I Am Supreme Chapter 236

Chapter 236 Sweet Words

Chapter 236: Sweet Words

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Old Marshal Qiu yelled, "Tie Zheng! Watch your words! It is a heinous crime to link to such an influential general; how can you simply spout such atrocities? What evidence do you have to support this?"

However, he was making surreptitious eye signals even as he berated the man.

Tie Zheng was huffing and puffing, his veins popping up on his skin from his agitation. When he finally calmed down, his jaw was clenched tight as he glared at Yang Botao; as long as he had a chance, he would pounce on the man to bite him!

"Your Majesty this aged official is late" Panting could be heard by the council court entrance as an old man whose hair and beard was all white was helped into the hall as he coughed until he hunched over.

It was the Empire of Yutangs military Grand Commandant, Fang Qingtian.

The pillar who had held Yutang for so many years was now past his prime, needing someone to support his steps. The peppering of scars on his face that was seasoned with age spots was s memento from the wars he partook back in the years, a relic of the old generals valiance.

The person who supported Fang Qingtian into the court was the old Grand Commandants assistant, his trophy disciple Fu Baoguo, the sole authority who supervised Board of War.

"Move a chair over here!" The emperor ordered.

When Fang Qingtian was finally seated, he was still trying to catch his breath and said rather uneasily, "This old official is ashamed. This official is unable to take a bow yet Your Majesty has to bestow this official a seat, this official is utterly ashamed."

The emperor was moved, and replied, "Todays matter is far too serious. There is no way but to trouble Old Grand Commandant to make this trip. I should be the one worrying instead; my dear minister, do not blame yourself."

"May I ask Your Majesty why are we gathered here today?" Fang Qingtian asked.

His Majesty heaved a deep sigh. The officials knew that this was the start of todays proceedings; each of them held their breath in anticipation of the events development.

Tie Zheng was the only one who was still glaring at Yang Botao; Yang Botao initially returned his glare only to turn his head away afterward.

"Sigh Too many things have happened recently, especially since the case of the Nine Supremes ambush Its a heavy blow towards Yutangs national destiny" As soon as the emperor spoke, he dove straight into the heaviest of topics.

The change of expression was apparent in Yang Botaos face as signs of slight panic emerged. He did not expect that the emperor would pinpoint this incident in such a straightforward manner.

"Before this Ive thought that the internal purge prior has already cleared most of the traitors what with so many things that have happened. Now, it looks like Ive been too optimistic seeing that more complications have cropped up right under my nose"

His Majesty looked at Yang Botao as he spoke, "Last night, Yutangs marshal of the northern troop, Yang Botao, was the target of an assassination attempt. The killer has claimed in public that it was for the Nine Supremes revenge. This is not to be taken lightly."

The entire council court was silent, the absence of noise like the stillness of death.

The old Grand Commandant with his wrinkled face and droopy eyes raised them slowly to glance at Yang Botao. It seemed an ordinary and unintentional gesture, but Yang Botao broke out in cold sweat.

Despite his old age, the Grand Commandant was still as lion-hearted, his valiance still as mesmerizing as it was all those years ago.

"Explain yourself, Yang Botao," Fang Qingtian asked faintly.

His eyes shut slowly, looking like a log that seemed to be rotting; not a glimmer of life could be seen in his mannerisms.

Those who knew him well knew that the old Grand Commandant was using his carefully curated skill Ingenious Volition.

This unique skill of the old Grand Commandant rarely failed. The enchanting part of this arcane cantrip was that it could hear the slightest turmoil within the speakers emotions. In other words, any lies would show themselves before the old Grand Commandants Ingenious Volition.

Yang Botao stood in front with his face still stained with blood as he spoke in a saddened, raspy voice, "Last night, there was an assassination attempt in my residence and the assassin trumpeted the title of the Nine Supremes, but those who were there knew well that it was but a confusion created to form a falsehood This official wished for Your Majesty to redress the balance by coming to the assembly today so as to get rid of this accusation! Who knows"

Yang Botao said self-depreciatingly, "I was beaten up by Marshal Tie Zheng right at the beginning of the assembly. Our colleagues even used the name of mediation to hinder my counterattacks to allow Tie Zheng to continue his violence."

"When the old Grand Commandant got here, Your Majestys first agenda was to ask me, Yang Botao, to explain myself!"

"First, I survived an assassination attempt before I was walloped, then I was isolated and now Im asked to fend for myself!"

"I, Yang Botao, have enlisted in the army since I was young and have always been on the frontlines. Ive gone through over seven hundred wars and got to where I am with the merits Ive accumulated. Your Majesty is merciful that Yang Botao could only worry about not being able to requite the majestic mercy"

"I, Yang Botao, fought hard at the northern battlefield, death becoming an insignificant possibility. I cant build merits to the nation, unable to expand our lands, but Ive ensured that not an inch of land was lost to the enemys conquests"

"To this day and this moment, the wounds I bear are copious, the physical and mental exhaustion all-consuming."

Yang Botao let out a sob, tears glistening in his eyes. "I need not speak more of my contributions in the past. Since Your Majesty, Old Grand Commandant, my colleagues, and the rest of the civil and military ministers think that Im guilty, think that the words of the assassin are truth then I, Yang Botao, have indeed harmed the Nine Supremes Lords"

"Under such circumstances, how could I defend myself? I have nothing to say; my patriotism, my loyalty, my clear conscience yet I cant argue when faced with such an accusation. I, Yang Botao, cannot stand the humiliation!"

