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Description I am Supreme Spread or announce my might in the world, I am the Supreme Medicinal material is poison if it cannot cure; a man who does not become a god will perish as ashes ……… Heavenly order has flaws, humanly world has injustice Cast aside romance, for evils prevail Misery brings forth kindness, rage won’t lead to disputes Beyond principles and rules, let me carry out the execution Spread my might in the world, slaughter injustice of the world Blade in hand, passion in heart; Passing judgement for life or death, sentenced by heroes with the blade, Staring at the world with cold eyes, I have no regrets in my life ………. Yun Yang is the central figure of the Nine Supremes of Yutang, heroes of the world. When the Nine supremes were ambushed and killed at Tianxuan Cliff, Yun Yang was the only one to escape the massacre albeit with heavy internal injuries. Watch as he takes revenge for his brothers against all those involved. 我是至尊

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I Am Supreme Chapters

Time uploaded
1038 Rank Change4 months ago
1033 Prosperous4 months ago
1026 Begin5 months ago
1021 A Dim Future5 months ago
1018 A Fools Camp5 months ago
1016 Hu Xiaofan5 months ago
1013 Loss5 months ago
999 Good Idea5 months ago
997 The Yao Core5 months ago
983 The Qi Of Dao7 months ago
977 Pros And Cons7 months ago
967 Whetstones7 months ago
965 The Gathering7 months ago
964 Faster8 months ago
947 Transcendence9 months ago
945 A Blackguard9 months ago
941 A Massive Scam10 months ago
929 Worth It Too10 months ago
927 Got It10 months ago
926 Barge In10 months ago
923 Who Is There?11 months ago
920 He Doesnt Care11 months ago
919 Yi Tuo12 months ago
914 New Blood12 months ago
912 Talent12 months ago
906 Operation Two12 months ago
904 Fencing12 months ago
901 So Many Gemsone year ago
898 How Powerfulone year ago
889 It Has Begunone year ago
888 Understoodone year ago
886 Ranks Pathone year ago
885 Defeatedone year ago
875 My Majordomoone year ago
874 A Slim Chanceone year ago
869 Fightone year ago
867 A Buffoonone year ago
858 Hes Ouone year ago
851 Helpone year ago
850 A Pure Hearone year ago
849 Why?one year ago
809 Finallyone year ago
807 This Journeyone year ago
805 Already Lateone year ago
800 Yun Yangs Gifone year ago
795 Aunt Meione year ago
795 Aunt Mayone year ago
794 Watch Meone year ago
793 Stunnedone year ago
783 Lost In Lifeone year ago
Chapter 729: Go2 years ago
Chapter 242 Why2 years ago
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