.

Finishing her duty Rebeca cleans his cock with her tongue and then rise from his bed looking at him, smiling she says "Good morning honey, breakfast is ready", after that she leaves the room.

Rising up from his bed, he goes to bathroom to do his morning routine and then to the kitchen for breakfast.

Finishing breakfast, he calls his boss "Hi Maria, I can't come today at work, I'll see you tomorrow"

"Hi Master, it's no problem, thanks for letting me know, bye"


Closing the call, he walks towards his sister and kisses her hard for a few minutes then stares at his mom with a smile.

Rebeca walks towards him smiling she puts her hands around his neck and kiss him battling for a few minutes with his tongue. None of them are minding or questioning his actions like it's normal for them to do this.

Saying goodbye to them he leaves the house going where the system guides him for the quest with a smile on his face "Hehe I like how things changed, now I can do this things without hiding them at home, and I will do much more than kissing with both of them".

Taking a taxi he tells the driver where to go by guiding him when to take a left or right spending more then 2 hours on the road and costing him some money.

Finally arriving at his destination he pays the driver and exits the car, going on foot the rest of the way, taking him another 15 minutes.

Mike arrives at a big complex entering inside he sees a lot of people, thinking that the system again is messing with him.

- System Notification -

- "Host has arrived at his destination"

"Are you kidding me!!, you god-damned system, I came here and what I see is a lot o people how the fuck do I find the target...Fuck!!!"

"Oke calm down Mike, let's think don't rush things, there has to be a way to find him and if not I will inspect every single one".

Looking at the closest people to him he uses [Inspect] on them, not wasting anymore time on uslles thoughts. A bunch of details appears in front of his eyes.

- Target Details -

Name: Ian Rod

Age: 30

Health: Cold (has a cold)

Will: 31

- Target Details -

Name: Laura Mur

Age: 25

Health: Healthy

Will: 40

- Target Details -

Name: Tom Duc

Age: 33

Health: Fever

Will: 20

"Fuck! this is gonna take to long to find him like this, should I go to some stores, maybe a coffee shop inside this complex is better...I don't know".

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