I Am Supreme Chapter 1017

1015 The Martial World Is Hahaha

The Residence of Nine Supremes was then filled with hustle and bustle like never before.

The warehouse was filled with endless resources, and the library grew substantially while professionals tended to medical matters.

The education for the children there did not stop at martial arts and cultivation as they now included literacy and academic factors as well.

Contrary to the past, the Residence of Nine Supremes' atmosphere has changed as a result.

With as many as five to six thousand children together in a single spot, noise and ruckus was something to be expected. However, the entire place was quiet. Whether they were walking, reading, writing, or cultivating, the children all wore solemn expressions. It was almost as if every child was deep in thought about what the martial would be.

Yun Yang held the assignments passed up by his disciples, somewhat comforted now. From the nineteen protgs under Central Peak, only sixteen remained. Among these sixteen children, more than ten of them penned down what they had realized quite decently, proving that they treated their task with utmost importance.

One of the works submitted by Yun Xiuxin read, "The martial realm revolves around life and death. Although a step forward may cause your demise, a step back may not guarantee survival. One's capabilities, along with luck, is of utmost importance in determining one's life or death. Aside from these, one need not bother themselves with anything else."

Yun Yang felt like he was getting to know the girl again when he read what she wrote. The girl's counted words were weighty and precise.

Cheng Jiajia wrote, "The so-called martial realm is one that separates life and death, over and over again, rendering heartache time and time again. When my turn arrives to render pain unto others, the martial realm that was once mine will end."

It was an average recognition of the martial world that was simple and direct.

The answers after theirs were not too creative. They were mostly about life and death of the enemy and themselves. As Yun Yang went through paper after paper, his eyes suddenly bulged.

Huh 'What did I see?'

'I seem to have found a weirdo among my students?'

Making a double-take, Yun Yang realized that the author was Hu Xiaofan. Yes, it was his third disciple.

Hu Xiaofan's realization was actually only one sentence, one extremely simple line "The martial world is hahahaha"

Yun Yang thought about it while stroking his chin, speechless for a long time.

'What's this kid going about? I, as his master, actually can't figure this out. Is he being elusive or deceiving, or maybe he's just being idiotic'

When it was the cultivation break, Yun Yang gathered everyone.

"Xiuxin, read out everyone's thoughts about the martial world. Hmm... make it a sharing and learning session with your junior brothers and sisters."

Yun Xiuxin stood up and walked to the stage, her face tensed but looking the part like the eldest senior sister. As she recited composition after composition, the disciples sat quietly as they listened with only a slight change in their expression or raising their gaze if it was their thoughts being read aloud. Most of the time, however, they remained expressionless.

This went on until the last piece of work where the usually easygoing Yun Xiuxin was stunned.

"The martial world is hahahaha?"

Yun Yang sat above them, feigning oblivion to the expected situation. As the eldest senior sister, Yun Xiuxin had to bear the responsibilities as one other than reining the power and authority of one; Yun Yang had made it clear just now that she was supposed to arrange the session, thus fully taking charge of anything that would transpire.

He would love to see what his leading protg could do about the issue.

Erupting in rage right after she read the line aloud, Yun Xiuxin cried out, "Hu Xiaofan! Stand up!"

The named child stood up lazily and coughed. "Yes, Eldest Senior Sister?"

"Explain, what do you mean by haha in your realization?" What do you mean the martial world is hahaha?" Yun Xiuxin's brows arched in a glare.

It was only then that the other students understood what just happened. A few of them could not help cackling.

"Do not laugh!" Yun Xiuxin who felt put on the spot looked at Hu Xiaofan fiercely. "Speak up!"

Hu Xiaofan tipped his chin in answering, "It's literally what it says. The martial world, in my eyes, is hahahaha"

"What do you mean hahaha? You've contained everything about the martial world where life and death are a thin line apart in haha do you think it's a game?" Yun Xiuxin was shooting daggers at Hu Xiaofan while heaving from how angry she was.

If it were not for Yun Yang who was still sitting above them, Yun Xiuxin would have thrown a punch and started fighting. In all honesty, Yun Yang had vaguely guessed that Hu Xiaofan would possibly be the first troublemaker of his group of pupils when he saw his answer earlier. Now that he had heard the boy's reply, he could not help affirming his guess.

"So what if life and death is a thin line apart? So what if I see it as a game? I just don't think it's that big of a deal. The martial world is the martial world, it's hahahaha, everything can be treated with a laugh!" Hu Xiaofan spoke.

"When I'm alive, I drink and I eat, I enjoy, I kill, and I practice to become stronger. I do my best in every aspect, not failing myself or my sect. I won't disappoint master's effort. Isn't that enough? Can't I be happy after I've given my best and done my best?"

"Even when it really comes to the time of my death, I'd still have to die if I'm crying so why can't I leave this world laughing? Life or death is just that, life and death. One should laugh as much as one can when one is alive. Being joyful and carefree always is also a joy of life! Could we all really live for an eternity in the martial world?"

Yun Xiuxin was tongue-tied from her rage. "Hu Xiaofan, your thinking alone is problematic. You're not eager to improve yourself and you don't realize your true self. You're a lunatic!"

Unaffected, Hu Xiaofan was still flippant. "Eldest Senior Sister, you were kidnapped when you were very young. Maybe you only remember that you were pitiful back then but you don't know how pitiful you were."

"I'm different, though. I'm totally different," said Hu Xiaofan.

"I'm nine this year, I'm the same age as you. But around two years ago, when I was seven, I was still with my parents. Both of them are martial artists but they named me Xiaofan hoping that I could be more ordinary, not having to roam the martial world."

"Our family was met with a tragedy that day. My parents were killed right before me. My mum's head was already flying out but her eyes were still on me My dad's legs were chopped and his heart pierced but he was still climbing toward us"

"My elder brother's head couldn't even be found when the enemy landed a slap and my elder sister was already thirteen then, her clothes were taken off and she She finally found her chance to commit suicide My three-year-old brother was crushed with a strike."

Hu Xiaofan's tone was nonchalant, like what he said was unrelated to him.

In spite of it, Yun Yang could see the suppressed grief residing deep in the boy's eyes.
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