"Since the world doesnt allow me to clear my name, only death shall prove my conscience with hopes that truth shall one day prevail!"

Yang Botao was in utter despair, his grief immense. Suddenly, he charged to the entrance of the court with a roar and, "Clang!", he snatched the sword from the guard on duty. Without hesitation, he raised it to slash at his own neck.

"Yang Botao shall serve Your Majesty in the next life!"

With this cry, the sword reached his neck.

A silhouette flashed; Fu Baoguo, who was beside the old Grand Commandant, moved in stealthily and grabbed the blade of the sword, stopping the advance of the sharp edge.

In spite of this, Yang Botaos neck was already bleeding profusely. Another half an inch deeper into the gash on his neck would mean the end of his life. The wound was evident of the determination enclosed in the wave of his sword.

Although Fu Baoguo managed to stop Yang Botaos suicide attempt, his right hand was covered in blood from Yang Botao as well as his own from grabbing the blade; he yelled angrily, "The entire situation is unclear right now. Youre only needed to defend yourself but here you are, seeking death! Yang Botao, youve disappointed me!"

Fu Baoguos right hand was still working as he clutched the sword to throw it away swiftly.

The sword embedded itself into the ground outside of the court with a clang, trembling with the momentum; its blade was cold, blood dripping slowly from the sword.

As the ministers watched the quivering sword outside, everyone was quiet.

Yang Botao burst into tears from the anguish he was in as he sobbed, "How do I go on with my life bearing such humiliation? I should just die to for it to end!"

Fu Baoguo heaved a long sigh and turned to where the throne was to kneel down. "Your Majesty, perhaps there are still uncertainties worthy of doubt about this... It should be managed cautiously. Even if Yang Botao is indeed guilty, he should be judged fairly according to the imperial law. Forcing him to a corner in this council court would go against the constitution Please think twice, Your Majesty!"

Watching Yang Botao drenched in blood while Fu Baoguo pleaded his case, also bleeding, the emperor was struck by emotion, but he said nothing.

The old Grand Commandant, Fang Qingtian, sat securely in his seat too, not even batting an eye.

Qiu Jianhan and Leng Daoyins gazes focused on Yang Botao like blades, the iciness within it remained the same.

As for Tie Zheng, he grunted and murmured, "Pretentious Disgusting!"

After a while, the emperor frowned and said solemnly, "This case involved the battle of the Nine Supremes ambush; the relevance is too grave, more so than the crime of treason. I hereby order Old Marshal Qiu, Old Marshal Leng, Grand Tutor, Grand Preceptor, and the Chancellor to investigate with combined effort while the Grand Commandant plays the part of mediator. This case must be investigated with caution. No accusation nor partiality should be allowed, do not malign the heroic souls nor the truth!"

The events in the assembly had happened so abruptly; the sudden internal strife of the military side stumped the officials while the civil ministers hardly said anything, so shocked were they at the proceedings.

After all, the internal strife of the military side was what it was internal; the damage and harm done regardless who would fall ultimately would still be a good thing to the civil side.

"This shall be concluded as such. Dismiss, my dear officials. Grand Commandant and Old Marshal Qiu, Leng, please stay to have a word with me."

Upon the dismissal of the assembly, Tie Zheng scoffed and left with wide strides without further delay. As he walked, he was mumbling curses to himself, "Disgusting! Trash! What a realistic pretense, f*cking hell. If you really want to die, why didnt you break your pulse? Why dont you destroy your spirit? Have you to rush to the entrance to grab the sword and come back to commit suicide? Do you really think everyone else is blind?"

There were two muscular generals who caught up to Tie Zheng briskly and said, "Old Tie, looks like you know about the case well. Tell us about it!"

"What the f*ck should I say?"

Tie Zheng raged. "Are you two blind or deaf? Can't you see what happened? Cant you understand what you heard? If youre really blind and deaf, you cant hear it even if your father told you about it. Your fathers got no time to bother with you two idiots!"

"Tie Zheng, we have no intention to offend you. Why are you angry with us? We only wanted to understand the truth. Speak if you want to, it's fine if you dont. Spewing fathers here and there, shut your trap!" the generals retorted in anger.

Tie Zheng ignored them as he continued walking briskly; his legs were long, just two steps had the two reluctant generals behind him giving chase and raising questions continuously. It was then that Tie Zheng spoke gruffly, "What else is there to say? The Nine Supremes being ambushed is Yutangs piercing agony. Yet with how mighty the Nine Supremes were, how could all of them be doomed if it werent a surprise ambush in addition to the betrayal of traitors? Now that Supreme Wind stepped out personally and accused Yang Botao in public, theres actually still a need for investigation! His Majesty is foolish and cant differentiate between right and wrong; he still goes on about not doing wrong to the truth and justice prevails The investigation is unnecessary, it will only disappoint the souls of warriors."

Before he finished, a hand was clamped securely over his mouth by the general beside him.

"You bastard, you really dont want to live any longer, do you? You cant say this before us, even if you dont f*cking want to live!"
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