Hypnosis System Chapter 17

Chapter 17: Chapter 17: Target

He walks towards the coffee shop while inspecting guys that he pass, hoping to find the target.

Arriving at the coffee shop door, he opens it and enters inside looking at the people that are inside.

Mike doesn't waste time and he [Inspects] all the guys. A bunch of windows appear in front of his eyes.

- Target Details -

Name: Tim Ron

Age: 20

Health: Healthy

Will: 30(30)

- Target Details -

Name: Rok Dree

Age: 25

Health: Healthy

Will: 20(20)

- Target Details -

Name: Rem Cab

Age: 24

Health: Healthy

Will: 40(40)

- Target Details -

Name: Cris Don

Age: 30

Health: Healthy

Will: 50(50)

- Target Details -

Name: Zac Ning

Age: 26

Health: Healthy

Will: 35(35)

Looking through them, he still doesn't find his target here, so he chose to leave right away trying to cover a much larger area.

"Right now I'm alone and this is not very efficient...I think I will have to call Ryan and his GF to come and help me,they only need to ask guys their names, with three people is faster".

Taking his phone out he calls Ryan, "Hey man I need your help, can you come here: xx41 - xx53 and bring your GF with you".

"Hey dude, yeah sure I change my clothes and I'm on my way, I will call Denisa and tell her to be ready so I can pick her up with my car and come to you".

"Thanks man, see ya"

"See ya there".

Closing the call Mike starts inspecting even more guys that he meets while walking through the complex building.

He spends one hour and half walking around and using his skill on guys with no luck at all trying to find the target, his phone starts ringing and he looks at the screen and see Ryan's name, he answers.

"Ryan, where are you right now?"

"I just entered inside the complex, should I wait for you here?"

"No, come to the second floor and take the first left and I'll be there"

"Oke, bye".

He meets with them very shortly after the call ends and he starts telling what they have to do "So listen here go around the second, floor inside the store asking any guys you see their names and if one of them tells you this name: Ares Kim".

They separate and start asking around every guy they meet, in stores and shops.

"Hi guys, can you tell me your names?, I'm in a contest and I need to find a guy named Ares Kim"

"Hi beauty, if you tell us your name, we'll do the same"

"My name is Denisa, nice to meet you" she raises her hand to shake theirs.

"Form the left to right our names are: Tim, Greg, Raul, Dan and Nik, nice to meet you" they shake hands with her.

"Thank you for your help, bye!"

"No problem, see ya".

Some of them answer their questions and some ignore them when asked.

"Hey dudes, I'm in a contest and I have to find a guy named Ares Kim, could you please tell me your names?".

They stare at Ryan for a few seconds before answering "Sure, name's Charlie, mine is Chuck and I'm Donald"

"Thanks for the help, bye"

Leaving them he moves on to ask others.

Mike enters in sports store and moves through the shelf inspecting he guys inside looking for his target.

- Target Details -

Name: Jake Mill

Age: 30

Health: Healthy

Will: 30(30)

- Target Details -

Name: Radu Crof

Age: 26

Health: Healthy

Will: 35(35)

- Target Details -

Name: Zac Fax

Age: 40

Health: Healthy

Will: 44(44)

- Target Details -

Name: Rick Taab

Age: 34

Health: Healthy

Will: 55(55)

Finishing inspecting all the guys inside, he exist the store and moves on to the other stores.

They spent three hours on the second floor, asking and moving around trying to find the guy but with no success, they meet up and decide to go 3rd floor.

Arriving at the 3rd floor the separate and start asking around just like the previous floor.

Walking towards a group of guys who are resting on a bench, she tells them the same words, that she's in a contest and ask their names.

Some of them answer her while others don't want to, so she says her thanks and leave.

Time passes as they try to cover more ground and find the target, not having any luck on the 3rd floor they meet again and share their findings.

"I assume that no one had any luck on this floor", Ryan speaks first.

"Nop, I even asked some girls maybe they know him, but yeah that failed... *sigh*", Denisa replys.

"Let's go down to the 1st floor and try again, it's almost time for closing", Mike speaks last.

They start going down to the first floor determined to find him today.

Arriving at the first floor, once again they use the tactic "divide and conquer" but in their case is separate and ask, hoping for a bit of luck.

They spend the rest of the day searching but no luck in finding him, they need to leave the complex because it's time for closing the building.

They leave the building but they stop at the entrance, Mike tells them "You two can go home, thanks for the help, I will stay until everyone leaves".

"Nah we leave together, we can wait, right?" he ask Denisa.

"Yes, we are going to take a break on the bench in the park", she replies to Mike and starts moving towards the bench.

"If you say so, wait for me then".

Mike continues to stare at the people leaving the building inspecting everyone, a bunch of windows with details appears in front of his eyes.

He sees a lot of new people's details and he hopes that the target is still here.

After 20 minutes of waiting he starts losing confidence in finding the target today and waivers in his decision to stay here until the last person.

Lost in his thought, he hears a sound in his head *Ding* , and a notification appears.

- System Notification -

-Target "Ares Kim" is close to the Host

He's dumbfounded for a few seconds, swearing at the system for not informing him, that the system can sens the target.

He quickly looks around him trying to find that person, he sees a guy with blonde hair, shorter than him by a few inches, closing the door of the building after everyone left.

He [Inspect] the target.

- Target Details -

Name: Ares Kim

Age: 43

Health: Healthy

Will: 67(67)

Tip: "The host is advised to try to hypnotize targets with more will than him if he wants more points"

Chance of success - 30% good luck host :)


Failure - "If the host fails to hypnotised the target, host will lose the sight of an eye, you have been warned!".

Mike smiles that he finally found him, he quickly put some HP in will to raise it over the target will.

- System Panel -

System level: 8

Points for next level: 8630/13000

Hypnosis Points: 3530


Name: Mike Reed

Age: 19


Health: Healthy

Will: 68

Consuming 1700 HP he raised his will to 68, Mike starts walking towards him and uses [Hypnotise].

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